The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS/WiiU)

  • A whole lot of the PS3 games ran at 30 FPS and easily dipped to 20 FPS (Far Cry 3 being an exemple) and i don't remember gamers and journalist making a big deal about it or removing review points for it. Yet it was standard. For fucks sake Skyrim PS3/360 are essentially unaffected review wise to the PC version and for that game we're not just talking about frame drop but they were prone to crashing and a buggy mess. But of course it's Nintendo and when it's Nintendo it's somehow worst and we gotta make a big deal about it even tho they are one of the few gaming companies out there who actually make games that run at 60 FPS.

  • @Stephleref I honestly wouldn't say anyone is making a "big" deal out of it. The game is sitting at a 98 right now for critics on Metacritic, which is insanely high. Skyrim for the PS3 in comparison is sitting at a 93 and the main page has a critique knocking it down a few pegs due to its instability.

    I personally lean on the side of framerate dips not really bothering me but if it bugs someone else, who am I to tell them to get over it? We all have different stipulations to what makes a game great.

    For example, I've played 5 minutes of BOTW on a friend's Switch. I was immediately impressed with how great it felt to shoot arrows. Then I pulled out some fire arrows and shot the grass. Just seeing it light on fire made me extremely happy... until it died out within seconds, not bothering to spread to the rest of the grass around it. Shot some fire at a bush and it just stared back at me, not being on fire and stuff. This is a silly, stupid thing to be disappointed about but... it shot me out of this realistic, thriving world that everyone has been talking about.

    There's certainly a conversation to be had about overreaction in the industry and hyperbolic claims getting way too much limelight, but I don't find any fault in those pointing out the fact the game has some hitches. It's getting universal praise, I don't think anyone needs to really get on the defensive and protect 'poor' Nintendo/Zelda.

    I do feel bad for Damiani though. Whether he's giving a 7.8 to Windwaker HD or a 4.5 stars to Breath of the Wild, it seems like the internet is always quick to tell him how wrong he is on his opinion.

  • @SabotageTheTruth you can light dry grass on fire and it will spread.

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    Just because it was "acceptable" back then to have incredible shitty framerates that doesn't mean it's acceptable now.

    Digital Foundry and Candyland have opened people's eyes and have risen the bar for quality.

    Don't accept frame skipping, screen tearing, slowdown and sub 30 fps as the golden standard.

  • Like I said I'm ok with the odd moments of slowdown here and there. It is a big game running on limited hardware and I can be very forgiving of minor technical issues. It is just when it gets bad it is really bad.

    Back in my QA Testing days slowdown to the point of the game temporarily freezing to deal with it would be a high class/priority issue. It's more than likely that it is still in the game because any alternatives or fixes would make the game worse. But it is a mark against an otherwise great game.

  • I couldn't care less about the frame rate drops.

  • @FF7Cloud The grass I was in certainly wasn't damp. Kinda strange only certain types of grass burn but hey... Zelda.

  • @SabotageTheTruth it burns just not wildfire style

  • Initially I wasn't so bothered about Zelda, I think because I'd been in a Ninty slump after the Wii U and their kooky decisions. But fuck me Breath of the Wild is incredible. There's so much to talk about with it. But for right now, I'll just say I love the touch of taming and naming your horses. I named my first one Bronn. Anyone else got some special names for the riding companions?

  • @Churchy My first horse is brown and white named マーベル (maaberu). This is a transliteration of "Marvel", but can also be taken as "marble" because she kinda looks like marbled ice cream. Also, 馬 (ma3) is the word for horse in Mandarin. My second horse had much less thought put into his name; オリオ (orio) or Oreo, cause he's black and white.

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    Can you combine horses to form a giant mega horse?

    You know, something like the Megazord or Voltron.

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    Seriously, can horses combine into bigger horses?

    This is a deciding factor in my purchase.

  • In this thread: people complain about what's arguably been the best reviewed game of all time not being given fair treatment by the press.

  • @Fkevy1hre You can get Ganons 'giant' horse in game, its rather brute...ish.

  • Where do you go to get Link's signature blue Shiekah tunic that's been used in the advertising for BOTW?

    i've got 8 hearts, 4 stamina upgrades and have Freed 2 Divine Beasts now and i STILL haven't come across it at all????

  • @Yoshi

    Spoiler Find the first of the zelda memories then talk to impa

  • @FF7Cloud lame

  • Spoiler I felt kinda at a disadvantage by the joycons in the grip last night when fighting the boss at the end of Divine beast Vah Noboris, the boss is so quick that I wish I had the procontroller. (I do love the joycons but for this boss.. not so much)

  • @TokyoSlim said in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch/WiiU):

    In this thread: people complain about what's arguably been the best reviewed game of all time not being given fair treatment by the press.

    Nope, i'm simply amazed by the sillyness that people feel the need to rag on Nintendo even when they make a fucking 10 / 98 on metacritic. We gotta go out of our way to discredit it because Nintendo. Then people want to be taken seriously when they complain about them. Why should i when they make a 10 and you still can't just be fucking happy for once?

    Telltale has received univeral praise and multiple GOTY awards from Walking Dead Season 1 and not once their terrible engine on console has been put the review score of 94 of their game into question. I have already given other exemples with Skyrim and other open worlds game who are excused for their flaws because "well it's open world". That's my issue.

  • @Stephleref Literally none of those games have reviewed as well as BOTW. Relax.
    Not everyone is "out to get Nintendo". I dare say almost nobody is. Sometimes people will give a game a 90 and it doesn't mean that the world is ending, it just means that reviewer, while they were playing, had a slightly less than perfect experience.

    Honestly, folks. Back away from the hyperbole here.

    BOTW has zero mixed or negative reviews on MC out of 74 reviewers, by the way. ZERO. A 90 is not a mixed review. A 4.5/5 review is not a mixed review. Everyone take a deep breath here. There has never been a unanimous 10/10 game, and there never will be. This is likely to be the closest you'll ever see.