Death Stranding

  • @bam541 Yeah I'm pretty curious how combat will be handled as, so far, it has felt like these monster things are too powerful to try to mess with. I've actually got major Enemy Zero or maybe Alien Isolation (never played it) vibes from what I've seen of encounters with whatever those things are.

  • My prediction for the Wednesday showcase is that it'll explain the online component to an extent.

    Based on the marketing slogans on Twitter "Help Us Reconnect" and "Create the rope", we are going to learn how this game kinda works. Apparently the online component is directly integrated into the fundamental gameplay and the marking is leaning into the "stranding" in Death Stranding, so we should at the least see something that shows the MP whether we understand what we're looking at or not.

  • Kojima will announce that the game is actually a sequel to Demon Souls

  • Just dawned on me, and probably not going to happen but tomorrow is also the day that they announce new PS+. Obviously not gonna see Death Stranding for free but maybe some kind of demo?

  • So this popped up this morning

  • This two-sentence paragraph gives me more information about the game than the past 3 years of marketing campaign ever have.

  • Is this November 8 talk for real?! Craziness. Didn't somebody pick it in the fantasy critic thing?

    Soooo I see combat against strange enemies with spears. Is this a big F-O to Konami to say this is how good Survive should have been?

  • As a person who has historically been mostly indifferent to Kojima games, this trailer got me. I'm very curious how all the different gameplay elements work together and how the "BTs" will be dealth with. This trailer did its job.

  • Banned

    Aaaaaaaaand pre-ordered.

  • That was a weirdly constructed trailer, but OK, now we've got a videogame, consider me interested!

  • I guess I don't have that Kojima hype in me. I like how silly and corny it looks but still have no clue.

  • I had been losing excitement over the last year, as we had NOTHING, but I now understand the fundamental concept: We, as people, need to be kind to one another. I can get behind that, plus a LOT of the visuals were the best so far and I LOVED the song.


    While I am thankful we FINALLY got to see what gameplay looks like, I need to see reviews and hear gameplay impressions before fully committing. Still, a 2019 date is MASSIVE.

    In conclusion: I'm interested Mr. Kojima. But I still need impressions from others outside of KJP

  • Youtube Video – [03:10..]

    I like how enemies are knocking equipment off your bag, and you have to retrieve it. This comes following the reveal of things like the ladder and rope equipment in your menu. I hope that if you lose equipment it stays gone.

  • I hope I don't offend anyone with this but this trailer looks like one of those budget sci-fi series on Netflix I'll never watch. This is one I'll definitely wait for some trusted reviewers to speak their minds.

  • @brannox said in Death Stranding:

    I now understand the fundamental concept: We, as people, need to be kind to one another.

    So it's Love and Respect: The Videogame.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @axel I think EZA should look into litigation X-D

  • Blown away by the trailer. It had such a good pace and brought me all over the place, my mind wandering where this game is going and how it'll play out.

    The animation looks exactly like MGS V which I love to look at, I even love the feel of EVERYTHING in that game, but in hindsight, it plays a little slow for an action game. We'll see how this game feels.

    #1 desire index

  • Trailer looked cool, had to watch it without sound so I'll need to give it another look when I get home.

    Am I the only one that doesn't think they will hit their Nov 8th release date. I hope they do, my B-day is the 7th and if they meet this release date I'm for sure taking the 8th off.