Sony REALLY ? PS4 Pro

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    Ok Ihaven't been on here for a few months have been working alot, and before you think this is just some rant hear me out. So a week ago i bought a PS4 Pro and a good NEW 2016 model Vizio M 4k tv. I got it all set up . It worked fine at first no problems. Then i did the 4.06 update. Thats when it all when to HELL. I got the black screen no signal but sound. I did everything i could think of to fix it and i went online to look up how to fix it. i went in to safe mode did all i could. I got it work but only in a different hdmi port but only in 1080p it won't let me do 4k any more. Then 4.07 it was still the same. I've seen on the web that i'm not the only one thats having this problem. I don't like how Sony is just blaming it on the tv makers and they still haven't fixed it. Do you guys and gals think sony should own up to their mistakes or just blame others. I just ened up taking back and getting a new ps4 pro but i will not upgrade firmware till i read this has been fixed.

  • This is the reason why I swore off Xbox 360 entirely. An update killed my system and they refused to accept that and told me I had to pay $150+ for repairs. Not happening.

    I also have a Vizio M-series 43". I love it! In terms of picture-price it's on par with the Sony's and Samsung's but so much less expensive. Still can't afford HDR but I'm happy with a mid-tier TV with great resolution and colour. Uncharted 4 looked so good (no PS4 Pro). Never had an issue with it. Go to CNet to try and find some calibration options.

  • That sucks.. I haven't heard of this issue with the Pro. At least they let you exchange it for a new one.

    I'm personally holding off for now as I just got a TV about a year ago and don't want to buy a 4K and a Pro. I'll wait for a sale or maybe just for PS5.

  • I am really sorry to hear that, I've got a Samsung 4K and have had issues of picture and sound flickering before, disconnecting and reconnecting the hdmi cable has solved when its occurred. I have read that the hdmi cable that comes with the Pro might cause issues.

    I moved the Pro to my room recently (1080p tv) and when switching signal inputs I have had black screen with audio only, changing hdmi cable solved this.

    I hope your issue is just the hdmi cable.