The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS/WiiU)

  • @Haru17 said:

    the maximum damage dealt by an axe is like 20

    Least not only is 20 not bad damage, but you can get lucky and find ones with enhanced properties like enhanced damage. I had one that was 38 for awhile. What's annoying about axes is a couple places in the overworld have an even cooler axe that deals more damage, but I've never once seen an enemy using it, which means no chance for special properties. Also, it'd just be rad to see enemies with this weapon. What the hell Nintendo?! There's also some cool axe-like weapons certain enemies use I think Huber would approve of that are some of the highest damage dealing weapons in the game.

    @Tragosaurus Ten days after you started the game up for the first time, your profile on the Switch will show your total playtime. If you use the parental control app, you can see the daily chunks of time you're spending playing.

    Another great way to get awesome weapons to keep in mind is that every single shrine has at least one treasure chest with something in it, usually good weapons. Lots of them require you to solve a harder version of the puzzle of the dungeon, but some are just hidden in corners or out of easy reach. I've also seen a case of a wall sliding open in a previous room after I solved a puzzle before, and considering getting the orb immediately boots you from the dungeon they can be very easy to miss. These optional chests are actually one of my favorite parts of this game.

    @Musou-Tensei Let me put it this way. You can start the game and run straight to the final boss and finish the game. Insane challenge aside, there's plenty regions you could miss or ignore if you're not purposely hunting out side stuff.

  • Yes, you have to play the game if you want to play the game.

  • @Tragosaurus when you go to your profile and its list your games you've played it will say how long you've played them similar to steam.

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    Yes, you have to play the game if you want to play the game.

    But I want the game to play itself! Pushing buttons is sooooo 1998

  • This game keeps surprising me. I'll try to keep it vague enough to avoid spoilers.

    Last night I encountered someone who instructed me to go somewhere east of the map, but I had to follow a specific path through treacherous terrain to reach it. I figured I'd be there in about 20 minutes if there were enemies on the way, but the route was so long that it took me upwards of 2 hours! 2 hours!

    It felt like an actual trek, with spots where I could rest and cook, before heading off again. With optional paths, nooks and crannies everywhere along the way. Possible threats around every corner. When I finally reached my destination, I felt both relief, awe and pride. I really earned that new story development. Not because it was immensely challenging, although I did die a few tines, but because of the sheer scale of the expedition I'd just completed.

    This is the best Adventure game I've ever played, and I've still barely scratched the surface.

  • @Axel i know that section your talking about and yea its great, its was that point in that game when i said this aint just a good game its one of the greats.

  • I just got the last module thing for my device... I will never 100% this game -_-
    Why can't I youknowhat items that enemies drop right away? I have to pick them up, go in my menu, put them in my hands, drop them again and then I can youknowhat them, this is dumb, it works with weapons and shields so why not with items?

  • Collected all the memorys, ended up spending most of my day after work doing it, and ended up staying up way later then intended, figured I could find the last few in 2 or 3 hours... God was I wrong.
    And I do agree with the above about this being the best pure adventure title I've played in awhile, almost every direction has something unique to see or uncover. I've also spent most of my time either on foot (Running), climbing or gliding from place to place.

  • @Musou-Tensei almost everything is optional in the game and i bet even if you did all the "temples" you wouldnt have visited all the provinces that way

  • @Bigdude1 Nintendo seemed to actively not want people to 100% the game, because the reward for getting all the Koroks is...


  • @Bigdude1 It's just that I prefer to explore areas as the story or sidequests lead me to them, insted exploring an area and then having to go back later because of the story or sidequest.

  • @Musou-Tensei It's pretty much full blown free roam as soon as you finish the starting area. Also, you don't have to go back and explore areas you missed if you don't want to. I thought after I got credits I'd be done since I took my time and explored a ton before it, but after a day or so away from the game I've already had the itch to go back and keep poking around. Not doing all the shrines also personally feels like leaving chunks of game behind since some of the shrine puzzles are super interesting, surprising, and unique.

  • I found one area that has enemies with elemental weapons like crazy, I marked it and I go back there whenever I'm short on weapons. (That actually hasn't happened in my 90 hours of play)

    What I find happening with the weapon system is that I want to use the weapons I have to make room for the new ones. I'll keep one or two super-high damage weapons for emergency purposes as well.

  • Made it to Gannon

  • @Mbun Nintendo be like

    alt text

  • And with that Gannon is defeated.....No I'm not crying, just a leaky tear duct is all it is.

  • Not impressed with the Dungeons or the bosses so far, done 3 of them and they are easy and small compared to previous Zelda games.

    Don't even get me on the 3 minute shrines, I literally walked in 1 this morning and time froze a box and the shrine was solved, was in there less than 2 minutes, I feel like the problem solving is dumbed down

  • @Longview The dungeons are definitely shorter than in previous games. The bosses are more challenging though, not just based on the gimmick of the dungeon. Some shrines are longer than others, and even the simple shrines most of the time are hiding some added challenge in the form of a bonus chest or a part two to the puzzle. The ones that annoy me more are the "Blessing" shrines where you just walk in and get an item and an orb. They exist basically to facilitate puzzles outside the shrines, but it doesn't sit right with me that they're advertising 120 shrines or whatever when a bunch of them have no puzzle inside.

  • @Mbun i've beaten 3 of the dungeon bosses from just spamming bomb arrows, theres no way I would of got away with that in previous Zelda games

  • @Longview At least that means at one point you had to gather the bomb arrows, a commodity that costs 400 rupees for a set of 10 and the bow/bows to shoot them with, versus previous Zelda games where every dungeon boss would simply be weak to whatever new item the dungeon gave you with three hits being the whole fight. I'm not saying the new ones are perfect, and you certainly can bruteforce them if you make the decision to do so, but they're a major step up from what was present before.