Death Stranding

  • I'm surprised that they announced it right now, I thought they would do it after months after the PS4 release. Great news, nonetheless.

  • this was only sony exclusive i wanted on PC and i got it.

  • Thanks for the news, so glad I've stumbled on this thread!

    Better version for half price is always welcome. And since I'll be playing other games in November anyway, waiting another six months is more than acceptable. Also Sony canceled release of Call of Duty, so not giving my money to censors is also good.

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    @b-cell Excited to use it as a sleep aid?

  • @el-shmiablo said in Death Stranding:

    @b-cell Excited to use it as a sleep aid?

    gameplay wise its wait and see. the footage they released was boring but that may not be representation of game.

    Trailers looks really cool and its one of the most unique and mysterious game i have seen. thats why im interested in this game.

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    Well I'm glad that your opinion on the game has done a complete 180 seemingly for no reason since the last time you spoke about it.
    It must have been the short vignettes detailing the celebrity cameos that really helped change your mind.
    And you know what? You're probably right about the gameplay. The solid hour of uninterrupted footage they released just a few months before release that shows off a large number of gameplay elements probably isn't indicative of what the game is like.

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    Youtube Video

    Warning. Trailer is very spoilery. I'm talking plot twists, character deaths, etc.

  • Wow Death Stranding snuck up on me. November 8th is only next week. I’m still not even 20 hours into The Outer Worlds, haven’t touched COD Modern Warfare even though I’m dying to play it, and now this is already here.

    It always feels like an event playing a Kojima game so I will definitely be picking it up Friday morning and pretty much not moving an inch all weekend. What an awesome Fall lineup already.

    PLUS sports are in full swing. Too much entertainment and only so many hours in a day.

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    @dipset Lol sports are for nerds. What are you, some kind of nerd?

    But yeah I didn't even realize the game was this close. Unfortunately for my broke ass I'll need to wait a little while, and I suspect avoiding spoilers for the game will be nigh impossible.

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    I'm gonna laugh if these expensive Hollywood stars have as few lines as Kiefer Sutherland in MGS5. That character was so awkwardly quiet. There's no way they had them in the recording booth as much as professional voice actors.

    I'm not excited. Kojima's last really good game was MGS3, fifteen years ago. The fame changed him creatively. And, personally, I liked his worlds better when the consoles weren't so powerful and he had to make his games more linear and tight.

  • I accidentally clicked on the launch trailer on the official PlayStation Youtube channel and now I'm fearing for my chances of dodging spoilers successfully, Youtube recommendations algorithms can be pretty brutal for things like these. Wish me luck, lol.

  • @ezekiel The voices are not from the original actors.

  • Death Stranding - Easy Allies Review

    Youtube Video

  • IGN Review - 6.8

    Youtube Video

  • I didn't expect to feel this conflicted but the reviews are really making me to question a purchase. I mean I didn't have that much of a clue about the gameplay and how much there'd be this and that, and now Ben's review clarifies that really well. Intentional boredom, jeez. Running around basically dead Iceland looking terrain, loading your backpack in a proper fashion etc. And there's talk of this being over 50 hrs without sidequests, damn!

    Of course there are loads of more interesting aspects in the game as well, but this for sure seems like one man's insanity and vanity project. I'm tempted to see how it all works, but the threshold seems way higher now.

  • and I lost all interest in this game when reviewers praise it as 95 and say its gameplay not good. and thats what i feared despite i was interested.

    one reviewer said 5 to 6 hour later you engaged in combat.

  • The EZA review made me delete the game out of my Amazon preorders, and then I watched another one (SkillUp) that made me consider putting it back. I honestly think describing it is hard because we as gamers bring a bunch of baggage into it and make assumptions. Like "traversal" means we just hold down an analog stick in a direction, and occasionally pull up a menu and place a ladder or whatever. Boring right?
    Well... maybe not?

    this game.

    I think I may wait and pick it up at Christmas if I clear a few of the half started games out of my backlog

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    I'm definitely still going to get the game. I quite enjoys Kojima's weirdness and this looks like that at full force.

    Plus how can I not love a game with a Monster Energy drinking sequence?

  • All the reviews cemented my feelings toward this game. I'm completely fascinated by this game and respect what it's going for, but I don't want to play it.

  • This looks way worse then I was expecting. Menus are egregious and reading giant blocks of text as one of the main storytelling devices is disappointing. It really doesn't look good. But just having an open world to explore can be entertaining. I really hope reviews are keeping stuff from us because it looks like a joke. Walking from point A to B being the vast majority of the game, occasionally interrupted with bad combat it's worrying.

    I see lots reviews defending the game for being boring as an artistic choice. I find kinda difficult to defend that. There's plenty of slow films I LOVE. But I don't think they're boring . I don't think to myself "Gosh good thing this is a boring movie". Those are the one I don't like.

    I guess in one week I'll know it.