Easy Allies ART (By request at the meet and greet)

  • Hey all! My name is MC Griffin. I brought the Allies prints of some artwork I had done for them to the meet and greet. Ian and a few other fellow attendees encouraged me to post them up here on the forums, so, enjoy!


    I did this the day they announced they were doing -something-. Hence the date there. I tried to capture that vibe teaser posters for movies often gave off in the 90s (see the initial Power Rangers movie poster with all their helmets in profile.)

  • 0_1480890911964_easyallies3Web.jpg

    This was done the day of the announcement. The other was the allies in shadow, so I thought I'd bring them into the light; making the follow up more kinetic and less moody. Also, they're all doing the stuff they were doing in the reveal video.

  • alt text

    And hey, just for fun, here's some Bloodborne x Sonic for all the werehogs.

  • These are fantastic! Would love to see more!

  • That second one...oh god, I can't stop laughing. Awesome work!

  • @mcgriffin dude this piece of art is a 10/10 love huber and brad lol. blood kicking it in the spa

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