Second Chance Games

  • @flower_arrangement Seriously overlooked game. Even when it had major amounts of ideas for stuff gutted out of it what we got is far and above my favorite open world RPG. Here's hoping for a sequel down the line, or them just letting the west in on Dragons Dogma Online

  • The biggest for me is Mass Effect. Easily. I bought the second one, at the time the first was only on PC and Xbox, neither was an option for me. I tried it but could not get into it. Couple of years later I downloaded the ME3 demo and really got into it. I played the series backwards, but it for some reason worked for me.
    Now it's easily my favourite game series and the second is of course the best. Thank god for that demo. It makes me sad more games don't have them, I always wonder what great games I dismissed due to not getting to try them. It's why I appreciate playthroughs of games.

  • Believe it or not, Final Fantasy VII. First time I played it was as a rental from Blockbuster. I'd just gotten a PS1 and asked the guy working what was a good game. That's what he recommended, so I took it home. It was the first JRPG I had played (though I'd played Ultima III, Wizardry, and a few others from the early PC days) and I guess I just didn't get it. I'm super old school, and stories were not at all what I played games for. I remember thinking, "Christ, this is just reading and pressing circle over and over!" Anyway, i took it back and went back to playing Twisted Metal.

    I think it was Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door where turn-based RPG's finally clicked with me. I revisited FF7, and sure enough, what they said was true. I'm really bad about finishing JRPG's though, so I've never made it to the end (I know, I know) but it's a great game and I'm really hoping Squeenix doesn't botch the remake.

    All that said, I still don't know what all the fuss over Dragon Age: Inquisition was about.

  • @Mortambulist You're not alone, I gave Inquisition a solid day worth of my time and just could not find myself caring about any of the characters. Maybe The Witcher spoiled me, I'm not sure.

  • The souls game. I Bought demon souls. Could not get into it. Played dark souls still couldn't get into it.
    Everyone kept talking about it and felt like i was missing out big time. So when bloodbourne came out i forced myself to play it for longer then half an hour. I got right into it. Didn't complete it mind you but I beat some of the hard bosses on my own. Rom the vacuous spider.
    I loved the lore, the tension, the combat. I still find it really hard though and am still on the fence with the whole, the harder is the more satisfaction you get for beating it, thing. I bought dark souls 3 and haven't played it yet. The games intimidate me

  • @Tommynaut21
    Rough as hell in parts - with a difficulty curve like a bad day at the stock exchange - and most infuriatingly for the acolytes: utterly frustrating to explain to a cynical friend, especially without spoiling certain twists and turns.

    I would love a sequel, but can we trust Capcom to not mess it up? Was some of the charm due to that sense of discovering something overlooked, as "secret club" as that may sound?

    Let's indulge: which vocation was your favourite? And what would you most like to see in a follow up game?

  • @flower_arrangement If they got Itsuno back to direct then at worst it has the same "cut content" problems the first one had. Him and his team always create something good, and with knowledge that hes working on something it could easily mean DD2, or DMC5, or something new entirely. and I gotta show my love for the mystic knight. Smashing a glowing orb to send out bullet hell levels of damage orbs evverywhere can't be topped. Also really love the assassin

  • @flower_arrangement Also I'd love to finally go to the moon, like intended. And maybe at the least 2 player co op, while retaining the pawn system. Its just too much of a staple to let go of. Probably a more cohesive story where its not all "what is even going on?" until the final parts/ng+. Try to go even deeper into the combat, fine tune it I guess. And lastly find a better medium for traversal. I love roaming the map, but fast travel can be helpful. I like how it limited how much you could really do that but I does put a lot of people off

  • Super Mario 3D World
    Did the bare minimum to beat this game. Eventually came back to it a year later and got hooked on it. Had way more fun than I did originally. Not really sure what changed, but I think it had to do with trying to collect things the second time around and exploring the levels more.

    This was my first M game and the beginning violence was off putting. Came back to it after a year (only played 30 minutes originally) and loved the crap out of it. The good ending is still my favorite.

  • Witcher 3
    Was not sure about the combat, but now it is one of my favorite games.

  • Fallout 1 and 2. Got them after playing Fallout 3, and I knew they would be different but 13 year old dumb me couldn't figure it out and had no patience for mechanics. Revisited it at 18 and now I adore them, Fallout 2 being one of my favorites of all time.

    Once you learn the ropes and understand the systems, the game is rewarding, endearing, and hilarious. Not to mention the deep lore and storyline, and above all else the AMAZING characters.

  • Frogger for PS1! I should have never tried it again.