Anyone else feeling some gaming reclusion (i.e. I really want to like this game but I'm just not feeling it)

  • I feel like I have really unpopular opinions about a lot of older games. People say that they're "timeless" but some just feel to old and clunky to me. Like FF7, I really want to like this game, and I've enjoyed let's plays of it, but that game is just unplayable to me.

    Other unpopular opinion I guess, I adore part 2 of Broken Age.

  • @Cypher The combat, the story, the pacing, there were few things I didn't hate about the game by the end, biggest dissapointment in my gaming life.

  • Everyone was having a feel-party over the first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead. I was not feeling it, at all. To me, The Wolf Among Us is a far better game with a more interesting story.

  • Mass Effect 2 in damn near bad but not quite there.

    I'll never get the hype around the series. But never force yourself to play something unless it jus has a bad beginning and it picks up. I'm in the exact boast as Ian where I feel bad for wasting life on a shit game.

  • I actively dislike the most popular game of all-time, Ocarina of Time, so I know the struggle.

    Here's the only frustrating part. When you can supply a ton of reasons why it's not enjoyable for yourself and you're confronted with, "Well it's the best ever. You're wrong." It was assigned the best game of all time as a title and if you even slightly disagree, your taste and credibility are nixed. Obviously that's a generalization as I have met a few folks that will provide better explanations, but it's few and far between. I've played through the game twice and watched playthroughs, just so I could maybe pick up on something I missed but I genuinely think it's a severely flawed game bolstered by nostalgia.

    Either way, keep on fighting the good fight. I personally think discussions about varying opinions help for personal growth but if someone thinks lesser of you because your viewpoints don't match then... that person is pretty silly.

  • @michemagius im as big a fan of ff7 as your gonna find and ill tell you this out of all the final fantasy games 7 needed a remake the most . 8 and 9 are still playable today . 7 has a great world and characters but it hasn't aged well ,its awful to look at now and awkward to play(you dont know where you can and cannot go on any given screen)

  • It's frustrating for me, hating every second of each Telltale game. I love narrative games, and give games without combat, "playable movies," and "non-games" a chance (see: Life is Strange, my 2015 GOTY).

    However, with Telltale, I have irreconcilable differences with their short run times, episodic release structure, and forced "player-choice" buzzword pandering. Plus, if you pay attention they're just written badly. The Wolf Among Us, mentioned about, kind of works because the antagonist is kept hidden until the end. But even then the end of the first episode is a cheap death tease and — this is a problem with all of Telltale's works — the antagonists are all forced. Characters start issues with the protagonist completely arbitrarily and unnaturally, and I just can't stand that particular brand of bad writing.

  • @Haru17 telltales game were ok for the first few but they need to change their formula

  • @FF7Cloud They need to invest some money in a new game engine. It's ridiculous that games years later by them look the same as some of the ones that popularized the studio.

  • For me it's Kingdom Hearts. Friends have held this series quite highly and so my expecations were just as high. But once I started the first game I found that I could not keep myself engaged. I also wasn't digging the big feet asthetic.

    It's been some time since I last touched the series and I'm thinking of eventually giving it another chance by picking up the HD remasters. I'm hoping it was simply a "right game wrong time" scenario.

  • I would assume everyone experiences this to some degree. Mine haven't been as severe as some other here but that is probably due to not having many real life friends that are into games as much as me. I also usually don't care what the general consensus is on a game just what I think of it. I try to avoid all talk about games I'm really hyped for so I don't have other opinions cloud my own.

    I don't love GTA but loved Watch Dogs.
    I actively disliked Super Mario 3D World. I nearly found no enjoyment playing that game and mainly finished it because it doesn't take long / I like seeing games through to the end.
    I found Skyrim so boring and I tried so hard to like it but couldn't.

  • I can't really relate to your description because I've never picked up a game simply because of "hearing good things". I tend to buy just about everything I want day one, so I never really get the chance to miss out on anything and therefore only hear about it later.

    There's definitely high profile games I didn't enjoy though, but i'm always happy to voice my issues with said title, and I certainly never had any issues with reclusion simply for being in a minority. I like to think my tastes help define me, I actually don't want them to be the same as everyone else.