The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS/WiiU)

  • I'm blown away by how vast the game world is and how it is actually filled with varied and interesting things to do. I keep trying to do things in the main story threads but keep getting distracted and just wandering off into the wilderness looking for adventure.

    Also my decision to switch (heh) the HUD to minimal Pro mode (just hearts, buff timers and scanner makers when it starts beeping) also seems to be paying off. I am learning the lay of the land myself and actually looking at the game world instead of concentrating on the minimap.

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    wii u vs switch docked comparison and framerate test

  • @JoleeHonso I was going to wait to puck up BotW until I got a Switch, but after seeing the comparisons I think I will just get it for WiiU and put off my Switch purchase indefinitely.
    I didn't want to play it on WiiU if it was going to be a greatly inferior experoence, but it seems about the same, just with the same issues in different places.

  • So the 30th anniversary Amiibo has a chance of unlocking items related to their respective games. With the hat items from OOT and WW changing Links face a bit.

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    From Data Mining.....So MM, SS, and Twlight Princess Amiibo?
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    @DMCMaster Replace "amiibo" with "99 cent micro transaction".

    Except instead of "99 cent" you replace it with "$15 - $100 each".

  • @Art A lot of games sell skins in $5-10 packs, but this is kinda cheap. Quite odd that they didn't say the amiibo would add old skins into the game. I guess it's justifiable in that none of this stuff is in any way canon, but it still costs somewhere around the full price of a collector's edition to get all of the different costumes, with the season pass and actual collector's edition being sold separately and not all of the skins being available at release (granted Breath of the Wild could never be accused of lacking in content).

    And can I just say how wrong The Wind Waker Link's tunic looks on a proportionally tall human? Gross. The green garb from Twilight Princess translated pretty well, but it's still pretty weird and wrong to put that into cel shading. Same with OoT.

    I've already purchased the DLC (and have yet to find the silly Switch shirt), and I think I'll wait and buy that unreleased Twilight Princess Link amiibo as opposed to buying the pee stand Smash Bros. one. Walking around as Twilight Princess Link with his wolf form as a companion seems too ridiculous to pass up. I could also be tempted into getting the Zelda, Ganondorf, and even Fierce Deity amiibo depending on how cool those weapons are functionally / how nice their lighting effects look.

  • Personally I'm growing to really dislike the half star system.

    It only feels like a "not 5-star" score. The listed difference between 4 and 5 is between being Excellent and Masterful.

    On Frame Trap Ian even described BOTW with the only word he felt worked....Masterful.

    Personally, The FPS drops shouldn't be enough to make this game not be described as "Masterful", especially with Last Guardian getting it.

    Yeah yeah, the reviewers are different people, but at the end of the day it's an Easy Allies review, and it's up to them to be consistent.

  • Any chance we can remove the previews of the all the videos? This thread is insane to load on mobile.

  • @Stormcrownn yea the scoring is inconsistent this game is way better than TLG however the review score isnt hurting my enjoyment of the game (i have yet to encounter these framerate problems however

  • @Art said in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch/WiiU):

    @DMCMaster Replace "amiibo" with "99 cent micro transaction".

    Except instead of "99 cent" you replace it with "$15 - $100 each".

    They could just sell the figurines and no one would say anything, instead they sell the figurines and include neat little perks for the people who buys them so of course people complain.

  • @Stormcrownn I totally disagree with that. It's up to the reviewer to be consistent, not be consistent to the outlet. You know the reviewer, you know what they like and what they're okay with.

    And in the end, people should really stop caring about scores and take in the review itself.

  • @Stormcrownn said in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch/WiiU):

    Any chance we can remove the previews of the all the videos? This thread is insane to load on mobile.

    One thing that helps with this is found in settings.

    "Paginate topics and posts instead of using infinite scroll". I set it to about 20 posts per page, which I'm assuming (hopefully) also works with mobile.

  • @Stormcrownn I think the scores are pointless because GT gave (essentially) everything an eight and now EZA gives everything four stars. I understand not being completely in love with Breath of the Wild, but not for the reasons Damiani stated. The frame rate hitches for, like, a second or two and then reverts. Calling that frame rate issues means basically every other AAA release for the past three years has had frame rate issues. And the game never crashes like western AAAs often do, so, yeah, Nintendo has made an incredibly polished experience again, this time on a much larger scale. Anyway, four and a half stars might actually mean something if nearly everything didn't default to four stars.

    And I don't know what you mean about all of the video embeds. The OP with all of those shouldn't load unless you click the up arrow — threads on this forum always load the most recent 20 posts, not all 300 at once.

  • I like the scoring system. Complaining over tenths of points seems ridiculous to me and I would imagine has its own problems when trying to score. I like the simplified system they have no, essentially the game is bad, ok, good, great, amazing. That's really all the information I need from a review score, I would just translate the 10 or 100 point scale to that essentially anyway.
    To Zelda not getting a 5, whatever. Its a 5 to me. Its a 5 to a lot of people here. Its also a 3 to people here. What does it matter what score it got?

    The frame rate issues I've encountered are a bit more than hitches for like a second. The terrible ones are just for a couple seconds but it chugs a bit too much in a lot of scenarios. I am playing on WiiU, and its not immensely effecting my enjoyment of the game, but it is there.

  • Damiani reviewed Breath of the Wild on Switch and that's the version most of these comparison videos are focusing on. I've heard secondhand that the Wii U has different frame rate problems, i.e. in towns — where the Switch version runs fine.

  • Yeah that's some of the stuff I have been experiencing, towns and dense forests. I knew what I was getting myself into and I can manage.

  • @Haru17 I think you're being pretty forgiving here. The game clearly has frame rate issues (bar undocked) and thanks to DF we can see how bad it is. I'd be very hoepful it's patched before I get to it.

  • I've put in a large amount of time into BotW(switch) and I am inlove with the world, it is stunning to look at with the Studio Ghibli esque art style. I have yet to encounter a frozen frame rate though quite a few large dips which makes me think its a shame it was made for Wii U( I love my Wii U, dont cry) first as I think it this was made from the ground up on the Switch it may not have as many/if any issues.
    Infact the only issue I've had that had made me throw out a few choice words is with the Switch itself and the left joycon making Link do stupid things at awkward times (trying to climb a tower, THE FUCKING TRUNK.... and trying to take down a powerful foe). Not been able to get a Pro controler yet, so I guess I will have to put up with it till then.
    I was quite sad I wouldnt be able to play it with a Japanese voice over and English subs but to be fair the English Dub is pretty damn good (if you can infact do that please let me know!).
    The Shrines are worth stars on their own, I have had a massive ammount of fun with them even cheesing a few like that table top type maze puzzle.
    I think for me that things that sets it aside from other games of this ilk is it feels like im playing a game that has been made by someone who truely loves this world. I mean If I had the money I would totally by a PS4 for Horizon, that game looks wonderful but Hyrule really pulls me in, its an honest game. I think that is what pushes it slightly above other games in review scores.

  • @tokeeffe9

    When 4.5 stars come across the screen, its actually really confusing. Damiani's review was not written in such a way that justifies the score deduction. Or at the very least it wasn't communicated to me, nor many other people.

    I've never disagreed with anything the Allies say until now. On a few streams they laughed and made a big joke of the review score itself. People like you and many of the Allies state that the scores aren't really important.

    Then why do they bother to even put a rating on the end? If the ratings don't matter then why give it a 4.5 instead of a 5?

    It's extremely hypocritical of EZA as a whole to say that they dislike ratings and that you shouldn't take them seriously, and then treat 5-star reviews very seriously.

    Do review scores only not matter when you want to give it a lower score and people disagree with you? Because they certainly seem to matter when they want to give something a higher score.

  • @Tragosaurus It matters because the review itself doesn't really make sense with the score it was given.

    If the review requires the writer to have to explain himself on streams to justify the review, then it wasn't a good enough review.