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    I thought Ziplines only covered like 300m?

    Between each one, yeah.

  • Does anyone notice anything about this game's politics? I hear journalists talk about climate change (which I don't even see), but there's a lot of other stuff going on that no one is talking about. It's almost like people don't want to acknowledge it.

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    Could have been a part of the review embargo that I think lifted a week ago. If you listen to spoiler discussions, I bet they talk about it there.

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    I listened to IGN, and Easy Allies spoiler discussions. I also heard the discussions on Kinda Funny and Giant Bomb. On Giant Bomb, the sentiment from Alex is "I wish this would say something". Vinny and Jeffs take on it is that it's a stoner conversation about "we're so connected that we are not connected, whoa"
    On IGN's spoilercast, the only attention they give to the themes of the game is climate change, which I think is kind of a stretch.
    On the easy allies spoilercast, there was some talk about climate change, but I'm happy that Ian noticed that the game subverts the message of connecting America by Sam choosing to become a dad and ditch his profession.

    I have not heard anything about the obvious pro-life messages. Deadman's character at first says "You should remember that BBs are just equipment. Try not to get attached." and later on becomes attached. He also says "unborn children sacrificed on the altar of progress is our greatest sin".

    This game talks a lot about the sacrifices of progress. There are emails that mention the phrase directly. Also, this game isn't just about connecting America. It's showing that connection is good and bad. People can acquire resources at the cost becoming vulnerable. The entire point in connecting is so that Amelie can cause an extinction. That looks to me like people in government and business saying they "want to make the world a better place" but have other goals.

    Cliff's story is about the government taking away his child and harvesting it "for the greater good". This game looks to me as a critique of both nationalism and globalism, both forms of connection are dangerous and allow people in power to cause damage. Sam turns his back on this to become a dad. It looks like Kojima really meant what he said.

    People are being led to believe that building walls will solve all problems, others are being led to believe that having open borders will solve all problems, all these people pushing these beliefs are in it for themselves, and what we really need is family. It's funny how the president that wants to reconnect everyone is doing it to eradicate humanity. It's a critique of institutions in general, they have their own motives, and wether they say things that you like or not, they are still corruptible.

    Please use spoiler tags in the future. It's the eye symbol above the text box. -Bloodworth

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    @kris Jesus fucking christ man, at least post a spoiler warning.

  • @el-shmiablo Here I was 2 weeks past release, 50h into the game, having avoided spoilers only to come here and accidentally read about the ending. omfg

  • Thank God I didn't check this post cause I haven't played the game yet. I was just speculating why people might not have mentioned those things.

    I'm out until I play it. This thread ain't safe.

  • Why would you go into a Death Stranding thread?

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    @iboshow For discussion about the game, where hopefully people will use the easy to use spoiler tags to post spoilers for the gane?

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    Youtube Video

    People who think they know a lot about movies: HURRR DEATH STRANDING IS DUMB

    People who actually make movies: It's actually quite beautiful and Kojima-san is clearly quite skilled in the art of storytelling.

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    How does it go "the language of cinema is universal " or something like that?

  • I laughed. :)

    Mega64: Death Stranding
    Youtube Video

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    @sentinel-beach "That sounds kinda sketchy"

  • After release this thread got kinda quite. Everyone playing it? Anyone?

    Right now I'm chapter 8, level 298, 90 hours of gameplay. Still with very mixed feelings about this game. But to its credit I have to say this, Death Stranding at times delivers some of the best moments I had in a game. Situations that emerge spontaneously when things go wrong and by the end I'm left mindblown by how things unfolded. It's a deeply flawed game but at its core it's often brilliant.

    I still shake my head at the terrible writing. But I'm at a point that often burst out laughing. It's a shame, because the acting is solid. Also, the movement can be too janky and for the last 10h or so performance took a hit. Lots of frame dips.

    As you can see by my post history here I'm far from being a Kojima fan. Still rate this game a 7 or 8, but damn, there's stuff here that is on another level. At times it feels so new.

    Soundtrack... I like how it's used but I'm not a big fan of the music. Many times when a big music moment comes I'm left wishing for some Thom Yorke or Sigur Rós (depending on the situation). Some songs are cool but always sound derivative.

    Edit: Just to add. Cinematography is great and sound design is superb.

  • Work got crazy for a bit so I haven't had time to invest in something like Death Stranding, that said once the year is over or almost over I'll have time.

    Do wish we could listen to music while walking or driving around though

  • Finished it last night after 60 hours. No overt spoilers here but vague impressions: man this game is simultaneously the most genius and refreshing thing I have played in years and the game most in need of an editor. I thought MGS4 went off the rails with an hour plus long cut-scene during the final act but it has nothing on this. I have historically been a big Kojima fan in the past and accept his hollywood leanings but the final few hours of this game are soooo in need of more restraint. Two hours of rambling cinematic sequences with dialog that makes little sense all reserved for the final two missions with almost nil interactivity! I absolutely LOVE the gameplay in DS and I just spent the entire ending sequence incredibly annoyed and wishing I was back doing standard deliveries. Clearly, not the imact I imagine Kojima was aiming for. Still my GOTY and there is absolutely mad genius on display here but I am so excited to get to the post game and be done with the finale.

  • @ozymandsss I'm right now at what I think (and hope) are the closing credits and had to make a break because I was literally falling asleep. I'm at 110h of play time and level around level 315, I've enjoyed this game quite a lot but every time it tries to tell a story it's kinda awful. Now for the last couple of hours it's worst than that. The game just keeps going over stuff already overexposed before, and even worst, stuff that's not even that interesting and just keeps going and going.

    It's a great game that really shines when it's unscripted, for its emergent gameplay. But everything that's more scripted, like boss fights and storytelling moments, goes from ok to terrible.

    OK, back to finish the game.

    Edit: OK, this is still going but now I'm laughing out loud with a particularly moment of extra corny acting.

  • @Phbz The story feels like Kojima got bit by a radioactive Kojima and turned into Mega-Kojima who then tried his hand at writing Kojima fan-fiction.
    Game was great tho...

  • I'll just copy/paste what I've written elsewhere

    Finally beat the game. 112h, level 323.

    Overall I enjoyed it. Core game is good and it creates great moments of emergent gameplay that never get old all the way through. Never got bored to be honest. Built all the roads, made an impressive zip line, attacked camps, and so on. There's enough variety to the way one choses to play.

    The online component works well enough, but it's not what I'd call a golden moment in gaming as Journey was.But it does feel great occasionally. Combat situations are perhaps the weakest component of the gameplay, boss fights are particularly mediocre.

    The writing it's just too awful. Like, the story is dumb but OK yet the narrative is just so bad, it takes overexposition to a level I've never seen before and most of the time for stuff not that good or worth the time. The characters within the narrative are fine, but the construction of their narrative arch is pretty terrible. I think the biggest challenge in gaming is how to intertwine narrative into gameplay and DS is pretty terrible at that. Kojima goes so far with his attempts of emotional exploitation that just made me numb and indifferent. Even BB, didn't connect emotionally at all with. Fragile was my favourite character, great voice acting and facial animations.

    But on the other hand it shines in connecting the player to the world. Here Kojima absolutely nails it. Gives vibes of Inarritu's The Revenant for its man Vs nature theme. And there's plenty of movie influences going on here. The beach takes me to the 7th Seal, BTs remind me of Kairo. The Road and even Mad Max are obvious inspirations too. And that all would be great if Kojima was good at writing. Death Stranding shows Kojima is a brilliant game designer and a mediocre writer. And sadly the mediocre writing trickles down to gameplay it self.

    A good game with severe issues. I'll give it a 7.5 but believe it's a game that won't be forgotten as quickly as some higher rated games will. Mostly because although there's a lot of bad here there's also enough moments where its emergent gameplay is an absolute triumph. Not exaggerating really, there was plenty of times when after a situation was over I just took a break to think about the complexity of all that went down and how satisfying that was.

    Technically is great. Graphics good, sound design great. Music ok but it's a matter of taste, to me it felt derivative but still enjoyable. Level design/morphology are great too, but the world lacks the surprises and variety of something like a BotW.


    7.5, still I'll recommend anyone to try it.

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