The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS/WiiU)

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    something like The Witness, you get a set of puzzles and you get a better understanding of these puzzles the more you do. Then you see them used somewhere else with another puzzle and that information you learned earlier, is still useful now

    That's basically what Korok puzzles are. There's also some lesser instances of finding shrines where learning stuff earlier will help you find another that's slightly more well hidden. A couple of the Shrine interiors themselves also build on one another, but they're spaced so far apart and you're able to run into them in any order that you could easily never know. I do think the devs attempted to place the simpler Shrines in the world in a way that they would be found first though as some are straight up in plain sight, while others are tucked away.

    That Shrine I mentioned with the thrilling fight was in plain sight, but it was all the way at one edge of the map, and me choosing to run across the map to reach it at that point in the game was a very conscious decision through a very dangerous path. That said, I couldn't tell from afar that it was a combat Shrine and might've thought twice had I known in advance, but by the time I reached it I knew I wasn't turning back.

    With BotW, a person can go into any shrine, cook any meal etc and it's a completely singular thing which is fantastic for someone who just wants to pick up and play but for me, I love that feeling of improving at something.

    Not that it takes super long to grasp, but you definitely don't learn optimal cooking from a single meal. It does take some trial and error as you discover ingredients and how to combine them well, and that's ignoring the straight up recipes on the walls of the stables that you can screenshot for later reference.

    Also, just a quick side note, horses are awful in this game.

    They have uses early game, but once you get decent stamina they only slow you down, least until you get the Ancient Saddle and Bridle so you can teleport them to you.

    I forgot about one side quest with a horse, jumping over fences and for some reason, this one on a slight hill would always just make the horse stop.

    There's a I think shoulder button you can hold that helps horses deal with terrain that's difficult for them, but they balanced it by making the horse move extremely slow when using it, so it isn't super useful for what you mentioned specifically. They are a bit unwieldy overall, but I still like them more than the Master Cycle Zero cause you don't have to hold a button down continuously to make them go, which frees your finger to attack while riding instead.

    I feel like they still could of given us something interesting.

    Game was already way over planned production schedule. Who knows how much planned stuff was scrapped or how late the story we did get was implemented. I wholly expect the next game to fix stuff like this as they have the base for the game finished already and can focus on everything else this time.

    going through Zelda's search of her powers, it just never felt important

    It is basically all for the moment of the final memory, but yea I wasn't a big fan of this Zelda. The diaries you find just make her seem like more of a brat, but I guess in the end she stepped up to fulfill her duty so that's some slight character redemption.

  • I do want to emphasis that I had a great time playing this game and I'm totally onboard with them continuing the Zelda formula like this, as opposed to something like Odyssey where I hope that's just a one off. Personally I'd be hoping they remove the weapon degradation and while they don't need to bring back dungeons necessarily, I hope they have areas that size with that level of challenge.

  • @tokeeffe9 said:

    I do want to emphasis that I had a great time playing this game and I'm totally onboard with them continuing the Zelda formula like this

    Yeah, I just like discussing this stuff.

    as opposed to something like Odyssey where I hope that's just a one off


    S A M E

    Personally I'd be hoping they remove the weapon degradation

    I don't want to see it removed entirely, but I do think it'd be good to add NPCs that can repair weapons you become attached to and maybe even forge others from scratch once you find blueprints or something. Master Sword becoming unbreakable with no cooldown periods also wouldn't bother me. It is silly how it has to teleport back to recover now.

    while they don't need to bring back dungeons necessarily, I hope they have areas that size with that level of challenge

    Personally, I want more underground areas and more caves. Less holes in the wall with bombable rocks, and more passages through a wall with bombable rocks leading somewhere new.

  • Good talk guys, that was interesting to read!

    I'm one of those who loooooved Breath of the Wild and yet I can't fully disagree with much of what @tokeeffe9 said. I guess what it boils down to is how much the game's flaws affect your enjoyment.

    About the weapon degradation, my gut feeling tells me they realized it could be an annoyance, but the alternative - letting players find a weapon they like and keep it until the end of the game - would have heavily reduced the need to explore the world and that would have been even more detrimental to the overall experience. They wanted to maintain this "survival" feeling throughout the game and that's a tricky balance to find when you also want to provide progression to the player (which they did through hearts and stamina). Something had to give and it was weapons. Hopefully they come up with a more elegant and less divisive solution for the next game.

    It's actually very exciting to think about the inevitable sequel. The template laid out by BotW was already masterful in my opinion, so imagine a game that irons out all the kinks and improves on its strengths. GOTY 2020.

  • Possibly although I never felt like I was exploring to find new weapons, it was just that there are enemies and they have weapons.

  • @tokeeffe9 early on you def hunt around for weapons. Once you get a good grasp of the world its less of a thing

  • @tokeeffe9 There's specific places on the map where weapons will always be if you go back there, which is cool when you find a spot for a great flamesword or such. Always mark the ones I find with the sword icon on the map to keep track of. Early game I think I got most my weapons from chests, especially the challenge chest of every Shrine. Those usually had some good stuff. Late game I think just jacking ones from enemies is best since the stats on them can get ridiculously high. Got a one handed sword from a Lynel that did over 100 damage per hit once. Used it for the final boss of the last DLC.

  • Finally beat this game! Absolutely loved it. It weirdly became like a hiking replacement for me - I moved back to the city a few months back, and haven't really been able to spend much/any time out in nature. While not the same, there were times where running around and exploring helped scratch that itch I felt I was missing. All of which is to say, if you like Zelda BotW but haven't really spent much time outdoors, you should try hiking for real! I promise it's fulfilling!

    One thing I'll say is that I don't think I ever really got "good" at this game - I ran from or snuck around just about every lynel and guardian in the game. Never even got a Lynel down to half health. That said, when it came to the finally showdown I realized that I finally got the timing to parry lasers about 70% of the time, which felt really good. I hope that dungeon/shrine designs are a little more involved in a sequel, since they definitely started to get repetitive near the end, but overall I'm really happy with just about everything in this game.

  • Forgot to post here that I reviewed the DLC. (<--- WARNING: Thread is filled with spoilers!)

    Also, I'm nearly finished reading Creating a Champion.

    Summary? BUY THAT BOOK!!!!! It contains development tidbits and interviews, gives a backstory to almost every location in the game, explains small details in almost every character's costume, and is LOADED with art.

  • @oscillator Wow, I just checked out that book and it does look amazing, might try to hunt it down!

  • @oscillator Thanks for sharing. I've just ordered it, gonna have my hands on it tomorrow!

  • I finally got to try this, which is my main reason for buying a Switch (I was waiting for a discount or something but I just bought an used copy instead, lol). As someone who only got to the Nintendo ecosystem somewhat recently, the Zelda games has always been the most interesting Nintendo games to me, and seeing the high praise for this one made me want to try this game first. I played a few hours already, currently on the way to Kakariko Village. So far it's pretty great, I really enjoy the sense of freedom that the game gives you, especially with the climb-almost-anything mechanic, which I really love. I also like how menacing the world seems, it just feels like my current Link is far from ready to do anything noteworthy other than just survive. Controlling Link feels snappy and responsive, but I'm still not used to the control scheme yet, definitely need more time to be fully comfortable with it.

  • @bam541 you can customise your control layout on the system main menu now.