Easy Allies Betting Special PSX & TGAs - Fan Bets

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  • @Alex840 Sound good. I just saw your thread as well. I added them up, there were some duplicates but that brings the total to 36 now.

    Going to post the bets now. Will do the final bets separate.

    Going to wait for Brad and Mike to do the results show as those will be the "official" results then I will tally them up.

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  • Final Results!

    Alex840 12
    drolejan 12
    Killstriker 12
    Sentinel Beach 12
    Axel 11
    Brandon Reister 11
    Christer 11
    DisturbedSwan 11
    SabotageTheTruth 11
    tokeeffe9 11
    Bartłomiej Ch. 10
    Brannox 10
    Chocnut 10
    jipostus 10
    Lotias 10
    Alexandre Breveglieri 9
    DMCMaster 9
    Doctor Professor 9
    ff7cloud 9
    GermanScientist 9
    Pyro 9
    tropics2 9
    BrennanMercer 8
    Derec_85 8
    DocRemedy 8
    Exist 2 Inspire 8
    MXAGhost 8
    thebigmack 8
    TheOtherJohnP 8
    bard91 7
    Boggy 7
    holyangelmx 7
    DarthPrince 6
    TokyoSlim 6
    Insutar 5
    jifw52, Jeffery White 5

    TieBreaker --- FINAL BETS
    Allies can judge to see if it is crazy enough...

    Alex840 - Final Bet --- A new Naughty Dog game is revealed (not Uncharted DLC) (Is this really crazy enough though?)
    Drolejan - Final Bet --- A new versión of the ps4 to compete with scorpio will be announced
    Killstriker - Final Bet --- They'll announce that a Resident Evil 2 Demo will be packed into RE7 with fixed camera angles.
    Sentinel Beach - Final Bet --- Norman Reedus will reveal his character's name in Death Stranding.

  • @BrennanMercer Personally, no, I don't think betting one of Sony's most accomplished studios will announce another game is crazy at all, it's very practical - especially given said game has been rumored for awhile and the first in the series made Naughty Dog bank.

    None of the others came true but I'd give the "crazy" points to another version of PS4 being announced.

    All in all, it was fun to bet along with all of you, although I wish we had Don to double down on.

  • A shared top spot, cool! Only the absence of For Honor and the presence of Prey's shotgun messed up my predictions.

  • Yeah, I know that my Final Bet was a bit weak.
    But hey, a shared top spot is pretty cool.
    alt text

  • For my money none of those Final Bets are even close enough to being acceptable, I mean this are supposed to be things that are way out there, and those are pretty mild the way I see it.

  • Came joint 2nd, pleased with that! :)

    Cheers for doing it @BrennanMercer

  • Sharing the top with the Allies, must be nice.

    I'll admit my final bet was weak, should have been something crazier.

  • Tied for second to last. That seems about right.

  • Woo! Tied for last!

  • @Inustar Same. I'm feeling the last-place hype. I guess I was way too hyped in my predictions for PSX.


  • @jifw52 If I can't get them all right, I'm happy to get most of them wrong ☺
    I just went with what I WANTED rather then what made sense.

  • I still think Knack sang. Maybe just not in a range audible to humans.

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    I must say that I am really happy with my 10 points! didnt really expect my bets to go too well! but it still warmed my heart :D