Death Stranding

  • I feel like regardless of what you think of the game, it has to be appreciated. It is so incredibly rare for a game with a massive budget to be as challenging as Death Stranding is. This level of experimentation is not uncommon in the indie space, but a AAA game having it is pretty unheard of.

    The fact that this game is settling at around an 86 OpenCritic with reviews ranging from 5s to 10s is so much more exciting than everyone just agreeing that the game is an 86. For the first time, even after embargo has lifted, we don't really know what we're getting into. That's pretty damn cool.

  • The IGN review is just BS, After this year IGN reviews problems with RE2 Ace Combat and the guy who stole from boomstick they lost me for ever.

  • @a7x458
    What did they say about RE2 and Ace Combat?

  • Banned

    @DMCMaster If I remember correctly, they complained RE2 wasnt repayable because it had no alternate paths (the reviewer must have missed the BIG OL OPTION for it that shows up in the menu after completing the game) and for Ace Combat I believe they complained about the jet controls... when they were playing on the easiest setting, which simplifies the controls.

    On the topic of Death Stranding...

    I think a lot of my sympathy for the game comes from the fact that I greatly enjoyed another game that was largely about walking: Journey

    When I was done with my first playthrough of Journey, it was honestly the closest thing I had ever had to what I can imagine a "religious experience" feels like in game form. I played the majority of the game in a single sitting, with the same complete stranger. Even though we could barely communicate with one another, I felt such a strong connection to them during my time, that when we became seperated in the storm during the final ascent up the mountain, I felt a legitimate sense of worry and panic for my friend.
    From what I understand, Death Stranding is a game built entirely around that feeling, of traversing a beautifully crafted world and working together with people you will never meet towards a common goal.

    I understand that the game is going to be highly divisive, and I'm not trying to convince people who aren't interested to put up with things they don't like, but I just think saying "all you do is deliver packages" is reductive to the point where the parts that the game does excel at are seemingly overlooked.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Ah yeah now I remember, and don't forget our resident "I hate everything" user who complained about RE2 being bad because of not being able to shoot lights.

  • @a7x458

    As somebody who has long hated IGN's reviews, I've found that over the past 2 years they have improved their writing so significantly where I actually find them to often be extremely informative. Whereas in the past, I found their reviews to be non-descriptive and way too short.

    Battlefield V was a prime example of their improved writing. I personally didn't mind their Death Stranding review. It was pretty descriptive of the faults and they even cited specific examples at times. What was wrong about it in your eyes?

    Ironically enough, it made me want to play the game more despite the middle-of-the-road score.

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    @dipset I can't comment on the quality of their rm writing, but that I have seen them caught in lies regarding several things (namely the RE2 and AC7 stuff) so I can't help but call into question their integrity.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I know their Editor in Chief called for a new process after the fiasco with the plagiarist idiot. Would RE2 and AC7 happen to be after that? Because in that case, they should outright fire freelancers and hold full time staff to a certain duty of care when reviewing something.

  • @dipset
    I believe thoese were before.

  • Spoiler for the end
    Youtube Video

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    @dmcmaster @DIPSET The Dead Cells review fiasco happened in August 2018. Both RE2 and AC7 released this year.

  • PowerPyx has completed their trophy guide for the game.

    No missables which is super nice, but dear Lord this will destroy platinum hunters. A FEW extra hours required! Not gonna try it, the platinum I mean.

  • There is double jumping, it looks goofy as hell and I fucking love it.

  • Y'all, this game is out. How fucking crazy is that!? It feels like we have been hearing about this one for so long that it was never going to release. I kind of figured we were gonna get cryptic trailers until the end of eternity.

  • I think his is the game that will change the way we think. It will stop and make people think about how disconnected we have all become. We need to stop this segregation, building these barriers or walls; instead we need to build connections, unions, we need to care more for those around us and work with one another towards a brighter future!

  • Anybody had a chance to dive deep yet? I'm really curious to hear from some normies. Even the EZA review sounded like it didn't know how it wanted to score it. Will be good to just hear whether people are finding it enjoyable or not.

  • For anyone curious as YouTube sorta spoiled it for me the total run time of all the cutscenes is about

    10 hours

  • Gotta say it's pretty awesome with the whole connecting theme being reinforced with it's gameplay, especially in the second area.
    You go about doing your own thing when suddenly you turn a corner and theres a rope or ladder, or maybe just some random equipment someone left or lost someplace. You can use it or return it.

    Speaking of the second area, I've taken to putting watchtowers and postbox near road pavers to help draw attention to them. Why?
    Watchtowers are big and pretty visible from a good distance away, and postbox for convenient community lockers.

    Only thing I wish so far is that they tighten up the trike controls in a patch, feels like it turns far, far too wide.