Second Chance Games

  • @michemagius I think you had every right to be pissed. I'm also digging the fact that you embraced the series (partially) due to spite. Turning those bad vibes around.

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    @Art Legends is so good, it never gets the respect it deserves. That poor cancelled third game... Did Kyle's overbearing love for it get you to try it again or was there another factor?

    No, it was near the end of the PS1 life cycle when I went back to try it again.

  • It's pretty nuts to me now, but I thought the original Bioshock was so bland on my first playthrough, I thought the shooting gameplay was super generic and unrewarding.

    Then when I decided to revisit the game I discovered the plasmids! I'd gone through the whole game without ever using any of them, and my first playthrough really suffered from it. Now I love Bioshock though! I think the fact that my English got better also allowed me to appreciate the story more than previously

  • @ThatMartime You're right, a no-Plasmid run of Bioshock doesn't sound all that fun. Did you ever get around to giving Infinite a try?

  • Yep! I really loved Infinite, even if the original concept was scaled down a bit. Blowing an airship up from the inside and using a skyhook as a getaway was just too cool to dislike for me haha

  • @ThatMartime I always get the craziest looks when I say Infinite is my favorite in the franchise. Everyone just wanted it to be the first Bioshock and it did enough to differentiate itself while telling an (arguably) better story. It's a game I wish a lot of people would give a second chance to now that expectations aren't... sky high.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Haha thanks for the pun. I totally agree on the story bit, especially with the many opportunities the ending allows for the series! Now I'm kind of bummed they're not making more haha.

  • mine is most likely MGS3, when it first came out i played the demo, hated every second of it...years later around the time the HD collection came out i played it and now i love it...still not the best MGS to me (that goes to mgs 2) but it's a damn fine video game.

  • @KingofDMC Y'know, I only played about 30 minutes of Snake Eater and I wasn't invested enough to keep playing. I still hear how great it is though so maybe I need to give it another go.

  • @SabotageTheTruth i haven't beat it yet cause ive gotten the HD collection fucking twice (onnce on ps3, and again on xbox 360) i waiting for it to become BC on xbone so i can play it and finally beat it.

  • @KingofDMC Even if I never get around to playing it again, I really respect Kojima for some of the craziness he added into that one (and all of them, really). All the different ways you can beat the fight with The End.. you'd think more games would try ambitious stuff like that but as far as I know, it hasn't been replicated.

  • @SabotageTheTruth devs now a days are to scared to try anything new or different, plus Koji had the freedom to do whatever he wanted with that least until 5.

  • For me, Destiny. I was hyped like every other person who wanted to see what the godly Halo-creators would bring down from the heavens. I played for a week. Saddened by disappointment, I put it down and forgot about it. Then some 5 months later a classmate and his friends from his home town get the game as a Christmas gifts. They convince me join for a bit. Now I have over 600 hours in the game. I consider it one of my got-to's every couple of months. Play with people from my own home town and some new friends I met online.

    Not saying its a hidden gem but for sure it was a game that I would've called a waste of time at release, and its now a staple game in my catalog.

  • @frasafrase Looks like we went the complete opposite directions when it comes to Destiny then, haha. I could not stop playing and obsessing over the game when it first came out, but I had a somber, "what the hell am I doing with my life?," moment and only came back for The Taken King and even that only kept me interested for a week. That's rad though that a group of friends getting the game is what led to you giving it another chance.

  • Dragons Dogma. Hated it first go, picked it up when Dark Arisen came out and for some reason it clicked like no other. 10/10 game

  • Dragon's Dogma.

    Came off the back of 600 hours + put into Demon's and Dark Souls. The initial demo was unclear and underwhelming, a total washout for me.

    Then they released a new demo, which was just a simple fight with a griffon more or less. Complete turnaround as far as I was concerned, and I never looked back, now amongst my favourite games of all time.

  • @flower_arrangement Seriously overlooked game. Even when it had major amounts of ideas for stuff gutted out of it what we got is far and above my favorite open world RPG. Here's hoping for a sequel down the line, or them just letting the west in on Dragons Dogma Online

  • The biggest for me is Mass Effect. Easily. I bought the second one, at the time the first was only on PC and Xbox, neither was an option for me. I tried it but could not get into it. Couple of years later I downloaded the ME3 demo and really got into it. I played the series backwards, but it for some reason worked for me.
    Now it's easily my favourite game series and the second is of course the best. Thank god for that demo. It makes me sad more games don't have them, I always wonder what great games I dismissed due to not getting to try them. It's why I appreciate playthroughs of games.

  • Believe it or not, Final Fantasy VII. First time I played it was as a rental from Blockbuster. I'd just gotten a PS1 and asked the guy working what was a good game. That's what he recommended, so I took it home. It was the first JRPG I had played (though I'd played Ultima III, Wizardry, and a few others from the early PC days) and I guess I just didn't get it. I'm super old school, and stories were not at all what I played games for. I remember thinking, "Christ, this is just reading and pressing circle over and over!" Anyway, i took it back and went back to playing Twisted Metal.

    I think it was Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door where turn-based RPG's finally clicked with me. I revisited FF7, and sure enough, what they said was true. I'm really bad about finishing JRPG's though, so I've never made it to the end (I know, I know) but it's a great game and I'm really hoping Squeenix doesn't botch the remake.

    All that said, I still don't know what all the fuss over Dragon Age: Inquisition was about.

  • @Mortambulist You're not alone, I gave Inquisition a solid day worth of my time and just could not find myself caring about any of the characters. Maybe The Witcher spoiled me, I'm not sure.