EZA: Username list! Explain your username!

  • @parasitepaladin It looks great!

  • GeoFlame has been my net handle since the 90s, before the Matrix came and not Neo Geo. Was simply me saying "Geno was my favorite character in Super Mario RPG" to my friend and him hearing Geo instead, used it as a super hero I made up that had fire powers so lazily used Flame.

  • Chef Boyardeezy is my street name for when I get in the rap game, mang.

  • @parasitepaladin my username is SufamiDan as I love Super Famicom and my name is Daniel.

  • Paragon - I've loved the definition of the word and it is something I try to ring true in real life as well as in video games. It is something I strive to become more of and reminds me that there always will be good in this world.

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  • MXAGhost - I used to be competitive on the original Mariokart back in day. My trainer called me ghost but in the world of the underground Nintendo racing circuit nicknames were prided on. So I threw on MXA for Mario "X's" All.

  • My name is Seth Parmer, so I combined my last name with the cheese "Parmesan" and got Parmersan!

  • Erok was to be the main character of my first story, and I liked the name, so it has always been my internetz nickname.

  • SkullKid - Back in 1998 when I was playing Ocarina of Time was announced I was fascinated by the SkullKid, so I began a crusade in forums to actually trying to raise awareness for a game on SkullKid, using that nickname. It didn't go well, but unexpectedly for me Nintendo made Majora's Mask two years later and I was so happy :D

  • I made up the name Qiou as a username a while ago (it should be pronounced like "Kio", I guess), but even though it's not a real name it's usually taken, so I had to add my birth year to it.

  • @parasitepaladin Can't find your name, where did your name come from ?

  • Well my youtube account is BallzBallz and i changed the name to troll the trolls. If someone ever trolled me, which happens always because youtube can be an evil place, they would have to say my name. So it made their reply look more ridiculous than it already is.

  • I made this name back in the day when I was into Yu-Gi-Oh! (Dark Paladin is a popular card), and the game I was really into was Parasite Eve 2. I just simply mashed them together.

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    @MXAGhost You have my attention. You had a MarioKart trainer? How does somebody get trained in MarioKart? Underground gaming circuits are a thing? I never would have guessed!

    @Qiou94 Hard to imagine anything starting with a Q is usually taken, but unfortunately it is not the case! And thank you for pointing that out! I appreciate that. I added min.

    @parasitepaladin Hey, cool name, dude.

  • Was a really big fan of Beyblade growing up. G-revolution just happens to be the name of that season, and the final season with the old crew. Nothing too special. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpUkIQzFnnc

  • My older sister game me this username for some dumb forum I was on about 15 years ago, and it stuck. It's based around my initials with a few extra letters thrown in.

    ALSO I was gonna change my username to just my first name before posting in this thread, but someone else literally just signed up with that username. Never wait too long to do things like that, kids.

  • my names ross and i play bass (well used too lol)

  • Eschatology (with a capital E) was a type of theology I studied in university, it concerns itself mainly with the end times. Post WW2, there were a bunch of theologians, especially German theologians, who wondered how theology could continue and survive the postmodern crisis of the Holocaust. They were concerned with an "end times" of sorts, and thus eschatology, which had traditionally been about the literal Armageddon described in John's Revelations, became a theology of human destiny. In its lower case form, eschatological simply means "concerned with where humanity is going, and where it should be going." It's a subtly social justice-y nickname that I've used on the internet since the 90s, before "social justice" became a negative buzzword for internet trolls.

  • Gan Khef Two separate words. Deep cut Dark Tower references. Essentially means "God" and "life". If anyone got it, we should palaver. Cool idea for a forum topic. Love seeing a community form. Long days and pleasant nights! ; )