EZA: Username list! Explain your username!

  • Played a lot of Shadow of The Ninja or Kage when I was a child, and I love the soundtrack.

  • Bam is my nickname since middle school. it's like a "baby speak" of my real name (that's what my friend who came up with it thinks). The numbers are closely related to a (formerly) special person in my life.

  • Hi, my first post here but a long time GT/EZA follower and supporter. Phbz because for many years friends called me Phobos and... that's it.

  • I was really into Cowboy Bebop and wolves when I was young. Chose it as a name at gametrailers and have kept it ever since without questioning it.

  • @parasitepaladin My name is Chris Snow. I have traveled A LOT for work the past 5 years while watching the guys on Twitch and YouTube. Thus the name TravelingSnowman!

  • Xenosmilus. I wanted a name for my Charr character for the at-the-time upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2, so I did some research on tigers. I eventually read about the Xenosmilus, which is a subspecies of the Smilodon(saber-tooth tiger), and chose that. I've stuck with that as my screen name wherever possible ever since

  • I must have missed this topic. Shoulderguy is a product of the high-brow humor that only Family Guy can provide. I've used this username for so long now that I don't associate the name with it's original source anymore.