EZA: Username list! Explain your username!

  • kAb is a truncated version of my handle from all the way back in 2002. At the time I had just gotten into soul calibur 2 with kilik being my main character. I registered on the soulcalibur.com forums with the handle kilikAbeast.

    This name was a two headed monster for me. Kilik was my new obsession in calibur 2, but I was also concurrently playing final fantasy 10. If you recall, the blitzball team from kilika was the beasts. Hence kilikAbeast was born.

    I used that handle for some time but as I started to get more and more known in the calibur and tekken community people would always shorten it to kAb. It just kinda stuck from there.

  • My username jeweloflibra is very simply that my name is Amber which is a semi-precious jewel and I was born in October, hence I’m a Libra.

  • well... back in the day, when I had to chose my first username entering the new world of the internet... i chose the name from a character out of a tad williams novel from my book shelf in front of me and over time it just stuck with me.

  • I'm South Korean but when I met person I always tell them this as a my name. Shortened two A. and P. is my actual last names, but I don't wanna reveal it to anyone. Even for South Koreans.
    Origin of the name is simple and not simple short story. There was a white English teacher who call me a Todd, or Toad when I was a primary student. I really don't like how it sounds, but I didn't know how to change the situation, because I don't speak English that time. So I just simply change the place of 'D' and 'T'.

    Anyway, Nice to meet you. I'm Dott. Dott Winial.

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  • I used to do chatroom roleplays back in the days of AOL and Mazer was one of them. I eventually had him become lead in a series of fantasy stories I wrote. 23 years later and it is still the name I use online.

  • Brisingr88 is a reference in the Eragon books and I was born in 1988.

  • Played a lot of Shadow of The Ninja or Kage when I was a child, and I love the soundtrack.

  • Bam is my nickname since middle school. it's like a "baby speak" of my real name (that's what my friend who came up with it thinks). The numbers are closely related to a (formerly) special person in my life.

  • Hi, my first post here but a long time GT/EZA follower and supporter. Phbz because for many years friends called me Phobos and... that's it.

  • I was really into Cowboy Bebop and wolves when I was young. Chose it as a name at gametrailers and have kept it ever since without questioning it.

  • @parasitepaladin My name is Chris Snow. I have traveled A LOT for work the past 5 years while watching the guys on Twitch and YouTube. Thus the name TravelingSnowman!