Gaming New Years Resolutions

  • It is that time of year when people look back and reflect on the games they've played and throw around words like GOTY. A long standing tradition that brings together and divides the gaming community in equal measure year after year.

    It is also the time of year were people look at their lives and panic that they are a horrible mess of a person. So they decide to start going to the gym, eating healthy and quit that vice that's been holding them back for so long. I make the same panic induced pledges year after year but with a distinct focus on games, gaming and my game based carrier.

    I'll post my Gaming New Years Resolutions below but I'm interested to know what everyone else's are and the reasons why.

    So in 2017 what are you going to do to better get your game on?

    Here are mine:

    • Stop buying everything at full price on the day of release - That pile of shame keeps growing! Only buy Day One for games you know you will finish within a month of release it is the smart thing to do!
    • Play more indie games - You love them yet you never make the time to seek them out anymore, play some cool and unique games while also supporting their creators!
    • Make and release you own game (or two) - You've gotta build up that portfolio outside of work related game design. Now is the time!
    • Build out your retro collection - How else is your daughter going to know what a good game is if all she can play is the current crop of games?!!!!!

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    I really like these things! evaluate yourself and see what can change - if you stick to it.

    For me its:

    • Finish the game projects that you started in like May and still are only like half finished, get your coding together!
    • If you feel tired of a game there are no shame in changeing to another for a while - instead of just finishing because you have to and get sick of the game
    • Dare to go back to old games, it is okey if you enjoy them, you don't have to always play "the newest game" just because...
    • Get that trophy level past lvl 15!

  • This year I think I should just play the games I really want to play and stop trying to keep up with what's zeitgeisty

  • Buy everything, play what I can.

  • I stuck to my new years resolution quite well this year, which was complete every game I buy, I was building far too much of a backlog!

    For 2017.. probably spend more time gaming on my PC, I'd like to do that, might need a new GPU though.
    Also, complete Trials of Cold Steel 1 and 2, even though the trophy lists are going to be like 10% full even though I spent like 50 hours with them. I really dislike that with games cough The Last of Us cough ><

  • Really I just want to get through a bunch of 2016 games I haven't played yet

    Doom, Dark Souls 3, Inside, No Man's Sky, Evil Within, Last Guardian and Rise of the Tomb Raider are probably my priorities but there's a bunch of indies I'd like to play as well

  • buy and play trails of cold steel 2

  • Continue as usual.

  • In 2017 I have so many goals and gaming is one of them: find a job after graduation, start learning how to use Adobe After Effects CC, get back on my skateboard, lose about 20 lbs, watch a new movie per day, make time for video games, start a DnD campaign and make weekly time for it.

    My only real gaming goal is to finish what I've started (Deux Ex, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Dark Souls III), finish games I've purchased and haven't played (Shadow of the Colosus, Suikoden, Planescape Torment), and try Dungeons & Dragon's for the first time in my life.

    I'm pretty excited for 2017 actually. Big year for me. 22 and graduated. Whole life ahead of me.

  • I gave up on new years resolutions. 1080p is way better ;)

    For real tho, 3 things I would like:

    Get more into political process and actual world events. Like it or not, that shit is important. And not liking it is no excuse of not being informed.

    Upgrade my PC. It's pretty good right now, but if the new generation of graphics cards come out next year as rumored, I might do some upgrading in GPU, CPU and monitor. Need those frames and those high quality pixels.

    Write more. Blogs for this forum and some other websites. And the story that I've been neglecting recently.

    Thats about it.

    • Reduce my backlog, not add to it.
    • Play through all of the Metal Gear Solid games.
    • Get a NES, SNES, PS1.
    • Save to get a 4K HDR TV.

  • @Fridge-man said in Gaming New Years Resolutions:

    • Reduce my backlog, not add to it.
    • Play through all of the Metal Gear Solid games.
    • Get a NES, SNES, PS1.
    • Save to get a 4K HDR TV.

    Fire goals. Consider renting old consoles. A great store near me had super affordable retro console rentals. So unless you are a collector, you can affordably play classic games authentically as opposed to emulation.

    Also MGS Legacy Collection is the way to go. Such an awesome package. It's discontinued now, but I recommend looking it up for the art book and poster that comes with it.

  • @GoTaco That's the thing though, I kind of am a collector. Not a super hard-core one, mind you, but I do like to get my games on physical versions of games and I have bunch of consoles. NES and SNES are the only ones missing from my Nintendo home console collection (not counting virtual boy), and PS1 is the only console in the Playstation family I do not own.

    I've been looking for Legacy Collection, but unfortunately it's rare to come by here in Sweden and the one place that has it sells it for full price.. Probably gonna have to import it..

    1. Buy fewer games, but spend more time on the games I do buy
    2. Don't buy games until I'm ready to play them
    3. Finally try a Yakuza game
    4. Don't buy a Switch until there's something worth playing on it

    • Get my Dad to play games with me
    • Get into more strategy games
    • Actually play the games I get on Steam
    • Stop buying things at Day One (except for Mass Effect: Andromeda; I'm sorry)

  • I really like this idea but I'm mainly just going to steal some of all of your ideas that I really liked or spoke to me.

    • Don't buy games until I'm ready to play them
    • Don't buy a Switch until there's plenty worth playing on it and I have the time to play them
    • Don't feel the need to continue a game just to beat it if I'm not enjoying it
    • Get more involved in the EzA community

  • I have one rule.
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  • @Mbun And "No Mental Breakdowns"

  • @Fridge-man

    Well I've noticed the consoles for sale at a super reasonable price too. Most good games are in the $50-100CAD range for NES, SNES, and N64 I've noticed which kinda sucks but at certain stores you'll find a nice working console which is super nice. The place near me even has boxes of old consoles to buy if you wanna just decorate a self.

    Legacy Collection looks good on the shelf and the art book is cool because it has all of the advertising art from Metal Gear to Ground Zeros, but in terms of simply playing MGS, you can always simply download the collection which has everything except MGS4 and MGS1.

  • @Mbun said in Gaming New Years Resolutions:

    I have one rule.
    alt text

    Adding "be more like Kyle" to my list :P