Nintendo and Universal Studios

  • Nintendo just released a brief video that did little more than reaffirm their intentions to partner with Universal Studios to bring their worlds to life at Universal theme parks.


    As an Orlando resident, I'm very pleased that they specifically said this will affect all of their theme parks. So, what would ya'll like to see from Nintendo at a theme park? Any thoughts?

  • I've never played the game, but my immediate thought was real life Splatoon

  • I'd love to see a Luigi's Mansion style haunted house or a Metroid on-rails shooter.

  • @bard91 said in Nintendo and Universal Studios:

    I've never played the game, but my immediate thought was real life Splatoon

    Unless it's some kind of Hololens-esque augmented reality (where's the fun without actual splatting?), it would require copious amounts of paint and take forever to clean up between sessions. Not to mention in real life, colours mix.

    And if it were to be dumbed down, it would just be paintball with silly costumes. Best to put the effort into another franchise at that point, if you ask me.

  • I'm interested to see what they come up with. It seems there is a very long term plan to it too so they'll be adding to it for years to come which is good to see.

    I imagine it will be pretty much Mario based stuff to begin with and then they'll start pulling in the other franchises.

    The only big question I have is that will Pokemon be used at all?

  • @Oscillator thank you for killing my dreams 😢

  • I hope they do Super Mario Bros. I've always wanted to get high on mushrooms and stalk a Princess ex-gf.