Jimmy Fallon debuts the Nintendo Switch

  • The game seems to run fine even through explosions on the Switch — so y'all can stop bringing up the frame rate, by god.

    It makes sense that they would move the clock off of the minimap, though I'm not sure about all the UI. It's small, so it's fine, but I'd rather they just convey temperature through visual effects (which the animations already seem to do pretty well) and sound through, well, sound. Hopefully we can turn it off.

  • @Haru17 well we've really only seen gameplay of breath of the wild on the wii U and that version does not run well based on the game awards footage the switch better be able to atleast do a solid 30 fps. still need to see if theres any downgrade to performance or visuals if you move it to the portable mode.

  • I'm still hoping that they'll use the Tegra X2 instead of the X1, if only for better battery life ...

    It's great to see the console running, as well as the unplugging being that smooth and easy.

  • @Haru17 said in Jimmy Fallon debuts the Nintendo Switch:

    Let your curiosities be elucidated.

    Thanks, saw that posting as well ... They remain quite tight lipped though. Eurogamer posted a round-up of rumours for the hardware two days after the nVidia blog post you linked. Among other things it says that dev kits are using the X1 chip...

    Guess I'm just hoping that Nintento will push the boat out a bit more by going for newer hardware this time around :)

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    Will it play the 3rd party games available on PS5 and Xbox Two?

    It is the first 9th gen console.

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    Even I considder buying a Switch, and I am prolly the least Nintendo fanboy on this side of internet! But it do look amazing

  • @Griffin i believe its a custom tegra chip sitting between the x1 and x2

  • @FF7Cloud that sounds quite realistic. As Huber said on the most recent podcast, it's a bit of a bummer if a brand new console, mobile or not, is using already "obsolete" technology.

    To me the Wii U didn't have as many third party games because the hardware was just way too underpowered to play the same games as the PS4 or Xbox One without a lot of development effort. If it's the same for Switch we may only see third party games developed for mobile use first, not necessarily the same games that the PS4 and Xbox are getting.

    Just my 2c.

  • @Griffin This and what @Art said. I'm sure it'll be great and they will try to get good 3rd party support but since its not as powerful how long until developers stop making games for it? How long until its too much of a hassle and not a good investment to make the real version on PS4-5 and Xbox One-Two and then a compromised version on old hardware?