Dumb Game Monday Discussion

  • So that happened! A pretty rough first date with Stolen. Jeez. I mean yeah, the game was pretty punishing and weird at points, like that whole huge "get in the room" scenario which took over an hour or something. But before all that the chat was right: Kyle did make it too hard for himself. Way too many misread situations and wrong approaches to them. Luckily the AI wasn't that good as he could just basically run in circles around everyone. But a weird first stream. It took him so long to get into the same level with the game, and then when he was finally forced into that, that huge pause with the room came right away to shatter it all. Maybe we'll get the groove going next week.

    Anyway, hooray for Tails of the Sun! :)

  • Was Gemini: Heroes Reborn not voted in the Pantheon?? :O I don't remember.

  • Stolen was a bad game for DGM, in the end. It wasn't very streamable either. Luckily it wasn't longer than this, and the use of those cheat codes was a wise choice after a certain point.

    But it'll be Fun Game Monday next, was that right? I feel like we need some colour after this. Joy, too.

  • Pokepark 2 needs its time to shine.

  • It's really great watching Kyle play a game he loves and one I remember really enjoying as a kid. My memory on a lot of the details are hazy so this should serve as a nice refresher. Now if only Mega Man Legends 3 didn't get cancelled, the world would be a better place.

  • We could have had Omerta...

    This first person flying in Starwinder with those graphics just makes me nauseous, I can't watch it. I don't even remember when this has happened to me before, but boy, what a rough choice you made in that regard. :/ Luckily it doesn't seem to be too long of a game.

  • The beginning of this week's Dumb Game Monday having Kyle sing part of "Frontier Psychiatrist" by The Avalanches is everything my day needed.

  • Beastly is a great dumb game, it seems. Entertaining for Kyle and so for us too. On the downside the game almost killed Kyle. Like literally. What a moment.

  • @Sentinel-Beach said in Dumb Game Monday Discussion:

    On the downside the game almost killed Kyle. Like literally. What a moment.

    Yeah that was pretty crazy. At first I was like "Haha another Kyle spit-take lol" but then when he started seriously coughing I was like "Oh God!"

  • Beastly's gotta get in later on then. That was a good dumb game, just the right amount of entertainment and length for us and Kyle to sit through. Also the shortest credits I think I've ever seen.

  • I emailed the sound designer of the game and asked him for more details on the gah sound but sadly he never replied.

  • Beastly is the greatest thing I have ever watched. I brought it up with a few of my friend's girlfriends and they all knew about it. Apparently it was a big deal like 10 years ago. I never heard of it but I'm so glad for this Wii game lmao.

  • Honestly if you like stupid high school romance films then it's not too bad. Watched it on Netflix last year maybe? It might still be on there.

  • How do I vote this masterpiece into the Dumb Game Pantheon? I've never done it before but this game needs to be etched into history.

    Once it's time to vote for the next Dumb Game to play Kyle will post a link to the vote for the Pantheon in the same post usually.

  • I miss Dumb Game Monday :( .. hope it comes back soon. I understand Box Peek has a bigger priority and its whats being focused on now.. but wouldn't like to see dumb game monday end. Its a genius idea for a stream show.

  • I've been putting on the Megaman Legends streams as I fall asleep for the past few weeks, and it just occurred to me that Box Peek production has ended, so we will hopefully see the return of Dumb/Fun Game Mondays soon!