The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS/WiiU)

  • Surprised to see Joe do a review

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  • Careful if you want to start a new game, it will overwrite your old one

  • Yeah, I think you'd need to use a different user profile for a new game, though I haven't tried it.

  • Could you imagine if Zelda was all, "How's it going, fuckstick?"

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildlands

    Y'see, that dialogue would be interesting in Zelda, whereas it's just more generic macho dribble in Ghost Recon's Tom Clancy's jingoism simulator. Oh, Ubisoft... so many towers and dull murdering dudes. Yes, I'm watching the co-op stream VOD.

  • @Haru17 I'm still not very far into the game (although my Switch says I've played "15 hours or more"...), but so far I'm really enjoying the writing and getting immersed in the world and story a lot more than any previous Zeldas.

    I'm really, really bothered by the fact there's no recipe book, it seems like such an obvious thing to do, especially since there's

    the Hyrule compendium I just acquired.

  • EZA, Your Nintendo streams are washed out so here you go.

  • @Axel Yeah, it's very strangely missing any materials that aren't plant based, not to mention no section for armor. A pretty huge omission considering that the Sheikah sensor is advanced enough to even track weapons on friendly NPCs.

    I just found my playtime and it said 167 hours. Manage expectations.

  • @Axel It sucks, but at the same time I've been enjoying making my own by taking pictures of ones I find in the world. Most I use the in-game camera for, but for the book recipes I gotta use the Switch's built in screenshot button, luckily it's as easy and quick to dip out of the game and look at the recipe on the album on Switch's menu whenever I need it. I already love the screenshot button, just wish I could privately upload the pictures it takes like you could on 3DS with Miiverse Album or simply opening the net browser and emailing yourself pics.

    Real deal spoiler below. You've been warned.

    Cooking by the Book

    Real deal spoiler above. You've been warned.

  • Thunderstorms


  • Just fast travel if you don't want to deal with thunderstorms and lack the non-metallic weapons to use.

  • @Haru17 167 hours. Damn.

    @Mbun Yes I'm also taking loads of screenshots, this game is so gorgeous! Good idea to snap pics of recipes, I'm gonna do just that :)

  • I'm going to post some of my favorite pictures I've taken (the straight quality of both these and the PS4 camera admittedly isn't great). DO NOT click unless you have beaten the game properly with all of the dungeons complete, as they contain MAJOR SPOILERS:

    This is... all of the random events and world state changes. I think I'm only missing Satori Mountain and perhaps the thundercloud. Pretty nice coincidence, and I got four or five other shots of it too (this one was the best).

    The final battle was so Twilight Princess-y that they even had to sneak in the curtain of Twilight itself.
    alt text

  • I found this old Link to the Past commercial that I remember seeing as a kid. Crazy how much it resembles what BotW ended up being.

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  • alt text

    So, the completing set of Link amiibo got announced with their corresponding shades of green to be available June 23. I haven't been in this thread much, 'cause completing Zelda was so exhausting that I just kind of fell into Persona 5. I also don't see a ton of people discussing the game anymore, which is weird given how many people seemed to be into the whole player agency pitch. Anyway, I'll still be updating this thread with the DLC info when that comes out, 'cause it ain't over yet.

    And if you haven't listened to this yet, fix that. It's not spoilers unless you go flipping though the playlist or YouTube recommendations.

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  • @Haru17 said in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch/WiiU):

    I also don't see a ton of people discussing the game anymore, which is weird given how many people seemed to be into the whole player agency pitch.

    I am deep into this game and loving every second of it, but I'm not writing anything here because I don't want to spoil anything for anyone. And since the game is completely non-linear, I can't even preface my posts with "Spoiler if you haven't finished the third dungeon" or something. Something I've done in my first 5 hours could be a spoiler to someone who's played 30 hours.

    Maybe we can have a separate spoiler thread for people who have already finished the game or don't care!

  • Edit: Okay, I think I've finally rounded up all of the marketing material. If I missed something, let me know. The concept art album in particular has a ton of new character designs from rips of the guidebook.

    @Axel Well, it's a month after release, so I think putting world spoilers under a tag will be fine if you have any thoughts or stories you would like to share. Despite its obscene duration, there are definitely some people like myself who have already finished and fully explored the game. It's polite to mention if it's about the ending or a particular region/chapter of the main quest.

  • @Axel That's the thing. After a few days I talked with my friends about where we went first, and all of us went in a different direction and did certain milestones first.

    I'm pretty near the end of the main quest line (with all the parts done) and this really is an incredible game. The last "thing" so to speak just has an epic fucking feel to it, and it's amazing.

    There are two things I would've liked though:

    1) A recipe tracker or system that gets filled in as you go.
    ! 2) It would be nice to have more customisation over your house and make it feel a bit more cosy. A very slight thing but I love the idea of owning your own property in a Zelda title and doing it up.

  • Zelda's back, baby, and the DLC's got some real dumb stuuuuuuuff!!!

    alt text

    So apparently the new map feature (called the 'Hero's Path') and hard mode kinda suck — just a line on the map showing where you've been and a level up and regenerating health for enemies. No new enemies or anything, though there is a cryptic tease about enemies and treasure chests in the sky. They are also adding a custom fast travel point.

    There will be a 45-room enemy rush mode where the Master Sword was sheathed. Link will fight through those enemies without any starting equipment or weapons to unlock the 'true power of the Master Sword.' Sounds way like a Silent Realm to me.

    There will apparently also be 8 treasure chests placed 'around Hyrule' containing throwback gear like the amiibo, but of course the amiibo stuff is separate to that and probably won't be available for a while yet. As well as a temporary render appearance, this armor also seems to have placeholder names. 'Midna's Helmet' would be more correctly referred to as a shard of the Fused Shadow, and the 'Korok Mask' would be better termed 'Makar's Face.'

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  • Patch out today let's you pick different languages for cut scenes