Final Fantasy XV (Non-story Related Spoilers)

  • @El-Shmiablo I usually just put it on shuffle and trust it makes the right choices. Although once the story revealed a certain death happened, you better believe I put on Aerith's theme.

  • @El-Shmiablo rose of may, your not alone, anything from 7,8

  • 20 hours in and it feels great to have a game that I haven't been able to beat in a few days.

  • 10 housing, really liking it. Few minor annoyances

    I do hate how unresponsive the X button is out of combat. Want to talk to someone or check something? Nope, you're going to jump instead.

    Really wish we could have multiple hunts and side quests active at same time.

    Noctus is too slow outside of battle and wish he had unlimited stamina outside of battle

    Like magic system but hate drawing it but at least there are only three types to draw

  • @ACardAttack Right? The jumping thing really reminds me of The Witcher. Every time I'd try to pick something up, I'd just light a candle.

    As for the stamina part, you can upgrade it and if you time the stamina just right (letting go of the button right when the bar is depleted and pressing it immediately), you can potentially refill all your stamina. All the same though, it's a vast world, his speed should be a little faster, I agree.

    I also feel like I'm the only person in the world that enjoys the Justice Hero Five pinball machine. Now, I won't say it's well designed, but I did end up playing it for an hour straight so... I dunno. Just seeing all of those numbers pop up massages my brain. I've only played on the 10 gil machines, but I haven't really gotten anything great from them - even after hitting 99 treasure box things.

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    Turn on the stamina bar in the options menu. It's also infinitely easier to run and refill your stamina if you press down L3 instead of circle.

    Not really sure how I feel about the pinball. I didn't know what I was doing the whole time, but I did manage to make a lot of progress so I guess I was doing something right.

  • You basically just want to hit bumpers/walls to fill up the meter in the center each round, as it gives you the bonus reels that spin. So it actively becomes more about avoiding the enemies if you're about to clear the round, that way you don't lose out on any potential bonuses. It's not groundbreaking and it's no Triple Triad, but it's a decent diversion for half an hour or so.

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    Im about 10 hours in (even though will play like 48 hours by the end of the week). I have mainly done side missions and collected things. I barley use magic unless its a huge group as its soon easy to hit my teammates. However I really don't understand the crafting system. Thought investing more would give you more casts, but they are always limited to 3 casts? Also whats the point of the numbers like "thunder 20/80" or w/e? doesn't feel like its adding anything more than using up my elemental energy. Also realised I could add potions, but whats up with the treasures and what effects do they add? so far Ive mainly sold em for gil

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    Official update from Tabata, detailing their Update Roadmap.

    They're going to add new elements to the story, fix chapter 13, basically fill in the gaps. That's great news, even though it's pretty much an admission that the game needed at least 6 more months of development.

    Now I'm definitely waiting for the Switch Definitive Edition.

  • When did we slip from "Wait for a patch" to "Wait they finish the game"? What did I miss?

  • @Lotias The more you put in, the more potency you have. So if you're using it on trash mobs, yeah, you probably won't notice a difference because even a lower potency would take it out. If you save the high potency spells for bosses, then yeah, it should be more noticeable - plus there's skills in ascension to increase potency even further. I believe there's items you can toss in to gain more casts, but I usually just stick with the ones that increase my experience. I'm level 36 heading into chapter 5 though and by the sounds of things, I'm very over-levelled.

    I highly recommend you all check out this week's Frame Trap as the first hour and a half is dedicated to the game. It does a great job of highlighting all of my frustrations but also addressing everything that is great with the game. There's some very minor spoilers discussed for a small amount of time, but they do an excellent job not revealing plot details.

    Youtube Video

  • i think final fantasy 15 is a stepping stone its similar to final fantasy 3 its a good game but its just a way to get people use to systems that are greatly improved in a sequel (ffv) i think ff16 will be a step up from the mechanics of 15

  • @FF7Cloud I really hope that's the case. If they decide to scrap what they've created and try to invent the wheel all over again, not only will it take forever, but we'll never get to see some of the ideas here fully represented in a consistent, polished manner. If there's as much separation as time as there was between 13 and 15, they would alienate way too many people. If they can somehow pump them out in a similar style to the PS1 golden era of Final Fantasy, then we're in for some great times ahead.

  • @SabotageTheTruth i would like them to pump them out as quick as ps1 era but i just dont think you can pump a game out as quick anymore they were pumping a game out like every year to 18 months, i would love them to but i dont think its possible anymore. i would expect 16 before 2020 though

    as for the other point i dont think they'll scrap everything they spent the last decade building

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    They'll have to scrap some things. Like, not every character in future Final Fantasy's will be able to warp strike into battle.

  • @Art Or.... can they?

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    @FF7Cloud I dunno man. It looks like Square has dropped Crystal Tools and Luminous Studio in favor of Unreal Engine 4 so maybe that'll help speed up development.

  • just fought a certain boss in chapter 6 that blew my mind great set piece battle while not overly hard it was hella fun

  • @FF7Cloud
    You talking about the battle against Darth Vader and Megatron, or the battle against Snake Pliskin?