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    I've put several hours into the game now and I honestly have to put my hands up and admit that I'm enjoying it a lot more than I expected to. My favourite aspect of the game is the sense of isolation and solitude it gives you, something I expect to get even better as I travel longer distances and further from your initial starting point. I'm quite an introverted person so despite the games narrative seemingly wanting to give disconnection (or even going so far as to poke at policies like isolationism) a bad name all the time, I'm glad that the game still allows you to feel and be all by yourself so often, even with the social elements that are in place. I just took my longest trek thus far and I must say despite most of it simply boiling down to nothing but walking, it truly did recharge me, allowing me to just switch off and feel at ease. The beautiful environments(HDR is a must imo) and the fantastic soundtrack that kicks in from time to time really help with this though and I do wonder if many other developers would have been able to actually pull this concept off.

    I have to leave for work shortly, but I'm really looking forward to picking it back up when I get back home.

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    Is this better than MGS5?

    because MGS5 was so damn boring and emply and repetetive. is it any better?

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    because MGS5 was so damn boring and emply and repetetive. is it any better?

    Death Stranding is definitely repetitive. It could be seen as empty too, but I think it all depends on how you want to perceive things. I honestly don't see you liking it.

  • It's empty...and not. It's kinda hard to really describe but everytime you come across some rope, ladder, generator, or even supplies left behind by others it makes the world feel more alive, and it helps reinforce this whole "were all in this together " mentality, and it leads to many "oh thank god" moments where just as you think you've hit a dead end only for a ladder or rope to be there, or a shelter or something that someone has placed.

    Like I've even taken to making some supplies and dropping them off in post boxes for others. Like I might have plenty of ladders, anchors, power skeletons, even vehicles when I can, and in turn others are doing the same.

  • I'm reaching my limit with this game. There's cool stuff here but I feel that for each thing I enjoy there's 2 I don't. Then there's the writing in the cutscenes, that occasionally it's so bad that's not even funny. But I'll keep pushing myself in the name of science!

  • I’m wondering if a lot of Death Stranding’s game design comes from the cutting room floor for the nuclear disarmament part of MGSV. Like needing to work together to save the planet kinda thing.

    I’m still busy with other games so this might end up being a Christmas gift game, but despite how much I can’t stand open world game over saturation these days, I sort of find the isolation appealing.

    I miss in the PS2 era there were a lot of games that felt hollow. Especially when you complete everything and there isn’t anything else to do. For some reason I like that feeling in games. It’s just raw exploring a game world. Leave me alone with the music and I’ll be happy. At least when I was a kid I liked that.

    That said, I really don’t like Zelda BotW so I can only imagine how I feel about Death Stranding.

  • @sheria said in Death Stranding:

    @b-cell said in Death Stranding:

    because MGS5 was so damn boring and emply and repetetive. is it any better?

    Death Stranding is definitely repetitive. It could be seen as empty too, but I think it all depends on how you want to perceive things. I honestly don't see you liking it.

    it seem like kojima have not made a great game since MGS1. infact he never even used solid snake after that

    In MGS2, we know he troll the audience and we play as raiden, MGS3 was prequel where we play as big boss, in MGS4 we play as old solid snake who looks ugly with mustachu. MGS5 once again prequel but a bland open world.

    i mean 5 main games and you only play as snake in 2 games (and in 1 he is old).

  • Put about 5-6 hours in so far and I'm surprised with how much i've been enjoying it. Mostly I think all of the caution and warning about how dreadful the first 10 hours are set low expectations. I've been enjoying the gameplay and story so far. Honestly the cut scenes and story so far have been kinda interesting, I personally don't mind Kojima's writing style (outside of his depiction of women) so it's kinda been what I expected (a.k.a. long winded).

    I should state that repetition doesn't really bug me too much (I'm a Shenmue Fan after all) so these back and forth fetch quest have been kinda enjoyable, more so once I got a vehicle. I'm still early in and its hard to say how far I'll get (Jedi is on Friday and that game looks really cool) but I dig it. Right now I'm very interested to see what all is gonna happen.

  • Just an FYI as I forgot it, or didn't hear it, for the delivery to South Knot City stop at the Distribution Center on the way. Went all the way to the city only to fail.

  • Banned

    “I must say that the game received rave reviews, especially in Europe and Japan. Here in the United States, however, we have had stronger criticisms. Perhaps it is a difficult game to understand for a certain type of critic and audience. Americans are great fans of first-person shooters and Death Stranding isn't one, it flies higher.

    "I always try to create new things and disputes and discussions are fine, but it must be said that the Italians or the French have a different artistic sensibility that allows them to appreciate this kind of very original product, not only in video games but also in cinema.“


  • @ezekiel WOOOOOOOOW. I really hope there's a lot lost in translation there.

    Remember when a few of us were saying this game's whole aura felt pretentious and we all got dumped on for it?

  • @ezekiel Not only that, but also

    Analysis reveals that the lowest Death Stranding review scores on Metacritic are actually from European and Australian publications such as VG247 (3/5), Digital Spy (3/5), Ausgamers (6/10) and VGC (3/5). IGN’s 6.8 review was also covered by its Australian office.

    US publications Gamespot, Washington Post and EGM all gave Death Stranding 9 or 10 out of 10 review scores. Some analysis has suggested that the average Death Stranding metascore doesn’t differ greatly across North America, Europe and Asia.

    Really sounds like he's grasping at straws. Also who is he kidding? The game is clearly targeting an American audience, it takes place there and you're on a mission from the US president herself...

    As much as I've enjoyed some of his past work, everything about this guy since he split from Konami rubs me the wrong way.

  • Nothing unites more a divided world than using racial/cultural stereotypes to justify why people don't understand your genius. #reconnect


  • Despite being Italian, I cannot read Italian so I have to trust the Video Games Chronicle is reporting properly. I think in answering a question about criticism, its fair to give your honest take. The problem is that he's speculating on why somebody in the US might not like the game as much as somebody in Europe without any facts to back it up. So I think speculation is fine, but acting like he has the answers isn't right.

    Some things he says is completely fair: "'This happens when you try to do something new, even in movies or games,' Kojima told PlayStation Access. 'If people are faced with something they haven’t experienced before, it can be challenging. It was the same when I first did a stealth title.'"

    That's a fair statement. If he left it there, people wouldn't be upset. It isn't targeted to any group or putting down any group. I get that when you're asked to respond to a question, you have to tread carefully but he didn't at all here.

  • @dipset I agree with you, I think what this really shows is that he didn't read those bad reviews and figure out why they scored it so low. Most of the criticism I've seen has been more about the gameplay feeling repetitive, the story being too long winded and the game in general could use some editing in regards to pacing.

    I think it's too bad he either doesn't know exactly what is rubbing some reviewers the wrong way or doesn't care and then generalizes that the poor reviews were from American's that just couldn't understand his narrative because they just like the pew pew headshots.

    End of the day it's whatever, I'm American, I'm enjoying his game, I also enjoy FPS.

  • @themarcv

    Well I think there are a few problems here.

    1. Journalists should know how to ask better questions than just "why do you think some American outlets gave you as 6/10"? That is paraphrased (obviously) but questions like that are extremely crass and you wouldn't see that in another industry. For example, I have yet to see anybody ask director Abdellatif Kechiche how he went from winning Cannes Film fest, to his next film being possibly the worst film of the year.

    2. Kojima's take on pew pew headshots implies that FPS games aren't a worldwide phenomena, which makes no sense. He knows just as well as anybody that the whole world loves FPS games so that's not a good answer to the question. Again, nobody would be upset if he just said "Death Stranding is challenging and I believe critics may be challenged in interpreting it as well."

    I don't think his response is as obnoxious as people are taking it though. It's pretty much impossible to prove what he's saying as fact, but us in North America do have trash taste in mainstream art. That said, gimme 8 more Rocky movies and I wish football was on every day of the week.

  • @dipset said in Death Stranding:

    but us in North America do have trash taste in mainstream art

    Again, a generality. Of course there are many that enjoy and only consume what some my think of less critical/thoughtful media. However you can enjoy Rocky movies and art house films. Do agree with you though, he should have left it at; this game is challenging and could be difficult for some to appreciate or enjoy.

  • Banned

    I wish people would talk about the game and not the wacky shit Kojima says.

  • From

    "[UPDATE 2]

    Sony got in touch with us after checking the original interview audio and clarified that the exact quote by Kojima was ' America there are a lot of FPS fans, maybe those fans are saying this is like a different game and are not rating it very high'."

    Far less offensive. Still feels like a backhanded dig but way less condescending.

  • @themarcv

    That's what I mean, its such a generalization that its impossible to prove.


    Yeah I mean, that to me, that is far less condescending. He was asked a question and gave a speculative response. That version of the quotation is less fact-of-the-matter and more like a pondering response. He's speaking in "maybes" and not specifics in this context.


    Yeah I get that. Sometimes I get carried away talking about the team more than the game. For example, I swear I love Platinum and want to talk about Platinum when describing Astral Chain but in the end, I should probably focus more on what Astral Chain does and doesn't do - especially because that game was 'meh'.

  • @el-shmiablo Have you played it yet? I just got the episode three, about 10 hours in and personally im still really enjoying it. If this part is suppose to be the real slog I think I'm going to enjoy this game.