Overwatch, The Last of Us or Uncharted 4 + Nathan Drake Collection. Need help!

  • I am trying to decide which of these games I should pick up for PS4. I only have £60. Also I don't have a vita, would I need to play golden abyss

  • Last of Us and Uncharted 4 are both fantastic games. They have strong SP and MP. If you own a PS4 I'd almost consider them must plays if you haven't played them before.
    Going on the PS Store prices you can get both Last of Us Remasted and Uncharted 4 for like £40 something (Uncharted 4 is on a Christmas sale today only). On the other hand Overwatch is £50 something on PS Store.

    Overwatch is also strictly a MP only game. As for the game itself I personally think it has loads of problems so I cannot recommend it to anyone, so if you want someone to sell you on Overwatch you're gonna have to look elsewhere.

  • Definitely Overwatch or the Uncharted games!

    The Last of Us is trash imo!

  • Overwatch is the best game to come out in years! If you enjoy multiplayer games it is a MUST BUY! If you can't stand multiplayer you should obviously go for the other two, but that should be pretty obvious.

  • I'd go with overwatch

    The Last of Us is great, but a one and done experience

    I just hate Uncharted

  • I love the varied opinions here!

    Uncharted collection is three games that are great if you like story driven action games.
    Last of Us has more stealth but is also story and character driven.
    Overwatch is great, imo, but you have to like MP games or atleast be open to them. I never liked those games, but currently I've played 110+ hours of this game.

    So really, any choice is a good one, it just depends where you want to go, and what you want to feel.

  • Depends on the vibe you're looking for.

    You get 3 games with Uncharted. The games are like playing a pulp adventure story so think the video game version of Romancing The Stone or Star Wars Episode IV or Indiana Jones. I'm a sucker for the get-the-girl, jump-the-gap type movies with memorable villains (Eddie Raja is awesome) and hero's (Victor "God Damn" Sullivan). Most bang for your buck getting 3 great games.

    The Last of Us is amazing too. TLOU also has the best multiplayer I've played since my days of SOCOM II and Halo 3 (in my opinion) so not only do you get a great story mode but a multiplayer mode worth many hours of your time. The SP doesn't age as well with repeated plays. Personally, I think the game is near broken on anything less than Hard or Survivor mode as supplies are just gifted to you which makes it far to easy. Also good bang for your buck.

    Overwatch is MP only but everybody says that is fine considering the amount of time you'll put into it. My brother and many personal friends of mine swear by it being an amazing game. I played a few hours which isn't enough to fully understand the game on a deeper level but I found it VERY hectic and found that a lot of people are on their own page and there isn't a big sense of teamwork. On the opposite end, some people only play with friends and you feel out of place not being as skillful and tactical.

    I vote Nathan Drake Collection so you eventually play Uncharted 4 which is Naughty Dog's greatest game they've ever made and the best pulp adventure story in years from any media.

  • I don't love the varied opinions here.

    The Last of Us is a peerless experience that can reflect and affect how you think about your life in relation to those around you. I cannot stress enough how much this game can give if you're willing to read closely and not immediately loathe a survival horror third-person shooter. Its detractors are either strictly surface-level readers or the kind of jaded, utterly and completely cynical people I would never want to become. Probably, they might just not have paid attention.

    Uncharted is Indiana Jones.

    Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter that comes with all of Blizzard's baggage.

  • @Haru17

    You aren't wrong about TLOU, it really is a deep game that is so well written for the video game medium and could only exist within that realm, but it is quite dismissal to say its only detractors are surface level. There are many issues with it on a gameplay and story level. On its most praised element, the story, it does follow a rather typical plot structure and many of the decisions characters make were quite predictable.

    I still think it is a masterpiece game but somebody with a great knowledge of English texts may look at the structure and think it's something they have somewhat seen before.

  • Bloodborne

    The Last of Us I guess.

    Since this thread is very opinion heavy, I hope everyone can keep it civil. Stuff like what @Haru17 said:

    Its detractors are either strictly surface-level readers or the kind of jaded, utterly and completely cynical people I would never want to become.

    is kind of rude and doesn't need to be thrown into this. People like different things. No need to attack and label others who don't like the things you like, L&R all.

  • @GoTaco said in Overwatch, The Last of Us or Uncharted 4 + Nathan Drake Collection. Need help!:

    many of the decisions characters make were quite predictable.

    That's partly inherent to good writing and not even true in a certain very important part of the game that everyone talks about.

    Anyway, I know the game is normative in how it handles some things. I'm not a big fan of literature either. But, for pop culture, The Last of Us is an immensely deep and "watchable" work. That's the context in which I call it "peerless."

  • If you're comparing these games that means you've already shown some interest in them.

    Overwatch is multiplayer only and will last as many hours as you find it interesting. Can be a couple hours, can be thousands. I personally would never play it, but that's because I've played hundreds of hours of Team Fortess and thousand of hours of MOBAs so I've already gotten my fill.

    The Last of Us is a singleplayer story that's either hit or miss and has multiplayer too, though it might not be as popular anymore.

    Nathan drake collection AND uncharted 4 gives you 4 games and a multiplayer that's still active and being updated with a survival mode.

    What would I buy? Uncharted 4 and Nathan Drake collection. As you can read not everyone would do that. Either what you choose you either get a shitty movie or you get a shitty online multiplayer (according to the internet).

  • If you know anything about Blizzard you know that Overwatch will keep you coming back and last you forever,they don't make games you beat in a weekend and forget,their games either don't work for you or stay with you for a long time. Personally,the choice is super easy,i would buy Overwatch and borrow the Naughty Dog games from a buddy.

  • Value for money wise I'd say go for the Nathan Drake Collection because you'll get most out of Uncharted 4 if you have played the first three games.
    Also don't listen to the negativity, The Last of Us is a masterpiece of a game in terms of storytelling and tension soaked gameplay.

    Looking around though you can get The Last of Us and the Nathan Drake Collection for under £60 from Amazon, so why not get both?! ND Collection, The Last of Us

    Also today is the last day to get Uncharted 4 for £19.99 on the PS Store: Link to store listing
    Oh and The Last of Us is currently in the Buy One Get One Free promotion also on the PS Store Link to promo page


    Overwatch is also going for £25 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blizzard-87760UK-Overwatch-PS4/dp/B017NP8290/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1481549418&sr=8-1&keywords=overwatch

    You're only option is to steal some extra money from someone and get The Nathan Drake Collection and Overwatch from Amazon. Then Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us with an additional free game in the BOGOF promo from the PS Store!

  • I don't know if people here do game pairings, but Overwatch and Uncharted actually sounds super awesome. I personally love to play Uncharted in one sitting because I feel like it's meant to be played withou pausing, but generally, I like to have one game on the go then another palate cleanser.

    In recent memory I did: Dark Souls III & Rocket League, Dark Souls II & South Park, Alien Isolation & TLOU MP. Just a combo to juxtapose the play styles. Want a break from saving the day? play a few rounds of Overwatch!