Revisiting Nostalgic Games

  • I was browsing Steam this evening when I stumbled upon the pivotal 1994 classic we all know and love. That's right, I'm talking about Freddi Fish and The Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds by Humongous Entertainment. Watching the "trailer," I was hit with a huge wave of nostalgia. I started looking at other HE titles that have been made available on Steam, like Spy Fox, Pajama Sam, and Putt-Putt. These games compose my earliest gaming memories, so seeing these games again put a wide smile on my face.

    Seeing these games made me ask myself a question, but because I'm only person and one is a very small sample size, I'd like to ask you all, as well: Is it better to let memories of games with heavy nostalgic value continue to marinate with time, or is it worth replaying these games to try to recapture some of that feeling?

    Additionally, I'm curious what games other people have high nostalgic value for.

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    If a game holds up, it's great; if you don't enjoy it now, it was always trash. That's the only sane approach, really. People grow and evolve as humans — generally improving, I'd like to think. If you now — with hopefully more wisdom and less bigotry and preconceptions — enjoy a game less than you once did, then keep the memories, but forget the game critically. Don't fall prey to the delusion of nostalgia.

  • Pretty much the opposite of what Harry said.

  • Banned

    I have a lot of nostalgia for Sonic Adventure 2, Mega Man Legends and Final Fantasy IX. Can play those games with my eyes closed.

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  • @thebigmack yay another tactics fan best story in a game ever

  • When it comes to nostalgia such as that, I generally just prefer to watch someone talk about or review the thing. Time is limited and as much as I'd love to trek my way back through my childhood, a) it's usually not as great as I remembered it, b) I feel like I wasted my time in the end. But watching a 15 minute video of someone I enjoy take me down memory lane? Totally worth it. I highly recommend checking out BrutalMoose if you ever get a chance. He's covered a lot of Humongous Entertainment games as well as some other classics like Oregon Trail.

    Obviously, there's a few exceptions to what I stated above; something like Final Fantasy Tactics I'll continue playing until I'm dead. Even then, if I become a ghost, I'm going to find a way to play it.

  • If you truly enjoy something, you will like playing it over and over again. No matter how much time has past. Sure, you are able to look at it from a new perspective due to the advancement of video games, but if you love it as much as you thought, there will be no problem.

    For a long while, my favorite game was Azure Dream. Not the prettiest game around, but I enjoyed the hell out of it playing it ten years later.

  • I dunno, I'm not that nostalgic as a person. I look back on my memories of things with some skepticism---there have been enough things I enjoyed as a kid that I don't anymore to validate that outlook. I don't like sugary cereal, or micro machines, or lighting things on fire anymore.

    When it comes to video games way back when, there are some I played that were good; most of them were bad. I never had that many games, so I'd play Where's Waldo and Terminator 2 on the NES and have a pretty good time. Those aren't good games, but I can still value the time and experiences I had playing them.

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    I play through Guardian Heroes for the Saturn a few dozen times a year.
    Still just as good as I remember, and still the best non-linear RPG beatemup fighting game I know, which is impressive considering it is such a crowded genre.