Final Fantasy XV (Non-story Related Spoilers)

  • @FF7Cloud Once the second area opens up, Ignis lets you know you can drive freely if you choose. My issue was I couldn't even get Ignis to drive, dunno why that happened, but I'm grateful it was fixed. A lot of my issues with the beginning section of the game is definitely due to lack of story, but I didn't include that with my mini-rant since they do start introducing a more involved narrative. It's really great to have a cast that doesn't whine all the time too. 13 laid the complaining on real thick, this group of adventurers is ready to tackle the challenges ahead of them.

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    Driving manual is kinda bad anyway. I just let Ignis drive everywhere.

  • @Art Yeah, I've learned to do the same. Manual driving seems to get real confused at intersections, snaps me into a pole, and I've gotta pay 500 gil for repairs. I just started riding chocobos though, so I don't see much use for the car anymore. I do miss those sweet tunes though.

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    I highly recommend to anybody who is interested in XV to watch the Kingsglaive movie and Brotherhood anime.
    Kingsglaive helps flesh out stuff like how magic works in XV, the political climate of the world (this stuff is explained in the game, but not until later), and basically tells you what happens between chapters 1 and 2, which is otherwise glazed over in a 2 minute cutscene which is just a montage of scenes directly from the movie with very little context.
    Brotherhood dives into the history and relationships of the four main characters and gives a bit more context to the bros.

  • @El-Shmiablo Personally, I'm glad I didn't watch Kingsglaive because I was genuinely surprised when that moment happened in between chapters. I had my theories of course, but there was no definitive "this is going to happen," which made it have a little more impact. I plan on watching the supplemental stuff after I complete the game, so I'll see if that makes me appreciate things more. Still kind of on the fence about all this extra lore being far removed from the game but... at least it's not grimoire cards.

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    Does anyone else just sell all their treasure instead of using it to make magic?

    Magic in this game is almost as useless as it is in Kingdom Hearts.

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    @Art Pump more points per element into your slots. Magic can be fucking devestating.

  • I've only done the first little quest but am enjoying it a lot. FYI I recommend changing to controller layout 2,it makes combat a little more intuitive with the button layouts

  • Yep Magic is super powerful, you can wipe out a whole group of enemies with just one spell!

  • I wasn't using magic but then I watched my roommate devastate an entire group of enemy soldiers (at least 10 of them) with one Thunder/Bolt/Lightning/WhateverThisGameCallsIt. Plus, if you mix in a debased coin, you get EXP for casting.

  • @SabotageTheTruth sweet thenak for telling me even though this game gives out levels like there goin outta style

    also when you get to chapter 3 things really open up

  • I can now say being 20 hours in, I'm appreciating the game more. The side quests are beginning to wear on me as literally every single one is kill this number of enemies or pick up this package for me, but aside from that, I'm enjoying the journey much more. I just wish I could listen to different tunes on my chocobo.

  • @SabotageTheTruth theres a walkman for sale somewhere

  • @FF7Cloud Your car sells it. Unfortunately, it only works while on foot though, not on the glorious chickens. If they could add that in with the ability to pick up items while riding, that'd be pretty nice.

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    What jams do you guys listen to?
    I love cruisin' to the theme of Oerba from XIII.
    Maximum comf.

  • @El-Shmiablo I usually just put it on shuffle and trust it makes the right choices. Although once the story revealed a certain death happened, you better believe I put on Aerith's theme.

  • @El-Shmiablo rose of may, your not alone, anything from 7,8

  • 20 hours in and it feels great to have a game that I haven't been able to beat in a few days.

  • 10 housing, really liking it. Few minor annoyances

    I do hate how unresponsive the X button is out of combat. Want to talk to someone or check something? Nope, you're going to jump instead.

    Really wish we could have multiple hunts and side quests active at same time.

    Noctus is too slow outside of battle and wish he had unlimited stamina outside of battle

    Like magic system but hate drawing it but at least there are only three types to draw

  • @ACardAttack Right? The jumping thing really reminds me of The Witcher. Every time I'd try to pick something up, I'd just light a candle.

    As for the stamina part, you can upgrade it and if you time the stamina just right (letting go of the button right when the bar is depleted and pressing it immediately), you can potentially refill all your stamina. All the same though, it's a vast world, his speed should be a little faster, I agree.

    I also feel like I'm the only person in the world that enjoys the Justice Hero Five pinball machine. Now, I won't say it's well designed, but I did end up playing it for an hour straight so... I dunno. Just seeing all of those numbers pop up massages my brain. I've only played on the 10 gil machines, but I haven't really gotten anything great from them - even after hitting 99 treasure box things.