Death Stranding

  • There's a Japanese trailer too... with some footage not seen in the ones we got.

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    @themarcv I remember a Sony exec saying they'd never see game developed as quickly and efficiently as Death Stranding.

    Considering he had a fully functioning engine ready to go and his penchant for using actors for this game means he can just 3D scan most of the game with algorithms handling the world design as its mostly just been open world minus a few scenes and locations, I am fully confident we'll see this game release on time.

  • @el-shmiablo I remember hearing Sony say that as well. It's just impressive to see this game get completed so quickly. Maybe some of the issues that I thought would be bigger road blocks weren't, like dealing with the Konami fall out, making and staffing a new studio, finding a new engine and learning that engine.

    Probably one of the big factors in getting this game done quickly is that it seems like Kojima knew exactly what he wanted to make. I'm not going to pretend like I know anything about game development but with the recent stories bout Anthem I do think having a clear vision and being able to guide a large team is key in game dev of this size and scope.

    But yeah, got to see the trailer with sound last night and I'm super excited to see more of this game.

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    @themarcv From what I've heard, Sony just kinda get out of the way of developers and let them make what they want, which seems like the polar opposite of the Konami experience what with Kojima and other key staff literally being locked out of the studio during MGSV's final few months of development.

  • @el-shmiablo Which I love, I've mentioned it before but I really appreciate the confidence Sony has put in their first party teams. I think this approach has been successful, we'll not every first party game is a home run (see the order, days gone, etc.) I think their successes out weight the failures.

    Side note since Sony is looking to use some of their game franchises for TV/Film projects I'd be on board for an The Order 1887 TV show. That game had some really cool world builder that I think could make for a fun TV show or movie.

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    @themarcv Oh man. A show that basically pucks up from the ending of that game would be lit AF.

  • @el-shmiablo I just don't know if Sony owns that IP or if the Devs do. Same here, does Sony own Death Stranding or does Kojima?

  • Saw this and had a good chuckle

  • @dmcmaster To be fair, it was three FF7 trailers right? The reveal which had no gameplay, the PSX trailer that showed gameplay and this latest one from State of Play.

    But yeah, color me super impressed they're releasing DS this year (tho I still have my doubts).

  • Welp just ordered the Collector's edition, gotta say $200 for a baby is quite the steal, typically go for $10-$20K

  • @dmcmaster Nice, congrads. Think Im going digital on this one, stuff that releases on Friday still unlocks early for the West Coast right? Like with Tuesday releases digital versions unlock at 9:00 pm PST Monday, this the same for Friday releases?

  • I think so, lucky time traveling west coasters

  • @dmcmaster don't take the bus to work tomorrow

  • @dmcmaster It's completely unfair we get it at a reasonable time the day before... then again, I'm reaping all the benefits...

    ::slowly closes curtain::

  • Honestly if I want it early I can grab it from a local gameshop which usally sells stuff like a week before. Or gamestop, usally thier "midnight " release is 9pm since my local shopping plaza started enacting some weird curfew on the businesses


  • The temptation is real. On one hand, I got more enjoyment from the MGSV trailers than the actual game. On the other hand, we’re sooooo close and I don’t want to spoil anything more.

  • Cannot wait for this game, I kind of wish The last of us 2 came out first, but I will take it!

  • Should we address the situation? Last night was a cringe fest imo. I have been very skeptical about DS but now I'm starting to actively dislike this game. Still hope the game ends up being great, but yesterday Kojima's personality cult reach a new level. I think the gaming media is often guilty of being promiscuous with developers/publishers but yesterday it was kinda shameful.

  • I feel the same way. The Kojima-Keighley circlejerk is getting ridiculous, he's just his personal cheerleader at this point. The whole intro, with his name in big letters, the dramatic montage, as if he's the single greatest creator of all time, come on... The guy made Metal Gear, big whoop, there's tons of better videogames made by other people, I'll never understand why he's so revered.

    And thanking him several times for "coming all the way from Tokyo", give me a break. The guy is marketing his game, of course he's gonna show up when he's handed a platform every few months to show off his new cutscenes! He's the one who should be thanking Keighley for putting him and his game on a pedestal every chance he gets.

    As for the gameplay shown today, well I saw some walking and some random features like peeing and rocking a baby, my mind is not exactly blown.

    I'm sure there will be more to it, and I may end up liking it, but at this point I'm mostly put off by the marketing campaign presenting this game as a work of genius when there's currently zero evidence for it based on its trailers alone.