The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS/WiiU)

  • @Dirokia The biggest bs here is that apparently the JP voice track is on the cart (there is one version of the game worldwide), but to activate it you have to switch the system's language to japanese, which turns all texts in the game to japanese as well... WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING????
    Can't tell if it's the same with the Wii U version though.

  • @Dirokia Just to be clear though. I am a PURE Dub guy. I love Dub. I always go Dub. No matter how much it sucks.


    2 reasons:

    Cause I am lazy
    Reading makes me fall asleep in like 10 minutes, even if I just woke up and have had 3 Large cups of coffee.. Reading will knock me out! (Massive amounts of hyperbole for fun.)


    I never care about Dub vs Sub. I always just go with Dub if it is there. I cannot tell good acting and bad acting. I cannot see it or hear it.(Mostly. Sharknado is bad, but in an awesome way.)

    But that crying moment in the Japanese acting was... It was amazing. Simply amazing.

    And then to hear the Dub not just fail to deliver, but the Dub just does not even sync up to the moment in anyway. The Dub (In that 1 moment) makes zero fucking sense.

    Ok done. Very excited to get my Switch and Zelda will be the first game I load. And I will play it during ALL of PAX while I wait in line. But damn.. I hope the rest of the dub is better, or they fix that moment.

  • @Musou-Tensei AGREED! Holy crap. The switch makes it feel like Nintendo is simply accidentally in tune with what we want.

    It is so many of the things we have wanted for so long. It is honestly what I assumed the Wii-U was (Boy was I wrong)

    But so many other pieces of this story are showing they may be further gone than we ever imagined.

    I hope not. I want Nintendo to finally take over the freaking gaming world. And with the right choices with the online, Virtual console, and my digital library... They just might. But It looks like they are going to simply make 5 amazing games. And fuck the rest up to holy freaking hell. Per usual.

  • I think the Japanese crying voice acting came off as camp, but again, we're all just judging it from four lines in a trailer.

    Anyway, Bill Trinen responded to the nature of the Zelda Expansion Pass on Nintendo Voice Chat (the IGN podcast for Nintendo). He explained that it is all content developed after the main game was finished to be printed and that that is why there wasn't a trailer or more concrete details shown.

    Youtube Video – [41:26..]

  • @Haru17 Good to hear it officially stated as such. All I ask is that the main game ships with a complete story, anything additional the devs feel like making, I'm all ears. I've yet to be disappointed with Nintendo DLC and eagerly await this one.

  • Speaking of the voice cast I'm kinda surprised that cast hasn't been revealed.

    Also I'm going to call it now, but Link will speak at some point in the game, either during a flash back sequence, or during one of the endings.

  • @DMCMaster I hope Link speaks — silent protagonist interacting with normally voiced characters way, way more immersion-interrupting than just having an English dub. That being said, Aonuma has said in recent interviews that he would not.

    And I'm really interested in the voice cast too! Nintendo must have the actors under strict NDAs and not want them to take away from the game. We'll see them in the credits upon release regardless.

    Wow... it's crazy that we're talking about Breath's credits at this point. On a similar note, the title and load screens are as disappointing as they were at the Switch events. Load screens are that black / white split tips page and the title screen is just an animated version of the cover art with the silhouetted Link cut out and panning independently to add depth. It looks cheap to me. No word on whether there is an attract mode video yet.

  • @Nillend how do you know it won't be better than skyrim and fallout, they aren't particularly great games. And the witcher still has big faults like medeocre combat

  • @Bigdude1 I think skyrim and fallout are great games, and while I haven't enjoyed the witcher, its quality is indisputable. Everything, or at least a vast majority, that I have seen from Breath of the Wild is done better by other games. I think this game is a classic jack of all trades, master of none.
    I think Skyrim, Fallout and Witcher have all brought some innovative and master-class features and have been leaders of the genre and the industry. Zelda is only now trying to catch up to that (in some extent) and I doubt it will deliver such strong impact as the the other trio did.

  • @Nillend My main counterpoint here is that a good Zelda is always better than just the sum of it's parts. A good Zelda never has the best combat, hardest puzzles, most expansive towns, deepest side-stories, etc. But a good Zelda melds all the elements it does contain and presents a wonderfully crafted, full-fledged game that leaves a lasting impression.
    If you're looking for specifically the game that best does X mechanic, sure, Zelda most likely won't be that game. But if you're looking for a complete and fullfilling experience :ezaBackseatBosman:, Zelda is looking to be just that.

  • @Nillend better how? Genuinely curious because i found them boring

  • @Haru17
    I know he said he wouldn't, but so far BotW has been trying to break as many of things that have become standard for the Zelda series, not to mention Link not speaking during the majority of the game, and only speaking during flashbacks could be attributed to the cryosleep/resurrection.

    Back on the subject of the cast, Zelda sounds somewhat familiar, but I cant place a name on her.
    The Goron chieftain I want to say is Kevin Michael Richardson
    As for the Deku Tree, again its familiar but I cant place a name to it.

  • @Haru17 said:

    On a similar note, the title and load screens are as disappointing as they were at the Switch events. Load screens are that black / white split tips page and the title screen is just an animated version of the cover art with the silhouetted Link cut out and panning independently to add depth. It looks cheap to me.

    I wonder if they're going for a title screen that updates to reflect your Link and possibly the world or events of the game at certain points.

  • @Bigdude1 Vo, music and sound effect overall are done very well by Bethesda RPGs, Final Fantasy, Souls, Prince of Persia. Most of these also objectively look better. Yes you can prefer more cartoonish artstyle of Zelda, but the 3D textures of other big RPGs are just better. Again, you can prefer different visual styles, but other games just objectively have better graphics. I can comment on combat of the Breath of the Wild, since the feel of it means so much in this case, but I sincerely doubt that it can surpass Souls, PoP, or even Bethesda RPGs (I love combat both in skyrim and in fallout). The games above have made me care for them, be it their worlds, characters, story etc, Zelda games have never made me care, so I could never bring myself to finish them. Link was just a video game character for me and because I couldn't attach myself to him, I couldn't attach myself to care for the world or the story he is in.
    Maybe you felt this way with Fallout, Skyrim and Witcher, so we have completely opposite perspectives here, but because of the features I mentioned above I think they are better than BotW. I would be very interested if you tell me what hooked in into Zelda. Also, maybe BotW could be the one, maybe I would just love it, but because I don't have good history with the franchise and has shown anything to make me care to pay so much for it. I'm just not prepared to pay 450$ ( thats how much it costs here) to buy Switch and Zelda.

  • @Nillend ummm you do realise that the character Link is supposed to represent the player right? he's not meant to be talking or anything to give you more story details at all, the whole damn point is for you, as the player, is to listen to all the other characters and observe what's going on, whether it be a character asking you to help save them or a character asking you to buy from their shop or even the character just being some NPC with a dumb little comment that has no effect on the story goals whatsoever.

    Any attachment to Link himself comes from the game expecting you to literally think you are the character Link.

  • @Yoshi I don't see it this way. I consider myself to be more of a companion on his journey, or someone listening his story. I don't consider any established game protagonist to be me, be it Link, Nathan Drake, Geralt etc. I play games like that with the mentality of what the character would do. That changes in games where you create the character you play. At least on my first playthrough, I will make that character to represent myself.

    I gues

  • @Nillend Nintendo has stated many times now that the whole reason his name is Link in first place is because he is literally meant to be a link between the game world and the player.

  • @Yoshi Well, every playable character is a link between player and the game, no matter what game it is. But for me, it is Link himself that is completing the journey of the game. I may control his actions, but that's still Link, not me. I understand it as perceiving the world and the story through Link and not as him, if that makes any sense.

  • Banned

    I can relate to a character just fine if he talks a lot.

    If I couldn't then watching movies and tv shows would be a real bitch. Hell, singing along to a song I like would be near impossible.

  • @Nillend you are kidding right? VO is pretty medeocre in skyrim and fallout , mainly because it's dialog is is only through awkward face to face interactions not through cutscenes and coreographed scenes.

    And I never liked the vats system nor skyrim system. It's too shallow from a action perspective and a dog perspective. Like there is a lot of stats but it really doesn't effect how you play

    Not that Zelda is a rpg so it's not really comparable in that aspect