The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS/WiiU)

  • "Additional Map Feature"
    What does that even mean?

  • @Musou-Tensei It means "give us twenty dollars fanboys".

  • @Mbun Glad I'm not a fanboy anymore, and I think I did it somewhere else before but again, I apologize to every ex-GT member for ever being as obnoxious as the fanboys below NoA's twitter post, ugh. Could be just 5 new colors for the map cursor and they would still praise it.

    Best thing is that you have to buy it all, the only thing I could see me being interested about (once I know exactly what it offers, often these bonus dungeons are just not worth it) is the DLC Pack 2 but I have to buy the other crap I don't want too. I mean I hate season passes in general but most companies at least will give you the option to buy the seperate DLCs as well. Man even when Nintendo tries to be modern, they are still kinda backwards.

  • @Musou-Tensei said in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a good trailer (or two):

    Glad I'm not a fanboy anymore

    you keep saying that as if you need reassurance from everyone else that you're "not a fanboy anymore" as you claim. you were even saying it constantly a year ago before GT got shutdown.

  • @Musou-Tensei
    Yeah that one is a little too vague.

    DLC pack 1 seems kinda weak, with hard mode, and the cave of trials sounding like something that should either be on the Disc/Cart or patched in. Unless the Cave of Trials ends up being some 500 level thing, with scenarios that we normally wouldn't encounter during normal gameplay, and maybe a few special bosses to spice things up (come on Chicken Tornado)

    Pack 2 however has has me intrigued, Ideally id love for the second DLC to include a new region (and it could for all we know)

  • @Yoshi I identify as ex-Nintendo fanboy-kin, my pronouns are ex-Nintendo fanboy/former Nintendo fanboy.

    @DMCMaster Somehow I doubt they will give you an entire new region.

  • @Musou-Tensei
    True, still wishful thinking.

  • I actually posted this earlier today:

    "...a new feature for the in-game map."

    Gosh that's some inscrutable language, but let's try anyway!

    'In-game map' presumably specifies that the update will be to the existing map of Hyrule, as marketing departments typically use 'new area' for entirely new locations. It would be very funny if they were referring to the literal Sheikah Slate map, but I get the feeling they're talking about adding to the world.

    Unfortunately 'feature' is as ambiguous as they come. It could be a new physical system like weather, a single new point of interest or many, or even just an NPC or vendor. Who knows, but this is one of the most intriguing points about the new expansion, besides of course what kind of side story they'll tell.

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    The new feature is probably something like "extra zoom" or "mark enemies" or "reveal hidden objects".

    Whatever it is I don't like how a supposed basic gameplay feature is locked behind dlc. That along with a new hard mode is not something you sell.

    The new story content is fine tho.

  • @Art Do you honestly think it is literally a feature for the Sheikah Slate map interface?

    It's like you guys think Nintendo doesn't have something to prove. This is the first instance of DLC in a mainline Zelda game, not to mention the first significant expansion to one of Nintendo's high-profile singleplayer games (i.e.: not whatever Awakening had). If only because of all the heightened scrutiny you guys are a part of, Nintendo has to make something really cool. And what's more, they obviously felt obligated to keep the price down, because hardly any season passes cost $20 or less.

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    You're being optimistic.

    I'm being realistic.

  • @Art I'm being realistic for the Zelda team.

  • @Art Self-identified realists rarely are.

  • @Art You can already mark enemies and zoom unless by extra zoom you meant really far in.

  • Sorry to say but I'm more with @Art on this one.
    New map features sounds like the implementation of fast travel, being able to draw your own quest marker, something @Haru17 mentioned, or something like that. Nothing about that language makes me think its going to be anything worthwhile.
    I think what hurts me the most about this DLC is that things are being held hostage from me that should be in a free update instead. We don't know much about the content yet so I'm mostly speaking in hyperbole. Depending on what exactly the treasure chests contain those could all be update items, especially if its mostly on par with a Switch shirt. Sure they are bonus items but there still isn't a way to get them without buying it all.
    Hard mode should also be an update, unless there are some serious overhauls to the base game, not just changing the percentage of damage. I hope hard mode is huge, and part of me expects it will be. I don't think additional map features can be anything but an insult to paid DLC and should be free. I can't think of what this could be and a reason it should be kept from people who aren't going to spend money on the DLC.
    The second DLC pack seems legit, and very well could be worth the $20 by itself. It just sucks that I'm going to miss out on the updates DLC Pack 1 offers unless I buy in from the start.

  • @Tragosaurus The problem with all of the opposition arguments is that they all assume so much.
    It is inarguably pre-judging.

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    To be fair, I judge most games harshly before and after release.

    I talk shit about ME:A, but I'm secretly looking forward to it. There's also "Bad Cutscenes: Zero Dawn".

  • @Art I imagine you've at least seen a trailer for both of those games. We only have trailers and demos of the full release of Breath of the Wild, not the DLC. The only rightful assessment is extrapolation from those, and even then it's probably best to play the game one's self before assuming too much.

  • Assuming the game/DLC might have some problems is pre-judging, making assumptions, and outright wrong.

    Assuming the game/DLC will be a masterpiece and will change gaming as we know it is perfectly acceptable.

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