The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS/WiiU)

  • @Haru17 A game this monumental only happens once in many years. To relive that feeling is something I am unspeakably excited for. I truly believe this will be an incredible time in gaming history, and I am honored to be a part of it on day one.

  • @Bigdude1

    Selfish and a me thing but I want character driven/fantasy stories with voice over dialogue. This is my problem I completely admit that and so is the pro controller. Personally I can't bring myself to play with a non traditional controller.

    I don't play smart phone games/ handhelds/ VR or anything unless i'm using a traditional controller. It is a me thing and not a them thing.

  • @Farsendor Breath has voice acting to an unknown extent.

    You actually have a point with the pro controller thing, though I'd wager you don't know it yet. GaijinHunter posted a Switch event video that discussed the joy con dock controller (whatever the name was). Apparently one's hand rests on the plastic frame and not the joy cons themselves, which diminishes the rumble feature. The pro controller / holding the Switch / joy cons in hand likely lets you feel the rumbling component more directly.

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    of course.

  • so is breath of the wild a direct sequel to ocarina of time in the fallen hero timeline?

  • @FF7Cloud I was under the impression that BotW takes place some time after WW, as we've seen Koroks and what appears to be a Rito

  • @Doctor-Professor it very well could i just got a feeling that this is the same link from ocarnina of time who lost to ganon and woke up 100 years later becasue the voice in the trailer said "do you remember what happend 100 years ago?"

  • Zelda like Mario is one of the most milked franchise in gaming. Nintendo are only rely on nostalgia so they are rehashing same series since 80s.

  • @FF7Cloud Ya, I can see that. But I can't think of any other reason for there to be Koroks and Rito, whereas I can imagine there being another situation in which that line would be applicable. However, if it is in the WW timeline, it also raises the question of why they're in Hyrule rather than the new continent.

  • @Black-Cell Mario is generally one of the most innovative franchises out there so this really is a null point.

    I'll give you that Zelda generally sticks to what it knows but it's had some pretty significant changes over the years and BotW looks like another one of those.

    Neither franchise feels stale to me.

  • @Black-Cell Are you saying that in response to the latest trailer, or just generally? What's bugging you?

    I think the 3D Zelda / Mario games are always new in many respects. Even Skyward Sword couldn't have been accused of being stagnant.

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    For HUBER!, Rupee has revealed it's self.

    Source is from polygon gameplay.

  • @Drifter Yeah, I saw that as well. I'm not sure if it counts not being in the conference itself, but who can say. I'm regretting not sticking to my gut for the conference itself and betting zero rupees.

    In any case, it looked like it came from the metal crates Link blew up, not the bokoblin themselves. I like how rare money looks to be.

  • @Black-Cell It's a weird time to say something like that when this entry is shaking up the usual formula so much more than most entries. Hell, I wouldn't even say that about Zelda in general considering all the weird places it has gone. Skyward Sword was motion control swordfighting. Twilight Princess you turned into a wolf with an imp riding you. Windwaker you were sailing. Majora's Mask you had a time limit and tons of masks. All that is much more change than usual franchise iterations.

  • ~ murmurmurmur and I honestly really hope Zelda keeps the traditional dungeon format of getting an item and using it in different ways throughout that set of puzzles murmurmurmur ~

    And keep in mind there is a 0% chance that cryonis, stasis, magnesis, bombs, fire, and the paraglider are all of Breath of the Wild's puzzle tools. I can't wait for the new runes / items from shrines, and whatever else cryonis is supposed to do.

  • I really want this game to be good. I have slight criticism from the videos I've seen that the world seems to me too much like "put together". You can sense how the designer wanted to put this tree here and this tree there instead of a world that has been shaped slowly and randomly in million years. It isn't big thing and maybe that is just the Zelda aesthetic and may not matter at all at the end but that was the feeling I got from the trailers.

  • @Black-Cell Do you ever post a constructive message on these forums? All you ever say is how every major series is overrated and crap, apart from System Shock and Deus Ex or something. And of course you never justify any of your claims. It's getting really, really old.

  • @Doctor-Professor but they didn't find a continent til spirit tracks

  • @Farsendor skyward sword was still very character/story driven without the voiced dialog. the fact that this has it should be icing on the cake for you. it just seems like you want another witcher

  • @Ivanhoe I guess it's difficult to strike that balance. You want a game's aesthetic and world to feel natural and organic, but at the same time you need intention and a guiding hand in crafting the world. I generally prefer very intentional game design as opposed to the randomization seen in procedurally generated content. It allows for set-piece moments and hidden secrets and better enemy encounters, but you have to be careful to avoid too much of an artificial feel and "video-gaminess" in your levels.