Final Fantasy XV (Non-story Related Spoilers)

  • Really hating that one I can't hide quests I have no interest in completing from my quest list and the find x amount of thing quests in an area. I'm doing the trap ones, and I've done the frog ones, it is just so hard to find these fucking things, they don't stand out at all

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    The frogs aren't that hard. Just run in a big circle and listen for them.

    On a separate matter. The way you summon astrals should be the same way you call a chocobo.

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    Didn't realize I could listen for them, but they were hard to see and took me way too long to find them

    Has anyone come across any fun side quests other than hunts? Most quests seem to be go get this or kill this. I've enjoyed hunts and fishing, but so far the side quests have been lack luster...perhaps the Witcher 3 has spoiled me for side quests

  • The photo spot quest are pretty good, at least to me anyway, also has a pretty big Gill pay out with the first quest starting at like 7 thousand.

  • 13 hours in, still in the hinterlands. Hunting, fishing, camping, and cooking. I think by the end of the day, I may do the quest where you break into the first enemy base.

    I cruise to J E N O V A.

  • just finished the game

  • @TokyoSlim
    As a heads up if you want to fly asap, you might want do the bases first

  • @DMCMaster lol fly? I can't even drive myself yet. Lets do this one step at a time.

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    @DMCMaster I did that base mission randomly without knowing the recommended level and those two mechs at the end kicked my butt, but I managed to beat them in the end.

  • Just finished it, and a few quick thoughts. Overall all very enjoyable, loved the sense of brotherhood among the main party. Outside of what feel like a few comprises between its VS plot, its XV plot, a few easily missed and seemingly rather important plot details being completely optional and easily missed (Demons are created by a supernatural virus, being a big one IMO) I still enjoyed it, do wish the combat was bit more involved, but it gets the job done well enough. I will close that there is something about 15 that makes me view it as being just a few srung under the SNES/PS1 era games.

  • @DMCMaster i really liked the villian if u read between the lines and figure out his motivation he's really quite tragic

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    • Chapter 13 is the worst chapter in the game.
    • Final Fantasy 13 is arguably the worst in the franchise.

    What did Tabata mean by this?

  • @Art said in Final Fantasy XV (Non-story Related Spoilers):

    Chapter 13 is the worst chapter in the game.

    It's the chapter that made me drop my personal score to like a 7/10 or even a 6/10. It's one of the worst designed sections I've seen in a big budget game in years.

    It took me like 4 sessions to get through that chapter because of how tedious and bad it was. I had to shut the game off several times during it just so I could play something better.

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    I wouldn't say it was that bad. It just dragged on. Especially compared to other chapters which went by way too quick.

  • @Art said in Final Fantasy XV (Non-story Related Spoilers):

    I wouldn't say it was that bad. It just dragged on. Especially compared to other chapters which went by way too quick.

    No it was that bad for me. The game already started to drop in quality around the time you reached Altissia but chapter 13 hit rock bottom. I can't think of a single thing I liked about that chapter. It's not like it added anything to the story or anything either, it could've been cut down to a short cutscene and end it with a bossfight.

  • i didnt find chapter 13 hard or anything, nothing in the game was challenging i just found it drug on about 20 mins to half an hour too long

  • Just finished this yesterday. Great game but could have been on the level of FF7 if it had more time to flesh out the story.

    As for ch13 I kept hearing it was horrible so i went in with very low expectations and it wasnt even that bad. It was just boring and too long.

    Anyways jumped right back in, definitely gonna 100%.

    Is there a story discussion thread? Was reading though the guide and it had some,interesting and shocking story things

  • @Art I was thinking the same. I am abusing the "auto" selection when driving the car. I used manual sometimes, but it doesn't work half the time. I tried to drive into the gas station in duscae, but it wouldn't let me get in to get gas that way. Instead, I had to get out of the car from my parked car, then go to the gas station, press x, and then it would go into cutscene. Very odd. Veeeeeeeery Oooooooddd.

    I have been playing Final Fantasy since the Super NES days, I played 3, 4 or 5 depending on the US/Japan differences. Then I not only rented, I also bought Final Fantasy 7, rented 8, bought X, skipped anything between X and XV. Final Fantasy XV would be the first Final Fantasy title I've bought since FFX. Sad, but true. I could not stand the fact that SE took it to MMO/MMORPG route. Gah. Fuck you, SE.

    I have been very interested in Final Fantasy Vs XIII since day one. Glad to see it materialize through XV. I loved the demo, but it was a bit choppy here and there, dips here and there.

    Honestly, since buying it, been enjoying the game. Love it.

  • i will say the post game stuff makes use of the combat systems way better then the main game did

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    @Carlos dude A Realm Reborn is baller as fuck. Its like one big FF fangasm, and a terrific MMO to boot.