EZA: Username list! Explain your username!

  • My name is a reference to Ryosuke Takahashi and his White RX7 FC3S, from the Intial D Anime/Manga.

  • damn, I am super boring. My name is Steven and my last name is Blomkamp. I told myself I'd appear more professional if I kept it consistent and forward facing across the interwebs (and I'm also all for no anonymity where possible)

  • What a coinkiedink! I actually just wrote this out as a little endcap to my first blog post on this forum detailing the game from which my username comes.

    The long and short of it is that "Garmore" is the name of a character depicted in four cards from the game Cardfight!! Vanguard. He was the first card I built a deck around in more ways than one; when my friend introduced the game to me a little over four years ago, I used an online client to play against him and built around the first incarnation of Garmore. When the required cards finally came out in the United States and shops around me started carrying them, I built a deck based on the second major incarnation of Garmore, and this particular version served as the centerpiece of all of my main tournament decks for maybe two years or more.

    The cards in question are Fang of Light, Garmore and Great Silver Wolf, Garmore.

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    @Saya I wish you luck, good sir.

    @AkagisWhiteComet Nice. Sorry to say my knowledge of Intial D is drifting and Night of Fire.

    @sblomkamp It's all good. You do you, dude.

    @Garmore That, is pretty neat! I love me some card games, even though I don't play them. HOWEVER. that is way too long. And I honestly have no idea what I should do with it. I added to you the list with the be start of that. If that is okay, cool. If not, I'm open for suggestions!

  • Qingwudalian, well I am a Chinese and qingwudalian in Chinese means please do not hit my face...I suck in playing competitive games and that is why I use this ID for all those kinda games.

  • Banned

    @JustCallMeBuddy said in EZA: Username list! Explain your username!:

    JustCallMeBuddy, because my nickname is buddy. but buddy is almost always taken.

    I'm not your friend, buddy!

    Youtube Video

  • Jipostus, I came up with it in a drunken haze years ago, when I was still 16 years old. I wish I could tell you more specific answer, but that's all I can remember. Only "good" thing about me drinking back then was this username, so I don't recommend that to anyone.

  • Because we're all going to die some day & Irish dark humour .

  • Limey = English
    Otoko = Man

    I'm an Englishman. Good to see you all again!

  • kagamiwaseda - kagami comes from Hiiragi Kagami from the anime Lucky Star. waseda comes from Waseda University, the university I'm currently attending.

  • @parasitepaladin It looks great!

  • GeoFlame has been my net handle since the 90s, before the Matrix came and not Neo Geo. Was simply me saying "Geno was my favorite character in Super Mario RPG" to my friend and him hearing Geo instead, used it as a super hero I made up that had fire powers so lazily used Flame.

  • Chef Boyardeezy is my street name for when I get in the rap game, mang.

  • @parasitepaladin my username is SufamiDan as I love Super Famicom and my name is Daniel.

  • Paragon - I've loved the definition of the word and it is something I try to ring true in real life as well as in video games. It is something I strive to become more of and reminds me that there always will be good in this world.

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  • MXAGhost - I used to be competitive on the original Mariokart back in day. My trainer called me ghost but in the world of the underground Nintendo racing circuit nicknames were prided on. So I threw on MXA for Mario "X's" All.

  • My name is Seth Parmer, so I combined my last name with the cheese "Parmesan" and got Parmersan!

  • Erok was to be the main character of my first story, and I liked the name, so it has always been my internetz nickname.

  • SkullKid - Back in 1998 when I was playing Ocarina of Time was announced I was fascinated by the SkullKid, so I began a crusade in forums to actually trying to raise awareness for a game on SkullKid, using that nickname. It didn't go well, but unexpectedly for me Nintendo made Majora's Mask two years later and I was so happy :D