My game just made alpha!

  • Hi Allies!
    First, I'm sorry if this post seems super self-promotional. This is something I'm super proud of and tons of fun as well!

    Me and a few of my friends started a game company and try to make a living out of it.
    Our first commercial game is on Steam Early Access and we just launched it into Alpha!

    Its called Spellsworn. Here's a link to the steampage for more info.

    It's an arena brawler inspired by the old mod Warlock for Warcraft 3 (made with the warlock creators blessing)

    If you want to check it out, it would be awesome! If not, it's fine too :)

    Thanks for everything Allies, and thanks for being the best community on the web!

    Love and respect!
    Anders / Cannonfood

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    Thats awesome! I love to test other peoples games! especially as they influence my own creations! I feel that I might have to give this a swing at the weekend if I have time! :D

  • @Lotias Awesome! Are you making a game, or is it illustrations and stuff? :D

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    @CannonFood Both haha! I am a graphic designer per day and games developer per night ;) just like to play around and working on a 2D project atm. Nowhere professional, but to learn more and play creatively!

  • @Lotias haha best super hero job ever! "At night I take to the rooftops and develop games!" Sounds like a lot of fun! I would love it if you shared some on the forums (unless you already have, then i apologize for not looking) Get some game devs in here! :D

    By my experience the absolute hardest part of making games is to finish them. Not going completely overboard with the scope and not getting bored half-way when there are more bug-fixes than creativity left :P

  • Wow, well done man. It's not easy finishing a game, so huge props to you. Your game looks very well made too.

    I'm in the middle of developing my first ever game. I'm working on it on my own and hiring a freelance artist for some sprite work (I do some sprite work too but I'm not too great for the assets that require more detail). I'll need to hire someone for music too. It's tough because I work full time, but squeezing in hours to make this game on a tight schedule is hard. I've basically given myself a 6 month deadline to dev a 2D game. It's good to place this constraint on myself so I keep focused on it.

  • @CannonFood Admittedly, I wasn't really expecting much, but it actually looks pretty cool! Congrats on all the positive reviews!

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    @CannonFood Haha yeah! Im kinda at the point of fixing bugs etc, but then I also got some new ideas of levels I want to build, so I still have a while to go! I haven't really posted anything! got some VR applications as well, but they are within a museum and so on xD my 2D game will be posted once Im happy with it... which with my timeframe will be like when Kojimas next game comes out xD

  • @Doctor-Professor Totally understandable to not expect much ^^ Thanks! It truly is wonderful feeling knowing people are enjoying a game you made :D

  • @trugs26 Thanks! We're not at the finish line yet, but we're almost there :D

    That is quite serious with you hiring artists and musicians. I like it :D
    Sounds very smart to give yourself such a hard deadline. That means you will have to kill some very loved babies in order to get it actually done in time.
    I wish you the very best and post it when you're done. I would very much like to see it :D