DayZ creator on VR: "Honestly, I don't think I want to make any more VR games"

  • PC Gamer: DayZ creator on VR: Without subsidisation some studios can't break even, let alone make a profit

    "From our standpoint, Out of Ammo has exceeded our sales predictions and achieved our internal objectives. However, it has been very unprofitable. It is extremely unlikely that it will ever be profitable. We are comfortable with this, and approached it as such. We expected to lose money and we had the funding internally to handle this. Consider then that Out of Ammo has sold unusually well compared to many other VR games."

    I am not up on all things VR as I'm sure a lot of the community here is, but I do know that the gaming industry is usually the industry that brings technologies into the household more so than most others. For example, the Blu Ray inside the PS3 finally brought HDTV to the average household, a technology that existed over 10 years before 2006.

    If VR wants to take off as a household item, then I believe it needs to succeed in the gaming industry first and foremost. This DayZ developer is suggesting that people shouldn't criticize developers who make exclusive deals with VR companies because it is entirely difficult to turn a profit otherwise.

    Now with PS VR the most affordable VR option is out, so I think it's officially the wild west for this tech as the average person has an easy entry point.

    What are your thoughts on this developers comments? Is the future of VR gaming bleak? Do you think independent studios should spend the time to make VR games? Any other thoughts? Discuss! :)

  • As VR is now (locked down to a small movement space [but when won't it be in domestic spaces?], visual and spacial information clashing with proprioception and the vestibular system, controller-like inputs for the hands without major haptic feedback), I think that the games that are going to work best are the sort of things that made PCs attractive early in their gaming life. Simulators (flight, first person mecha, city-builders) or strategy games because they both demand little drastic movement and also benefit greatly from subtle and precise camera/neck movement.

    I think, fundamentally speaking, VR is limiting. That doesn't mean it can't be a success, or great games can't be made for it, but it'll likely take a couple years.

  • I still feel the same about it now as I did when it was announced that so many places were starting VR headsets. It's going to either take teams away from their usual AAA development, or it'll be all software created by fledgling teams that merely tests the limits of the system, by the time they get it "Right"....nobody is going to care.

    And it already feels like they've all hit that crossroads of whether it's worth continuing or not when you consider how difficult it is to produce over how much it'll actually sell.

    PSVR was also supposed to be a driving force behind why you should own a PS4 Pro even if you didn't have a 4K TV, and then as a whole so far the PS4 Pro seems to be a huge wasted investment for a lot of people unless they have a 4K TV.

    Seems like it was just a bad time to try something like this when we're on the cusp of a new generation of consoles (Within the next 2-3 years I'd wager depending on what Sony/MS do after scorpio launches), It's just too impractical and expensive given what they currently offer.

    I'd LOVE for it to be good, it's just....I don't ever want to dump money on it until they can prove that it is good, and for me to not need to re-arrange my house just to make it function properly.

  • It seems like this particular developer doesn't want to dump his company's money into it just as you don't wanna dump your personal money into the headset. That's what sorta has me worried about the future of VR after reading this article. If his game is selling a lot better than most other VR games and he still isn't interested in developing a VR game, then who will?

    I can only imagine big companies like Sony fronting the money for a major VR game and they literally haven't made ONE ground up game for the PS Move back when that was a thing so I somehow doubt they will for PS VR (unless Dreams counts). Like compare Move to Wii. Not one PS Move game was comparable to a Wii title. I hope they still don't have that mentality with VR too.

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    @GoTaco I personally thought that Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 were great with the Move.

    I personally think it is way to early to say if VR has succeeded or not. Resident Evil ain't even out yet.