New Soul Calibur trailer released!...for its 20th anniversary. ;-;7


    Why must they toy with us like this? I want a new entry in the series so bad. It is my favorite fighting game!

  • ....

    I mean, why do that if not to announce something else? If not a new game, a remaster or collection or something.
    They obviously are gonna do a new game or something, it's just odd to do that trailer without teasing something new.

  • OMG, SCV came out in 2012? It's already been that long?

    SCII is still my favorite, but I'd love a new one on current gen systems, or even a remaster of SC. If they could get away with platform specific toons again and re-release 2, I'd be all for that as well. Either way, it's been too long.

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