The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS/WiiU)

  • @Doctor-Professor but they didn't find a continent til spirit tracks

  • @Farsendor skyward sword was still very character/story driven without the voiced dialog. the fact that this has it should be icing on the cake for you. it just seems like you want another witcher

  • @Ivanhoe I guess it's difficult to strike that balance. You want a game's aesthetic and world to feel natural and organic, but at the same time you need intention and a guiding hand in crafting the world. I generally prefer very intentional game design as opposed to the randomization seen in procedurally generated content. It allows for set-piece moments and hidden secrets and better enemy encounters, but you have to be careful to avoid too much of an artificial feel and "video-gaminess" in your levels.

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    Lol, anyway @Ivanhoe, I have very different thoughts about the level design and agree more with @Billy's sentiment. There has never been a video game where I couldn't see the seams — certainly not one where the world appeared to be formed naturally by geological and evolutionary forces, haha.

    Traditional 3D Zelda games' puzzles make me feel like they are each special, sacred things. Each item has a weight and permanence to it, and they interact with the world in a litany of specific, planned ways. I really value this feeling of attuning with and appreciating level design, and get it with very few other games (basically just Bethesda games since Skyrim).

    Breath of the Wild is undoubtably (if you know the difference between 'edly' and 'ably,' you may be able to find the same joke I see this thread today) very different. It's world, like many other open worlds, is large and has a lot less thought put into every parcel of land.

    Instead of, for instance, a tree falling over a defined gap in a traditional Zelda, not trees can be chopped down from any angle. Even when you chop a tree down at the right gap, it's up to the game's physics engine and your specific inputs to determine whether the tree falls across the gap or not.

    Though pretty well against 'going open world' by now, I'm very open minded when it comes to games earnestly trying something new. Especially when Breath is doing cool things with the deku leaf paraglider and fire spreading systems. I just hope these new type of 'dynamic' puzzles can compare to the older variety in terms of quality, not just quantity or 'replayability.'

    I am very heartened by the circle of stones atop Mount Hylia — a very smart puzzle that Damiani ran past in his video. Suffice it to say, I think I have the answer already, and it calls upon knowledge from Ocarina of Time in an interesting but not exclusive way.

    The guardian mini(?)-boss fights are the other thing that gives me confidence in Breath's ability to be a new type of 3D Zelda of the same quality. To be as brief as possible, the guardians crawl across the land very fast, rendering Link a sitting duck on foot. Once on horseback, he can evade the guardian's laser blasts with proper movement, but only just by an inch (ala Inside). The guardian's laser blasts create fires and updrafts as they strike grass, creating dynamic weak points for Link to leap from his horse to, ride up on his paraglider, and utilize the window provided by his stamina bar to land a slow mo arrow shot on the guardian's eye (see: Zelda boss tropes 101). Striking the eye with an arrow (or the hull with a sufficient force such as a bomb arrow) of course briefly shuts down the construct, giving Link enough time to remount or aim another stunning shot.

    It's this kind of exemplar balance that I've come to expect from a Zelda game, and am very heartened that Breath has so far nailed in a completely new format with less controls.

  • Wow, that's one big map!

    alt text

  • I really hope they have a good fast travel system... Skyrim was already too large for my taste. Any comparison to Xenoblade X?

  • @Musou-Tensei Link can fast travel to every shrine and tower after he does the little opening animation. Towers allow Link a good radius to glide down from.

    @DisturbedSwan I think Breath of the Wild won't feel too much larger than Skyrim because of the new traversal options. Horse-riding, climbing, and paragliding will allow Link to cross plains quickly, ascend cliffs without going around, and glide down easily without looking for a path down.

  • @DisturbedSwan Wow. I hope they fill it with stuff haha

  • @Musou-Tensei was xenoblade bigger then skyrim?

  • @DisturbedSwan Good grief, I knew it was going to be big and open, but I would never have guessed anywhere close to that big. The nice thing about Zelda titles (which I hope and believe will remain the same) is the amount of things to discover and secrets to find and just a well-realized world. I doubt it'll be a lot of redundant empty spaces, which is likely a reason it has taken so long to make. Patience pays off; I'm sure it'll be amazing and packed with content.

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    I just noticed how fast that stamina bar depletes while running.

    It's like I'm REALLY playing Dragons Dogma!

  • @DisturbedSwan And for what it's worth, someone also posted

    that estimates Breath at a mere sixth of the size (60 sq. km as opposed to 360.) I'm not convinced anyone has gotten the scales down yet, but it doesn't matter because bigger games aren't always better. Unless they're Skyrim or Zelda, but I would mostly attribute those games' quality to the fact that they are Skyrim and Zelda ;)

    alt text

  • @Art That's what horses and food buffs are for!

  • @Mbun I'm really excited to see how broken the speed buffs can get in combat. I wonder if they will affect the speed of the paraglider and horse as well as climbing. Another fun Skyrim-y thing to muck with. I hope there are more complex parameters to the brewing than heart total up / heart restore / stamina total up / stamina restore / heat res / cold res / speed up / stealth up.

    Also, I'm really hoping that the arc of bows change as they go up in power and quality. I hope the fully powered Master Sword-level bow fires nearly straight for the first 10 meters or so.

  • @Haru17 We already saw the super bow thing. It was one of the very first things we saw about Breath of the Wild. It's that weird energy arrow one.

  • @Mbun Haha, believe me: I'm aware.

    But no, I meant to say a bow's arc. i.e: the distance arrows fired from it fly. The Sheikah lightsaber arrow is just that: a craftable arrow that can be fired from any bow. I'm talking about endgame bowstrings themselves firing with more typical third-person shooter arcs.

  • That definitely sounds more plausible, I got that map from twitter, no idea where they got the calculation from but possible this NeoGaf Thread @Haru17

    Also, the tweet with that picture has been deleted now so it could turn out to be a complete hoax, yours definitely looks more feasible.