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    Keep it up mate! love the read! I personally like the Guinness a lot despite being more for lager. I like how its quite sturdy flavour and the thick foam you always get on top are something quite iconic to the Guinness. In my opinion beer should always come from a glass bottle!

  • @DeweyDecibel said in December Beer Blog:

    Guinness always pours beautifully. It's a velvety near-black with a full finger of cream coloured foam. The head slowly subsides to half a finger and remains for the entire time.

    Reading this sentence released a ton of endorphins for me. Excellent work!

  • @Lotias said in December Beer Blog:

    In my opinion beer should always come from a glass bottle!

    I totally agree! Guinness and maybe Kilkenny are my only exceptions since they're so commonly served on nitro taps and a bottle just can't replicate that.

    Otherwise, for sure! Always poured into a glass from a glass bottle.
    Unless you're drinking a Corona (a summer guilty pleasure). Then straight from the bottle with a wedge of lime is the only correct way!

  • Day Three

    St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout
    McAuslan Brewing | Montréal, Quebec
    Oatmeal Stout | 5% ABV

    St-Ambroise is a beer I've many times and absolutely love. I think it's a very interesting follow-up to the Guinness we had yesterday, because we had quite a few people commenting that they'd never had a Guinness before and quite enjoyed it. I can already tell you that I like St-Ambroise quite a bit more than Guinness, so I'm very interested to see what my new-to-stout friends think of a bolder stout like St-Ambroise.

    St-Ambroise is a gorgeous satin-black, entirely impenetrable in it's darkness. A rather heaving pour resulted in over three fingers of dark, tan head, which subsides entirely over a minute, leaving a quite a bit of lacing on the glass.
    There's a strong aroma of toffee and coffee, which immediately welcomes me in and warms me.
    St-Ambroise is brimming with nutty toffee taste as it hits the tongue, opening up into a bold coffee taste, and finishing earthy. It starts off sweet and finishes a tad bitter, but is regardless a very well balanced beer.
    This stout fully coats in a warming cream, which persists for a dozen or so seconds. The carbonation is understated, but still playful, complementing the dark & mysterious character St-Ambroise presents itself with.

    Simply an excellent beer. Although it's not my favourite oatmeal stout, St-Ambroise is an absolute standard and for good reason. Even with it's relatively low alcohol content it has a warming effect which brings me rosy cheeks and a happy heart. I will be happily drinking St-Ambroise for a very long time and I highly recommend this excellent brew to anyone.


  • @DeweyDecibel I love a good oatmeal stout, I'll have to check that one out.

  • Day Four

    Newcastle Brown Ale
    The John Smith's Brewery | Tadcaster, England
    English Brown Ale | 4.7% ABV

    Pours a brilliant copper, with a fine white head coating the top and maintaining for the duration. The beer effervesces steadily from the bottom, feeding the twinkling white head. It is enchanting!
    There is a strong scent of toffee which finishes with a nice grain smell. Somehow smells perfectly balanced despite these rather sweet aromas. Very nice.
    As I taste the beer my nose is validated with a rush of toffee flavour, followed by some pleasant nutty tones. There is a nice amount of spice holding up the hop profile and creating a great balance. The finish in fairly short, tapering off very smoothly, with a pleasant amount of sweetness. I am very impressed.
    The body is of a medium thickness, and the carbonation plays off my taste-buds in a whimsical manner, without distracting from the taste.

    Today has been a very long day and this beer is the perfect comfort beer for any day, any time, any season. It doesn't do anything revolutionary, but what it sets out to do it does masterfully. This may very well become my go to beer when I'm lucky enough to find it in a bar.


    Update On Yesterday's Brew: Quite a few people did not appreciate yesterday's beer at all. The main complaint was the bitter finish. I'm a little saddened by this, but I'm not super surprised, and the bitterness was my biggest complaint about it too, so I feel somewhat validated I guess. Today's beer is already quite the hit, which makes me very happy!

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  • Day Five

    Bud Light Lime
    Anheuser-Busch | Saint Louis, Missouri
    Light Lager | 4.0% ABV

    Pours a clear straw colour with a few fingers of frothy white head which disappears within 30 seconds. There is absolutely no lacing, and the beer bubbles aggressively.
    The beer smells strongly of lime and nothing else. The lime out there all alone smells unnatural and empty.
    It tastes closer to Sprite than beer. They definitely succeeded in giving it a dominating lime flavour. It's hard to find anything else in there. Hiding in the excessive amount of carbonation are faint tastes of grain. There is no hop taste to speak of. The beer finishes very quick and very mild.
    The body is as light as can be, and the liberally applied carbonation is the only thing that stops it from feeling like water, furthering that feeling of drinking Sprite.

    I honestly can't say I hate this. Even if I don't enjoy it at least it leaves absolutely no taste in my mouth afterward. What I can say is this is not a good beer. This is not something that I will ever be having again because the point of it escapes me. Budweiser boasts of Bud Light's 'superior drinkability'. I am glad that they aren't lying about this, because at least I can get this beer over with quick. Cheers!


  • @DeweyDecibel My least favorite beer. And I only graduated from college a few months ago. I'm totally used to shit beer. The flavor just reminds me of the salt they use for those Tostitos with a hint of Lime chips. Artificial, metallic, and just generally unpleasant.

  • @DeweyDecibel @naltmank I tend to think of it as beer for people who do not like beer. Almost all of the malted flavor and hops are gone. It's really just there to give you something light and alcoholic, and generally misses the point of why I enjoy beer so much. I'm not judging the people who default to it... I just worry that they're missing out on so many wonderful experiences.

  • @naltmank That Tostitos analogy is spot on! I knew it reminded me of something else! I definitely agree with @Billy. This is totally a beer for those who don't like beer. Makes me wonder how the person who brought this beer to the calendar is coping with what we've had so far. I hope they're experiencing some interesting new things. I fear they having a hard time handling a beer with a rich flavour profile

    I shockingly didn't get much metallic flavour, and although the lime tastes 'off' with no other flavours to support it, it didn't seem artificial. It's definitely not pleasant, but it's also not pleasant. It's practically nothing, and I guess that's what some people like.

  • Day Six

    Sleeman Cream Ale
    Sleeman Breweries Ltd. | Guelph, Ontario
    Cream Ale | 5.0% ABV

    Pours clear and gold with a small layer of white head which dissipated within a minute. Nothing particularly special, but not an awful looking beer by any means.
    The beer smells bready and sweet. Once again, not awful but boring.
    The beer tastes the same, but with a little hint of caramel. The taste is fairly strong, but - once again - it's boring. The finish is short and mild.
    The body is quite light, carbonation is a little heavy, and going down it feels not nearly as creamy as I should hope from a cream ale.

    First off, I apologise for this short, negative review. I've had a very very long day. In fact I've had several consecutive very long days and this beer just did nothing for me. It attempts absolutely nothing interesting, and it sit complacently in mediocrity. I don't get how this beer gets off calling itself a cream ale because there is nothing remotely creamy about it. I will not be drinking this again. Hell, for beer pong I'd choose Bud Light Lime over this! Sorry once again for the negativity. I have to imagine tomorrow will be better.


  • Day Seven

    Midnight Sun Espresso Stout
    Yukon Brewing | Whitehorse, Yukon
    American Stout | 6.2% ABV

    This is a favourite of mine. After yesterday's beer and finishing up a big project today, I could not be more excited!

    Midnight Sun pours as dark as a moonless night's sky. A thin layer of dark, almost-golden head rests atop this black sea with no sign of disappearing. This is the epitome of what I look for in a beer.
    The bold, unmistakable smell of espresso filled the room the moment the bottle was opened. Upon closer examination there is a sweetness peaking through the rich, bitter coffee aroma.
    The beer starts with a kick of earthy coffee flavour and shifts to a surprisingly intense toffee sweetness. It's a little bit sweeter than I would like, but it still has a very pleasant flavour profile and the beer isn't lost in the sweetness. The finish is pretty quick and light with a small amount of bitterness clinging onto my throat.
    The nice, full body of this espresso stout is beautifully creamy and soothes my sore throat.

    This is a beautiful beer! It's quite intense and a tad sweet, but it makes for a very nice sipping beer with a savoury meal, or even for dessert. I have to admit that this beer didn't quite live up to my memories, but I am still filled with joy as I drink it and savour it. If you're into stouts - especially coffee stouts - I definitely recommend Midnight Sun. It's not the most masterfully brewed, but it's delicious, I love it, and it's certainly worth the try!


  • @DeweyDecibel Love this beer!
    Also, I'm living vicariously through this blog as I take my extended break from drinking, so keep it up!

  • Day Eight

    Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion
    Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery | Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Earth, Milky Way, the Universe, Infinity
    Almost Pale Ale | 5% ABV

    Full disclosure: This is a tipsy beer review as I finished class for the term and had a couple of celebratory beers beforehand! Also, look at that snowman face on the wrapped beer! It's amazing!

    Pours a dark amber with two fingers of off-white head which is in no hurry to go away. This er looks like it's going to kick my ass and I welcome it!
    Smells very hoppy! At least compared to the rest of the beers I've had so far this month. A nice mix of citrus and floral aromas fill my nose until I get a little too excited and inadvertently snort some head. It burns for a little bit but I quickly recover and am ready to go in for a taste!
    This is a beer that I remember from my earliest days of drinking hoppy beers and I remember being disgusted. Not anymore. Hoptical illusion starts with a strong hop profile with plenty of floral flavours with a nice touch of citrus. Bread and honey follows making for a moderately long, beautifully balanced finish.
    Despite the harsh front, this beer still goes down so smooth! It coats my mouth and fills it with flavour all over.

    I'll admit that this beer may be getting some unfair praise for being the only "IPA" I've had a quite a while, but I love it. It's so much better crafted than I would expect from a beer that has such a silly name and attitude, but it is simply excellent! I don't know what else to say. Do not underestimate this beer. It is great. It is hoppy and malty and it is just so much more flavourful than every other shitty beer I've had tonight and it's great!


  • Day Nine

    Molson Canadian
    Molson Coors Canada | Etobicoke, Ontario
    American Adjunct Lager | 5% ABV

    The pour is slow as I try to handle the copious amounts of frothy white head that wants to spill over the top of the glass. Carbonation vigorously rises through the beer.
    Canadian smells so faint that I smell the metal of the can above anything else. There's a little bit of cerealy sweetness underneath that is actually quite pleasant!
    The metal is definitely still there in the taste, but not nearly as bad as the smell led me to believe, and honestly, there's something about that metallic Canadian taste that brings me back to simpler times. It's quite a sweet beer, with a mild bready flavour and practically nothing else going on. Finishes pretty quickly, leaving a little bit of sweetness on my tongue.
    The body is very light, carbonation is fairly excessive, and it's a little watery going down. None of that is surprising and non of it is that awful.

    I have quite a few good memories associated with Canadian and so having one to drink has actually been quite nice. That said, I can already feel the sweetness getting to me, there's absolutely no hop profile and the carbonation would surely have me feeling bloated after a couple. It's not a good beer at all, but you could still do worse.


  • Day Ten

    Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc
    Brasseries Kronenbourg | Strasbourg, France
    Witbier | 5% ABV

    1664 is a cloudy golden beer with two fingers of thick white head.
    Very faint smell. Just like orange juice with a hint of grain.
    Very sweet and citrusy. There's some nice cereal flavour there too. Very short finish. Extremely pleasant.
    Light body. Quite a bit of carbonation but not overpowering, making a for a nice refreshing feel.

    Overall a very nice refreshing beer. I can almost believe it's summer despite the -30C weather outside. Will be drinking a lot more of this next summer.


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    @DeweyDecibel that is a beautiful beer! Kronenbourg in general make good pints and the Blanc is no different! :D

  • Day Eleven

    Maple Shack Cream Ale
    Granville Island Brewery | Vancouver, BC
    Cream Ale | 5% ABV

    The colour is somewhere between copper and amber. Lots of white head which doesn't stay long.
    Pretty faint smell. Smells of caramel with a bit of maple which smells kinda artificial.
    Pretty sweet, but not terribly balanced. Lots of toffee flavour with a nice amount of spice. However there's something chemically about it. I can find a little bit of maple too, but it's a little off.
    A little over-carbonated but still manages to feel nice and creamy.

    I am not into this beer at all. The flavour just seems wrong to me. I've definitely had worse, but I had high hopes for this one and am definitely disappointed. You're not doing a bad thing drinking this beer, but I'd probably skip it.


  • Day Twelve

    Chestnut Ale
    Whitsler Brewing Co | Whistler, BC
    Dark Ale | 5% ABV

    This beer soured something awful. I could tell the moment I opened it that it is undrinkable (and I love sours), which saddens me so much because I've never tried this one before and it sounds incredible. Hell even the finish on the little sip I dared to have had some of the most amazing nutty flavours I've ever tasted. I'm not going to be writing any sort of review for this beer. That's not fair. But I will be seeking this one out again because I really really want to see what it's all about. I just hope everyone else's is okay.