Telltale Theory of 2016 - 2017

  • Been browsing Reddit and thinking to myself about Telltale's scheduling this year and the marketing behind them.

    So, first things first. I'm 90% sure that Guardians of the Galaxy takes place in the two months since the conclusion of the 2014 film. I don't have a lot of evidence supporting this, but the trailer kind of tips it's hat a little bit too much to the film of the same name, and after all, this is a partnership between Marvel Entertainment and Telltale Games, and what better way to enrich the MCU?

    Now, for another theory, which is why I prefaced this theory with another theory: Guardians will launch next month to make a May 2017 Season Finale.

    As for the other titles, I want to address those too. It's possible that The Walking Dead - A New Frontier's fourth episode releases when the Season Pass Disc does on February 17, 2017, if we're going by monthly, since Telltale is launching two episodes at the same time.

    Oh, and Game of Thrones S2 will likely launch in March again.

    Interesting to note this, but there's a three month gap in Telltale's scheduling, so maybe we also get a new or returning series before 2017 closes?