The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS/WiiU)

  • These trailers are missing one essential element.

    A Doc Brown spider monster.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Actually, you can see the Doc Brown spider monster crawling on Death Mountain at 0:49. We talked about it in my last thread ;)

  • Also, uh, there's this:

    alt text

  • The trailer music sounds similar to Xenoblade Chronicles' title theme.

  • @gerrhod Xenoblade had a title theme? I guess I never let that screen play. Anyway, they both use piano, violin, and horn — and use slow, high piano keys to emulate the sound of dropping water — but, besides that, I think they're very different compositions. Zelda sticks to that piano like glue, while Xenoblade brings in more instruments and lets the violin and horn take over for a while.

    It also bears mentioning that this trailer almost certainly features an abridged version of whichever theme it's using.

  • @Haru17 Seriously. I think that this game will really take advantage of that fully orchestra and hit all the notes that past games tried (and, IMO, failed to hit) with their previous MDI arrangements. Zelda always has amazing music, but I think this will be the first to play those tracks the way they were meant to be heard. I know Skyward Sword was orchestrated, and while I do like that soundtrack, it's kind of in a different vein than a bunch of the other mainline games. With only two tracks, I feel like this game has shown that it will do it all.

  • I'm just sceptical as hell for this game. I really don't want them to lower the quality just to up the quantity. Words like "our world is so big now, it's the biggest we've ever made!" makes me more worried that the world will be empty or filled with repeated content, as has been the case with pretty much all games where the devs talk about how massive their world is.
    I want meaningful content.

    @Haru17 said in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a good trailer (or two):

    I think you've answered your own question — you're not going to be excited for a series if you don't like or respect it at a fundamental level.

    I respect it, but for the right things. I can also see where the strengths and weaknesses are in the games I like.

    @Haru17 said in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a good trailer (or two):

    But just to set the record straight, certain 3D Zeldas have had excellent stories. Ocarina of Time for its time and production values, Majora's Mask has a "vibe," and Twilight Princess wrote an absolutely amazing new character who essentially served as the protagonist. Plus, TP had amazing scene direction. Just some of my favorite cuts and imagery in gaming.

    I think you misunderstood. For example a good story can be told with just text, a bad (or non-existant) story cannot be told with just production values. Production values can enhance the storytelling sure but Ocarina of Time has a barebones story. I say this as someone that considers Ocarina of Time one of his favorite Zelda entries. It's similar for the rest of the Zelda games you liked.
    This is why I said that if someone wanted a Zelda game with a good story I would point them towards Alundra.

    I'm not saying you cannot like the story that is present in those (or any) Zelda games, but I think you should realize that they're not amazing 10/10 stories. This no doubt intentional as well to a certain degree since Nintendo wants to keep their first party IPs like Mario and Zelda as family friendly as possible, so they keep the story simple and basic.
    So far with BotW I don't see this changing either.

    But we can always agree to disagree.

  • @suplextrain Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that I liked the Zelda stories too much. I mean, they're great stories, but they're not Witcher 3 stories. They don't have this fuckin' mid-2000s protagonist grunting at shit. They don't have "moral ambiguity." They don't have "non-linear narrative." They don't have suddenly serious bad endings where everyone dies and is capital-S Sad. They don't have "player agency" in choosing which striped tunic to put on or which person to kill. They don't have 2D art to grant closure on dropped plot threads. No, they're not that caliber.

    I'm a writer with no small sense of irony. Half the gaming industry prostrating themselves at the foot of this overstuffed WRPG is laughable to me. The main story? It wasn't that good. Geralt didn't change as a character. He didn't have much of an arc. Most of the plot is chasing after the protagonist — Ciri — and waiting for her to do something. The antagonist isn't interesting, he's the freakin' Lich King with the same backstory of half-measures within the given work.

    And, yes, I know there's a somewhat-inherent level of bad that goes along with having a silent protagonist. That's why Twilight Princess introduces an entire other character to audibly go through a character arc and excels. Zelda isn't trying to be this tremendously philosophic, theme-rich text. They tell conventional fantasy stories, so they resolve do do so excellently. They have a set structure and mcguffins, but the better games add minor arcs and invest players in the character of each loacle. But you wouldn't realize that if the only Zelda game you've played is The Wind Waker and you saw 95% sacred shit and sister-saving before a 30-minute cutscene at the end that explains the villains backstory and divulges some undercooked themes.

    Ugh. Uuuuuggggh! (noises of disgust and frustration) In case it wasn't clear, I'm not angry at you. Your ideas, kinda. You, no.

  • @Haru17 said in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a good trailer (or two):

    Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that I liked the Zelda stories too much.

    How did you interpret what I said in this way? I even said that it's fine to love the story in the Zelda series and that we can agree to disagree.
    My point is that you can like something but still realize that it is simplistic (which they are, intentionally so most likely as I said prior).

    I mean, they're great stories, but they're not Witcher 3 stories

    Not once did I bring up Witcher 3. Do you really want to get into a discussion where we compare the story of Witcher 3 to some random Zelda game? Why?
    I brought up Alundra for a reason.

  • @suplextrain I'm not using "liked" in a highly particular sense. So, liked / respected / though were well-written / enjoyed / recognized as quality. Liked like that.

  • @Haru17 No need to get snarky especially when the poster you're talking to didn't even bring up the game you are mentioning.

  • Phew, okay — I just update the OP with all of the media for Breath. There's a surprising amount of it, with more repeat stuff from the E3 demo in the lowermost section. Hope you find it entertaining!

  • just a question i heard monilith soft was co developing this with Nintendo is that true?

  • @FF7Cloud They're helping with the open world tech to an unknown extent. Either Tokyo or Kyoto, I don't remember which.

  • alt text

    Zelda's Facebook: "Now until the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we’ll be exploring the Hyrulean landscape with new screenshots."

    A couple of things.

    Firstly, see how the green trees are all pines? And the red ones all deciduous? They seem to be teasing that seasons things REAL hard. Unlike in Fable 3, this seedling may yet grow into a grand tree of ambition.

    Secondly — hype hype hype hype hyyype! I remember they did a "daily screenshot" for WoW: Cataclysm leading up to the 2010 launch and I was so into it. This isn't daily — and the game certainly isn't Blizzard's trash — but it could still be very, very exciting.

    Finally, "until the launch." These pictures could become treacherous with environmental spoilers as they progress. But until then? Sooooo hype!

  • Also interesting with that I think is the whole "until launch thing" when we don't even really know when launch is. I know that there were rumors or reports of the game not being able to make it to the launch of the Switch, but was that ever confirmed?

  • I was so excited for this game when it was announced forever ago and have been deflating ever since. Like someone mentioned we haven't seen any dungeons which is a huge part of the game. I'm sure they are there and great but where are they? I'm tried of seeing the world, the more I see of it the more it seems like there is nothing to do except wander. Sure you can hunt, fish, explore, climb, take out outposts, etc. but why? Why will I want to do these things? I am so excited to see how this game ends up though because its either going to be a HUGE hit or pretty disappointing, I don't think there will be a middle ground.

  • @Tragosaurus said in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a good trailer (or two):

    Why will I want to do these things?

    I think this is an important question for the open world genre generally, but I'm not worried about it for Zelda. More than any other game, Zelda just looks fun to tool around in. So far, it's "What if a Far Cry game played like Zelda in the world of an Elder Scrolls game." I think that'll be enough for a great game, but the memorability and staying power will depend on the dungeons and story.

    I really do get the feeling that they're holding some stuff back and I appreciate that spoiler-averse approach from Nintendo's marketing and management. Even Skyward Sword, if you remember, was an incredibly diverse game and world. They put a ton of stuff into Zelda games, and this is the longest dev cycle in recent memory.

  • It's not an "official trailer", but this gameplay compilation video of things people discovered during E3 is why I'm hype about this game.
    This is not your typical open world game. There's tons of physics based systems and tools to make everyone's playthrough unique. This game will let you tackle obstacles many different ways and not just through picking different skill trees. Even enemies will occasionally have unconventional interactions with one another by accident. In most games, that barrel would just clip through that enemy, because the attack isn't intended to hit them, but Breath of the Wild doesn't restrict this. It just lets things happen as they would. That's why this is my most anticipated game despite not even being a big Zelda guy.