Mastering the art of tea

  • Nice topic, thanks for bringing this up!

    It's green tea or oolong for me, depends a bit on my mood. Not getting really fancy with the preparation, just a can full of that good stuff :tea:

  • As a former "tea master" at Starbucks, I fully agree with this post. You've inspired me to buy a nice box of Earl Grey on my way home from work today.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Do enjoy it (raises a mug). :tea:

  • I oversteep St. Dalfour's black cherry tea and add lots of honey. It might go against your ideals, but it's soooo nice!

  • @Oscillator Dude, the most important thing is that it suits you. Sounds delicious.

  • I got into loose leaf tea a long while ago and still have a grand collection. But my consumption of these glorious wonders have fallen out of habit some 3-4 years ago. I think its time for me to pick this back up again if I can associate it with gaming.

  • @frasafrase I highly encourage you to do so. If nothing else, you'll feel fancy af.

  • Tetley with milk. And sugar if you want it. In UK we probably have about 6 cups a day. We have 3500 watt kettles to speed up the process.

    In fact, during big sporting events, usually home nation football matches, the government makes electrical concessions for half time because they know the "nation" will start to boil them kettles.

  • Can't get on board with tea etiquette and rules. Lifes too short. Sugar and milk are usually the way i have an average cup but i don't mind black tea on certain occasions. I'll drink anything depending on mood though i'm not fond of herbal tea's at all.

  • I love my Tea, have many kinds store bought and have a tea service where I get different bags of loose tea that have to pack my own tea baggies.
    I have certain teas with sugar cause I can honestly taste the flavour better, but the Celestial tea Madagascar Vanilla I love straight up. Most Celestial tea is good to me and the Lipton pyramid tea. Not fan of Earl Grey or any tea like that, also not a fan of like Brisk ice tea which has more sugar then most pop last time I checked.
    I can say I drink coffee purely to help me stay up during late night gaming sessions, not a fan of the taste but I can handle it.