Asking permission from Easy Allies

  • Hi, Allies!

    I do a bit of video editing, and I wanted to ask your permission to use a brief segment of your
    PSX 2016 Showcase - Easy Allies Reactions & Analysis, video to post on my humble YouTube channel (Frosty Productions). My plan is to put together a compilation of some crowd reactions to The Last of Us: Part II. I want to use three other videos from YouTube with yours, taking up a full screen. While you guys obviously, weren't in the crowd, I think the level of hype in the room fits well with the other videos (epecially Huber's reaction, haha). The video will be really basic, and I'm not intending to add anything flash to it. Just the videos as they are, with their individual images and sounds synchronised as close as I can. I thought it would be just something fun :)

    I only want to use the part where Shawn Layden says: "One more thing" to where the title at the end of the trailer is shown.
    Is it okay with you guys if I go ahead and do it?

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    This could prolly fall under fair useage, so just a small segment like that should be okey, as long as you credit them. Im not sure how often they check the forums, so you could prolly tweet or email them for a quicker response

  • Yeah, I thought it should be okay, thanks for replying. I just sent Brandon an email about it, so hopefully I'll hear back soon.
    I just finished putting the video together and am waiting to hear back before I post it. All of the sound's in sync, and there are four perspectives shown (Easy Allies, outside PSX, and two perspectives on opposite sides, near the front of the stage). It's basic stuff, but I think it'd be something people would enjoy (I haven't seen any compilations of crowd reactions on it yet).