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    @e_zed_eh_intern said in Death Stranding:

    Showing more than one of these trailers and no gameplay drove me to receive this as the developer or marketer telling me "Gameplay is not important. We have ideas".

    I'd say that is your interpretation of the Death Stranding trailers. Perhaps Kojima is indicating to you that he values the ideas within Death Stranding the most important over the gameplay. That very well could be his intention.

    With that said, the onus is on you to explain how that in itself is pretentious. Kojima possibly having a different value set of what he deems important in his game doesn't directly mean he believes his game and his trailers are of some sort of greater societal importance.

    I suppose I would say that showing only these trailers has come across as something like "gameplay doesn't matter - this is bigger than games". And, you're right, this is just my interpretation.

  • He keeps coming

  • Just don't care really, I like "concept" trailers early on, right now I'm like - Whatever. The more they keep not showing the game, the more of an uphill battle will be to convince me buying it. I get that the Kojima name sells games by it self, I'm just in the minority that doesn't really care that much for him. I do hope the game is great.

    As for being pretentious, to me it clearly is. They are trying to sell me a game without showing the game, based on the idea that Kojima's name alone is enough while showing completely vague visual concepts. The game might be the best thing ever (and let's be honest, even if it ends up being a turd it will be claimed as the best thing ever by many) but for me is just a big nothing as we stand.

  • Pretension generally requires an assertion of superiority.

    If the trailers were like "The revolutionary future of gaming from the director of Metal Gear Solid"

    That would be pretentious.

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    @tokyoslim Exactly.
    You cannot infer pretention without first understanding the author's intentions.

  • Personally I also have no interest in this "game" so far, because I just can't tell what it is I'll be doing in it. Not saying it's a bad thing, it's clearly an original and very Kojima way of marketing their game, but it's not working on me. I'm intrigued, but not excited.

    The day they show us (or at least describe) gameplay, I may jump on board.

    As things stand, it's not even on my Desire Index.

  • It has been a very opaque and / or vague marketing campaign, but then again - it's marketing campaign began before there was anyone working on the game... so that's what you get.

  • Any predictions for Wednesday?

  • It will come immediately following Tuesday. At some point, somewhere - it will rain.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern
    8 minutes allegedly, I'm guessing a more solid look at gameplay and the story.

    Just some quick ideas
    Sam Porter Bridges is not Reedus's true name, its known that he suffers amnesia so it's possible just a name that the company he works for gave him.
    The bridges logo is probably a hint that something (possibly a metor) hit Washington DC.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Crossing my fingers for some combat gameplay. They showed Reedus's character holding a rifle weapon thingy during last year's E3 (please correct me if I'm wrong about this, I didn't watch any kind of deep dive analysis or something like that since last year). I wonder what kind of enemies we'll see other than the ghost creatures.

  • @bam541 Yeah I'm pretty curious how combat will be handled as, so far, it has felt like these monster things are too powerful to try to mess with. I've actually got major Enemy Zero or maybe Alien Isolation (never played it) vibes from what I've seen of encounters with whatever those things are.

  • My prediction for the Wednesday showcase is that it'll explain the online component to an extent.

    Based on the marketing slogans on Twitter "Help Us Reconnect" and "Create the rope", we are going to learn how this game kinda works. Apparently the online component is directly integrated into the fundamental gameplay and the marking is leaning into the "stranding" in Death Stranding, so we should at the least see something that shows the MP whether we understand what we're looking at or not.

  • Kojima will announce that the game is actually a sequel to Demon Souls

  • Just dawned on me, and probably not going to happen but tomorrow is also the day that they announce new PS+. Obviously not gonna see Death Stranding for free but maybe some kind of demo?

  • So this popped up this morning

  • This two-sentence paragraph gives me more information about the game than the past 3 years of marketing campaign ever have.

  • Is this November 8 talk for real?! Craziness. Didn't somebody pick it in the fantasy critic thing?

    Soooo I see combat against strange enemies with spears. Is this a big F-O to Konami to say this is how good Survive should have been?

  • As a person who has historically been mostly indifferent to Kojima games, this trailer got me. I'm very curious how all the different gameplay elements work together and how the "BTs" will be dealth with. This trailer did its job.