What would you name the new Mario game coming to Switch?

  • @gerrhod That is a wild idea that I love! It would be a different approach to Mario which wouldn't necessarily completely change the gameplay of Mario but could add some cool new mechanics and context to the games. Instead of just chasing a shadow Mario to a goal because reasons you are racing a rival delivery character to the pickup spot so your company gets the contract. Instead of collecting stars because they power your weird spaceship or for no real reason you are doing your job. Make it happen Nintendo!

  • @gerrhod I always liked how the explanation for the blocks in the original Super Mario Brothers. It's such a dark concept that gets overlooked, I wish they'd expand upon it.

    alt text

  • @SabotageTheTruth Damn, that's a deeper plot than any of the Mario games after that. Bowser even has an actual reason to kidnap Peach. Thanks for that, great find!

  • @SabotageTheTruth Excellent! It sounds similar to the Mario Anime movie. Where you had Luigi , Mario and a dog. You can see shades of the black magic with Kamek's powers in ally Super Mario World and Yoshi's island. How the Magikoopa turn blocks into random objects, which totally fits that description... You found the Lost Mario lore! Although that is the western localization, so how accurate is it? Though I would like to see that idea of Peach reversing the Koopa's black magic again.

  • @gerrhod I'd like to believe it's accurate. Also, I had no idea there was an anime movie. I wonder if it's anything like the wonderful awful live action one.

  • @SabotageTheTruth It is better. In it Bowser was able to transform into different things.
    Here it is enjoy!

    Youtube Video

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    @Axel I prefer Bowsers reason for kidnapping is that he has sex with her to make more Koopa kids.

  • Mario in the anime above even does the Mario 64 Bowser tail swing! ;) A second viewing of the anime also brought to light, it matches the description from the player manual. Many interesting aspects that made it into later games. I highly suggest watching it. It even mentions the Triforce!?! haha Represented by Flower of Power, Star Power and Mushroom Power.

    The deepest connections of lore.... Mario and Zelda universes linked ? Maybe the rule of 3s in Nintendo games has deeper meaning. Toadette is even in this!

  • @Art That aint right.

    @gerrhod Glad you posted that. More people need to be aware it exists. Kyle was wondering how old Toadette was recently. I think he'd be very surprised.

  • @Mbun Yep. To even think this anime was 1986 and they already were toying around with the idea of Kamek and flying airships in it as well.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    My favourite bit of that explanation is the "(maybe)" part. I wonder who wrote that and if the translation is accurate. I know Yoshiaki Koizuma did manuals and lore for Zelda games like Link to the Past but he hadn't joined Nintendo until the SNES era.

  • It doesn't really look like it from the few seconds we saw but I've been calling it Super Mario Universe just because it feels like the natural progression.

  • @Churchy Yeah it really does hinge on who did the translating. But from the images there are clear ties to SMB3 and beyond. Who knows Nintendo may have borrowed ideas from the anime. lol

    @tokeeffe9 Yep, that would also imply larger more varied world.