EZA: Username list! Explain your username!

  • @Minamik I'd play it! :D

  • I was playing a lot of Mega Man X4 when I was beginning to get on the internet, and settled on sigmalives because of it. I'm not really even a big Mega Man fan in general, it was just a moment in my timeline that has stuck out of convenience for nearly 20 years.

  • Zombies & dinosaurs go together like love & respect.

  • Claus is a name I have always enjoyed and Grimhildyr is my D&D name for the past 20 years.

  • It's the number sequence Hotmail suggested to me about 15yrs ago... :(

  • Longview - Back in 98 I went round a friends house and entered my first chatroom, when it asked me for a username I picked Longview because I was a fan of Green Day at the time and its stuck ever since, used it on pretty much every format but usually I go by the name Longview01 because the name Longview is already taken

  • I was like... 9yo when I came up with mine. I wanted something that includes my first name (Kevin) and sounds techy.

    one day I saw the word Keyboard written on a piece of paper while the little tail of the y was covered by a pencil... and that's the moment my username was born :)

    Keyboard minus the tail of the y = Kevboard

  • I have an ever growing argument with my friends about how great pineapples are and that they make all other foods better by adding them. But pineapples is a long word and so I can't use it for usernames very often, so I adopted the pokemon version of pineapples. On top of that I always though knights were cool (and the best faction to choose in For Honor) so I tacked that onto the end.

  • Final Fantasy XII was the last game I was playing before I got a PS3 so I went with an item from the game when trying to think up a PSN ID. Got used to it and didn't mind using it elsewhere.

  • Sorry for the delay!

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  • It's a character from Futurama. My real name sounds vaguely similar, and because I was/am a massive Futurama fan, when I was at uni people just started to call me Kif. Variations from friends and partners have been Kifster and Kiffy.

  • I'm a filthy weeb

  • Back in High School I read "Neuromancer" by William Gibson, I thought it was really cool that one of the book's protagonists shares a name with me (I won't say who). I went on to read the next book, "Count Zero", which introduced me to the concept of an internet handle, leading to me taking the Count_Zero handle (and CountZeroOr on boards where Count_Zero or CountZero is taken).

  • @Count_Zero is your real name "Lady 3Jane Marie-France Tessier-Ashpool" cause if so, that would be pretty sweet

  • Aside from crepes being delicious, and one of my favorite breakfast foods, I like to keep all my handles as short and sweet as possible.

  • I sent an email to EZA when they first started saying I liked what they were doing and would be happy to help if they needed it. Understandably, they didn't reply. So as an in-joke with myself type jab at myself, I called my self EZA intern. Side note, I'm not as lonely as that makes me sound.

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  • “I am Jack’s trigger and Fontaine’s tool, so Atlas can rise before Rapture becomes a fish tank” (Not an exact quote from the game BIOSHOCK)

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    I've had my old username (DeweyDefeatsTruman) since I was in like, 10th grade, but I've never once liked it. Only stuck to it since at the time I couldn't think of anything better, I didn't like the idea of having different usernames everywhere I went, and after a certain point changing them all would have been a bit of a hassle (or outright impossible in the case of PSN, for example.) But the other day I finally just said "screw it" and honestly I'm glad I did. Hanabi has a nice ring to it I think. A lot shorter too so it isn't a mouthful.