Death Stranding

  • Man, that trailer.

    Obviously we still have no idea what the gameplay will be like or what the hell is going on, but the Kojima vibe can be felt throughout, and what a world we're getting a glimpse of.

    So much symbolism, so many otherworldly elements, so much uneasiness, tension, mystery.

    And crabs.


  • What a great trailer. I almost never want to find out what this game is all about. So much excitement. It's like we're all slowly peeling away layers on an onion.

  • Wasn't really interested in this except as a "What weird stuff is Kojima up to?" But you give me Mads Mikkelsen in a game, and I'm more interested.
    But is Guillermo involved in the making of the game? Or IN the game? Or just in a weird trailer? So many questions....

  • How could one not know what this game is about after this trailer? Not specifically, but generally — it looks exactly like Metal Gear Solid 5.

  • I'm getting Resident evil and Bloodborne vibes. And Metal gear, obviously. That is a good combination!

  • @Nillend
    A ResidentBorneGear series?

    Anyway I'm excited as all hell after that trailer, Even though I have next to no idea how it will all play into the final product

  • MADS MIKKELSON is in too!!!!

    alt text

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    This trailer really gives me the creeps... but I still can't wait.. SO many questions, so few answers. My body is ready

  • Baller trailer, but there's no way this game is all that far along in development, is there?

  • @terminallybill Maybe this is what Kojima spent those last six months of being locked out of the room during MGSV's development on.

  • I'm sure this could be renamed and repurposed as the official thread for the game?

    Something's coming on Wednesday.

  • @sentinel-beach oh man, I hope it has walking

  • Be prepared to see: much walking, pretentious cutscenes, b-line actor reveals and a release estimate for sometime in 2021.

  • @sheria

    To be fair, most video game actors are TV caliber (usually network TV has bad acting imo) but a lot of times they knock it out of the park in games.

    Prime example is Elena in Uncharted. TV actor who excels in the role. Miranda in Mass Effect 2 is a TV actor and pretty bad on TV but she works out in ME2.

    Also, how can Death Stranding even be pretentious when we don’t know anything about it?

  • @dipset said in Death Stranding:


    Also, how can Death Stranding even be pretentious when we don’t know anything about it?

    I've found all of the trailers so far to be rather vague and pretentious, I'm simply expecting the same kind of thing in this next reveal, that's all. I mentioned actors as a bit of a joke simply because the actors/actresses involved have been such an unnecessarily large part of the hype for this game thus far; most of the articles I came across were promoting the game by highlighting names. I'm in no way saying that Mads Mikkelsen or Norman Reedus etc. are going to be bad, not at all, but I wouldn't get excited about those kind of name drops either.

    All in all, I was merely poking fun at how disappointing their revealing of this "game" has been thus far, mostly due to the way in which they've done it. I'm simply expecting another reveal that leaves us with more questions than answers again.

  • @dipset Nothing "B" or TV about Mads. He's so badass he almost killed 007.

    To me, the mood of every trailer I've seen so far has been extremely pretentious. To the point that the next trailer should be blasting dubstep throughout and at some point text pops up on a black screen "This" > (cut to gameplay footage) > "Game" > (cut to gameplay footage) > "IS" > (cut to gameplay footage) > "SMART".

  • Nobody better be talking shit about Mads.

  • @sheria That's actually an interesting thought. I'm not saying that it's the case or that I hope it's the case but what if it does end up not being a fun game to play or like a Quantic Dream type experience where "active gameplay" is not at the forefront. I'm curious how people would react.

  • I wish people would stop using words that they don't understand, i.e. "Pretentious" .