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  • A discussion thread about all things PSX.

    What were your high lights? Biggest wtf's? Biggest disappointment? Missing in action?


  • During the Wipeout trailer there was one guy screaming super loud.
    I immediately thought it was an Ally.

    I enjoyed most of the trailers shown. Surprised to see Knack 2.
    Also weirded out by Resident Evil 7 having a plot about a dead wife sending a message. All I could think of was Silent Hill 2.
    The Crash remaster looked great, and I will definitely have to get it for the BF since he adored those games.

  • I was disappointed that the WipEout game wasn't a new game, but it's still a great collection!

    Crash could've looked so bad, but the style was translated really well I feel.

  • I actually didn't like the look Crash, it seems pretty weird to me, and not in a good way tbh.

    What I was really surprised by was the shadowdrop of Let It Die, I really wanna try that thing out.

  • y's origins coming to ps4 was the highlight of the whole show for me

  • I'm really excited for Ni No Kuni 2. It's one of my favorite JRPGs and it looks absolutely beautiful. I'm also super pumped for Knack 2, mainly cause I want to see the allies reaction.

  • I'm not ready for a world with two Knack games in it

  • Sony still trying to make people care about Knack, despite people telling them "No, please Daddy, don't make me do it". It was a good, solid show, but I'm not sure I care about half of what was there. Don't care about the anime bullshit, MvC and Akuma in SF5 look cool. The two Naughty Dog bookmarks are great. Wind Jammers was pretty funny. It's great to see something that started out as a Giant Bomb meme become a reality.

  • Looks like I'm gonna have to go back and play Knack so I'm not lost when I get the sequel.

    Other than that, I'm super excited about the Uncharted thing and TLOU 2.

    I'm still not sold on Horizon or RE7, so I'll be holding off for release with those.

    Really excited about Ni-Oh, Nex Machina looks really fun, and I'm interested to see more of Edith Finch.

    Also, I'm looking forward to playing the Crash trilogy!

  • Realistically TLOU2 was the biggest thing for me. It was the absolute perfect tease.

    But things that are much closer, I was so happy to see Wipeout. I'd love if it sells well enough to warrant an actual game.

    And then Parappa, such an awesome return!

    Trailers for Ni No Kuni 2, Nier and Ni-oh were all fantastic, they all look really damn good.

    Obviously U4 DLC looks great and finally the new housemarque game.

    And that's only going off what I can remember, that conference was too good!

  • Windjammers is amazing. Data East was such a good, weird studio. Here's hoping some more of their games get discovered because of this.

  • I really hope these Crash and Parappa remasters lead to some actual new games in both series, that's what I really want.

    Anyway, conference was solid, everything was mostly Japan xD

  • @Sora i believe there testing the market if parappa and crash sell good they'll know fans want more game this is just a smaller gamble then creating a new game

  • I got to the airportat 4:30am, landed at LAX around 11 this morning, stood in an hour and a half line for a chicken sandwich in Chinatown, drove like an hour across the city to Anaheim, checked into my hotel, took a quick nap, and managed to sit down on my phone and watch the reaction stream without spoiling half of what got revealed.

  • This was an awesome keynote. NOTHING seemed bad to me. Everything that didn't click wasn't bad, so at the least I didn't have feeling towards a given thing one way or the other. But here are my positives, in chronological order:

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (Hell. Yes.)
    Destiny: The Dawning (Was alright)
    Crash Bandicoot: The N'Sane Trilogy (*High pitched scream with fast flapping wrists)
    The announcement of Resident Evil VII Demo tonight (Not a shot I'll play this, but I find this FASCINATING)
    The entirety of Shuhei Yoshida's time on stage which included
    -The Last Guardian
    -Parappa the Rapper
    -Loco Roco
    -Knack 2
    -Gravity Rush 2
    -GT sport
    Vane (This looks COOL!)
    What Remains of Edith Finch (Ok. I'm interested)
    Nex Machina: Death Machine ( ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ )
    Horizon: Zero Dawn (Reaffirmation of purchase)
    The Last of Us: Part II (I died out of sheer shock and joy. This is just my spirit telling you this. But seriously... *ahem *ahem...... AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH)

    So yeah. That was a kick-ass hour and five minutes

  • Gonna be on the floor tomorrow, gonna try and hit up P5 + Yakuza.

  • @TokyoSlim I hope that chicken sandwish was worth the wait.

  • I literally can't wait for that Patapon remaster.

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    @Brannox I'll borrow your list for impressions :)

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - I still need to play 3 and 4 before I can get excited about this
    Destiny: The Dawning - I havent played destiny for a couple of years, so meh.
    Crash Bandicoot: The N'Sane Trilogy - I Can NOT wait for this!
    The announcement of Resident Evil VII Demo tonight - Fun with demo, im not much into horror games
    The entirety of Shuhei Yoshida's time on stage which included
    -The Last Guardian - HYPE
    -Parappa the Rapper - I missed this train back in the days, might pick this up just to try!
    -Patapon - PATA - PON!
    -Loco Roco - Got this on Vita I think
    -Knack 2 - Big surprise and almost feels a bit surreal
    -Gravity Rush 2 - Meh
    -GT sport - Still no release date! I need a race sim.. badly
    Vane - No idea but do want
    What Remains of Edith Finch - Seems lovely weird, a game for me
    Nex Machina: Death Machine - Oh yeah!
    Horizon: Zero Dawn - I am so hyped and has been for a while! gimme!!
    The Last of Us: Part II - Mind Blown I never expect a follow up to this masterpiece of game

  • TLOU Part 2 was by far the biggest announcement for me, TLOU is one of my favourite games of all time and holds a special place in my heart, so getting a sequel to it is just incredible.

    Was jumping around with delight watching the trailer, great seeing Huber and Ben react in much the same way whilst watching the Allies reactions video last night.

    Crash Trilogy remastered was another high point, got find memories of playing though those games as a kid and never finished them back them so gives me the chance to fix that now. Very much looking forward to No No Kuni 2 as well, its looking fantastic and so beautiful, cannot wait totol be back in that world again.

    Knack 2 was the biggest 'WTF?!' moment, I get the first game had its fans and it probably sold well being a launch game but I just couldn't get my head around it getting a sequel, gives me hope that TO1886 may get a sequel too at some point.

    Probably the biggest disappointment was Wipeout, never been a big fan of the series and the news that it was just a remaster of the first few games was a bit of a let down, didn't think the trailer was great either.

    Just remembered Uncharted Lost Legacy too, didn't have a clue what that game was at the start of the Keynote, looked fantastic, my only issue was the protagonists really, never warmed to Chloe in U2/U3 that much and the same with Nadine really. Still got a lot lof faith in Naughty Dog and sure I'll love it, pleased its standalone too so I don't have to buy U4 again.