Final Fantasy XV (Non-story Related Spoilers)

  • i didnt find chapter 13 hard or anything, nothing in the game was challenging i just found it drug on about 20 mins to half an hour too long

  • Just finished this yesterday. Great game but could have been on the level of FF7 if it had more time to flesh out the story.

    As for ch13 I kept hearing it was horrible so i went in with very low expectations and it wasnt even that bad. It was just boring and too long.

    Anyways jumped right back in, definitely gonna 100%.

    Is there a story discussion thread? Was reading though the guide and it had some,interesting and shocking story things

  • @Art I was thinking the same. I am abusing the "auto" selection when driving the car. I used manual sometimes, but it doesn't work half the time. I tried to drive into the gas station in duscae, but it wouldn't let me get in to get gas that way. Instead, I had to get out of the car from my parked car, then go to the gas station, press x, and then it would go into cutscene. Very odd. Veeeeeeeery Oooooooddd.

    I have been playing Final Fantasy since the Super NES days, I played 3, 4 or 5 depending on the US/Japan differences. Then I not only rented, I also bought Final Fantasy 7, rented 8, bought X, skipped anything between X and XV. Final Fantasy XV would be the first Final Fantasy title I've bought since FFX. Sad, but true. I could not stand the fact that SE took it to MMO/MMORPG route. Gah. Fuck you, SE.

    I have been very interested in Final Fantasy Vs XIII since day one. Glad to see it materialize through XV. I loved the demo, but it was a bit choppy here and there, dips here and there.

    Honestly, since buying it, been enjoying the game. Love it.

  • i will say the post game stuff makes use of the combat systems way better then the main game did

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    @Carlos dude A Realm Reborn is baller as fuck. Its like one big FF fangasm, and a terrific MMO to boot.

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    I'm not a fan of MMO's, but I hear 11 and 14 are both good games for people that are into that particular genre.

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    @Art I'd go as far as to say XIV is the best MMO on the market since the last few WoW expansions have done nothing but ruin the game.

  • All this talk about how good XIV is makes me want to give it a try but I've always been more of a solo gamer. MMO's tend to require the company of some other live person and I'm just not down for hanging out with strangers.

    MMO's tend to demand more time than I care to give anyway.

    And yet...I am still very tempted.

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    @JasonsOrigin You can pretty much solo the vast majority of XIV's content save for duties and raids. It is very singleplayer friendly.

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    I'm kinda upset that we'll never see

    Ifrit and Shiva in their original gigantic forms.

  • @El-Shmiablo Oh, nice. 🤔