Should I get Final Fantasy 15?

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    I'm trying to work out if I should get FF XV or not. I've never been into turn-based RPGs so have never bought and played through an entire Final Fantasy game, so was looking forward to FF XV as it's more action based. This last year I played about ten hours of Xenoblade Chronicles X before giving up, and I played about five hours of Dragon Age Inquisition before giving up on that one too. In both games I found the characters a bit wooden and the quests not that fun even with the beautiful worlds. Now I'm looking at FF XV and worrying I'm going to have a similar problem with the quests. I played the demo on the PSN store and didn't enjoy a lot of that either (apart from surprisingly the combat and it was gorgeous), but I love an open world and it really does intrigue me. It's not that I don't like action adventures as I love the Zelda games. So I'm basically asking, does this mean FF XV is probably not for me, or are Dragon Age and Xenoblade very different for FF XV?


  • Yes DAI and Xenoblade CX are very different from FF15. But all 3 games have some issues. Personally though I'm enjoy FF15 far more than I did either DAI or XCX.

    But I think the main issue here is that you try and do too much side stuff. Just play through the game and screw around whenever you feel like it. If you put on your completionist hat while playing these open world games with tons of stuff to do in them you will only burn yourself out. It's not homework so you don't need to 100% it. The goal is to relax and have fun.

  • Well I'm only like 7 hours in, but I'm enjoying the game so far. The combat is surprisingly fun and I like the bro relationship at the center, and it's rather pretty to look at.

    BUT if you have a serious problem with boring quests, then you'll dislike most of the side quests in this game. Maybe try watching part of a let's play of the game to get a full feel for the game?

  • Well if you didn't liked the demos, I'd say no.

  • @Musou-Tensei though I'd say that the platinum demo isn't really a great representation of the game. I tried that one and disliked it.

  • @Inustar True, he didn't say which demo he played so I assumed the current one which is basically the beginning of the game.

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    I'd say get it! I'm about 10 hours in and just hit chapter 2, but if you are ready to explore this world I recommend it! I can't wait to play more of it! I feel like the bond between characters are almost as good as the last of us!

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    Been playing it slowly. At level 30 and I'm on chapter 5.

    Its a much better game than FFXIII, XIII-2 and LR. Thank God for that!

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    I'm level 34 on chapter 3, really taking my time to fully enjoy it, might be a while before we get one this good again

  • I don't have the game no PS4. BUT I've been watching various let's plays and it seems very good all things considered. So, maybe watch a few LP videos and then decide for yourself.

  • I played about 3-4 hours of Dragon Age Inquisition and I think I hated every single moment. :P I played a hour of Xenoblade Chronicles X and got bored within 30 minutes (although I want to give it another try). I thought the FFXV platinum demo was bad. I'm only a hour into FFXV and it has it's early jrpg story slowness, but man it's really good so far... Maybe redbox it and try it for a little bit first? edit I guess I'm 2 hours in. 1:52:56 to be exact. :P

  • Yeah, definitely see if you can TRY it and if you do, do not feel like you have to do the side quests. In my opinion it's best to do the main story for the first few hours to open up the world more before you go crazy doing other stuff.

  • I agree with a lot of the points Ben made in his review. I tried to go into this with realistic expectations. I wasn't looking for a masterpiece to rival FFVI or FFIX, I just wanted a return to form. At one point in time, Final Fantasy was the undisputed king of JRPG franchises. All I was looking for was a title worthy of the name the series had built for itself. While I'm sure some would disagree, I think FFXV accomplished that. It hit all of the notes that it needed to, it was intriguing and engaging, the world was amazing, the combat was fantastic, the voice talent wasn't breathtaking but pretty solid overall, and they took some major risks along the way (particularly with the magic system). This could be a major turning point for the future of this franchise. If you are new to Final Fantasy, this might be the best time to jump in.

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    I kinda hope XVI goes for a more traditional medieval fantasy. It's been so long since we've had one like that. Unless you count the mmo's.

    My friend also thinks I'm crazy cause I miss hearing the classic battle theme as well as the Victory Fanfare after every battle.

  • The combat is ambitious and fun, if rather clumsy to control. And the world is breathtaking, if rather sparse and spread apart. It's only the story that totally falls apart.

    I feel like the whole first half of the game was just the Aranea fight and the one with Titan. All of the side quests are time killers and only the set pieces and (some of the) dungeons feel worthy. The game just has absolutely no idea what to use even its most intricately designed locations for. Not-Venice, for example, is hilariously underused for how much work went into designing it. Go back and watch the trailers (from 2014, not the vs XIII era) and just see how many millions and millions of dollars of content was cut.

    There's a very particular moment in the story that I would make me greatly doubt your taste — and basic narrative self-awareness — if you didn't outright condemn it, if not see it coming from a mile away. It is B.A.D. bad — so, so bad! Seriously, even fans who are uber-invested into XV's long marketing cycle would only be more angered by it. God, the main team at Square needs to either fire their writers or let them write for once. The characters right now feel like beautiful, intricate 4K models with nothing but archetypes and dust inside. Except Noctis, who is passible.

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    @Haru17 said in Should I get Final Fantasy 15?:

    see how many millions and millions of dollars of content was cut.

    Too many unused assets again.

    XV-2 Inbound.

  • No. If you are unsure, don't. Wait for a sale or borrow it for an afternoon from a friend.
    There's no harm in waiting a bit. It's your money, spend it well.

  • @Haru17 Interesting that you say that about the characters, most people seem to think they are pretty good, but I have heard a few others that say that they are just ok.

    My brother seems to be interested in the game so I think I'll be waiting for either him to buy it or wait for it to be really cheap, since story is something that I can't overlook and seems to be the weakest part of the game.

  • @bard91 this is my take on the 4 main stars

    gladio: great character has the most development early on we know why he's there by chapter 4 voice actor does a passable job
    Prompto: my least favorite design wise as he just looks like any other nomura character but his Chacter and voice actor are spot on and hes a joy to watch
    ignis: boring seems his only characteristic is that he's smart but im only in chapter 5 . His voice actor is spot on though
    Noctis: the weakest of the voice cast a slightly entitle brat of a character they dont go annoyingly overboard with it. not alot of growth early though

  • I have only played the game for 2 hours now but i'm debating if Final Fantasy XV is even better than Final Fantasy XIII. Too early to tell yet but that's not a very good thing.