Death Stranding

  • I think so, lucky time traveling west coasters

  • @dmcmaster don't take the bus to work tomorrow

  • @dmcmaster It's completely unfair we get it at a reasonable time the day before... then again, I'm reaping all the benefits...

    ::slowly closes curtain::

  • Honestly if I want it early I can grab it from a local gameshop which usally sells stuff like a week before. Or gamestop, usally thier "midnight " release is 9pm since my local shopping plaza started enacting some weird curfew on the businesses


  • The temptation is real. On one hand, I got more enjoyment from the MGSV trailers than the actual game. On the other hand, we’re sooooo close and I don’t want to spoil anything more.

  • Cannot wait for this game, I kind of wish The last of us 2 came out first, but I will take it!

  • Should we address the situation? Last night was a cringe fest imo. I have been very skeptical about DS but now I'm starting to actively dislike this game. Still hope the game ends up being great, but yesterday Kojima's personality cult reach a new level. I think the gaming media is often guilty of being promiscuous with developers/publishers but yesterday it was kinda shameful.

  • I feel the same way. The Kojima-Keighley circlejerk is getting ridiculous, he's just his personal cheerleader at this point. The whole intro, with his name in big letters, the dramatic montage, as if he's the single greatest creator of all time, come on... The guy made Metal Gear, big whoop, there's tons of better videogames made by other people, I'll never understand why he's so revered.

    And thanking him several times for "coming all the way from Tokyo", give me a break. The guy is marketing his game, of course he's gonna show up when he's handed a platform every few months to show off his new cutscenes! He's the one who should be thanking Keighley for putting him and his game on a pedestal every chance he gets.

    As for the gameplay shown today, well I saw some walking and some random features like peeing and rocking a baby, my mind is not exactly blown.

    I'm sure there will be more to it, and I may end up liking it, but at this point I'm mostly put off by the marketing campaign presenting this game as a work of genius when there's currently zero evidence for it based on its trailers alone.

  • @axel

    I didn’t watch the video but...

    1. are there better games than Metal Gear Solid though?

    2. seems like a mutually beneficial relationship to me. Don’t see why either people would change the hype around each other.

    3. I personally don’t think the marketing is making this seem like it’s some masterpiece. Just a few mysterious movie style trailers. Not thaaaaat out there to me. 2+ years of mysterious trailers definitely drags the mystery out long, but I don’t get a sniff of arrogance from the campaign.

  • Well, it's obviously subjective and I'm sure many people have a Metal Gear game as their all-time favorite but I've rarely seen those games collectively hailed as the greatest ever. They're up there for sure, but not the best, there's no such thing.

    Anyway, my point is, why is Kojima treated as a demi-god by Keighley? Of course the relationship is mutually beneficial, Keighley gets exclusive Death Stranding cutscenes on his shows, and Kojima gets to be the main event every time. But that's exactly what makes this whole arrangement disturbing to me. It's shameless favoritism, they're not even being subtle about it. It was kinda cute a few years ago, but now I find it off-putting.

    I'm not complaining about the trailers themselves, they can do what they want with those. What I don't like is the red carpet rolled out to him every time he's got something to show, as if it's already been collectively decided that this game will undoubtedly be a masterpiece, even though nobody even got hands-on with it yet.

  • Banned

    @axel Keighley loves Metal Gear Solid. Kojima mad Metal Gear Solid. Keighley loves Kojima.

    This is a person who has an opportunity to shine a light on something they love and someone they respect, and they are doing just that. Perhaps the arrangement is beneficial, but who the fuck cares? In the end, when Dorito Pope gets to excitedly announce a new trailer for his bestest buddies games, we are the ones who benefit.

    Why are we getting mad about this? I like Christopher Nolan movies. Want to fight about it?

  • Don't worry, I'm not losing sleep over it. I just find the overly reverential attitude towards Kojima ridiculous, but I'll live!

    And I like some (not all) Christopher Nolan movies too, so we're cool!

  • @axel

    Hey to each their own but Keighley and Kojima is like Howard Cosell and Muhammed Ali. These partnerships are a big part of broadcast history.



  • @dipset how do they look younger now than they do in that picture? What kind of sorcery is this?

  • @capnbobamous

    Probably money...

  • I hadn't seen the new stuff until just now, from the beginning I've been mostly just curious about what this would end up being and at least so far they are making a very bad job on selling me on the game.

    I'm all for interesting concepts and non-conventional gameplay but there has to be a hook for me to actually be interested in a game, if the gameplay is not gonna be its focus and so far that mostly seems to be that this is made by Kojima and that is really not doing much for me at all.

  • I feel like if you're not into a game where you have to traverse the continent, building a network of connecting friends and trade routes, while avoiding spectral monsters and human rivals, with a ginormous backpack full of equipment, AND a baby - starring a bunch of celebrities... then you just aren't really going to be sold by anything this game is going to show you.

    Kojima is, by all accounts - a very nice man who historically makes games with very odd gameplay. Whether you think that makes him a genius or not, he's been very successful. And I enjoy his pictures of cafeteria food that he posts.

    I think that even if the game is bad, it'll be interesting. Like a Neil Breen movie.

  • Gamesradar explains the game's core concept:

    You walk from the East coast to the West activating a connection network of sorts while also spreading the dying President's message of love to isolated towns and settlements who are in that position because of terrorist attacks. You're also trying to save the President's daughter Amelie who's gone on a similar journey before you but who has now been captured by the terrorist leader. And during all of this you're kind of delivering mail to celebrity cameos, too. :)

  • @sentinel-beach I got all that from the footage. :P